3 SEO Factors That Affect Website

Building a website crowded with internet user visits is not an easy task, let alone many things that must be learned such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . Understanding the basic understanding of SEO terms may not be that difficult, but the biggest challenge is precisely the strategy and execution to conquer the search engines so that the website is in the top position in the search results for certain keywords.

This time we will discuss 3 SEO factors that will determine the growth and development of a website. Come on, start!

How to Off Page SEO Optimization

SEO is the “ultimate weapon” for a website to be on the first page and in the top rankings of search engine search results. It is not easy to carry this weapon, at least web owners must know a variety of moves alias factors that affect the growth and development of the website’s position in the eyes of Google.

SEO factor 1: Domain

A website or domain name is one of the most influential SEO factors. There are a number of rumors about the existence of domains that are considered untrue, one of which says that the old domain is more “valuable” than the younger domain, aged less than six months. If you want to win rankings in search results, there are a number of domain facts that you must pay close attention to.

1. Feel free to include keywords in the selection of domain names. Although the effect is not as great as a few years ago, the inclusion of keywords in the domain is much better than the domain without keywords. KOD or keyword on domain is always better than a domain without keywords.

2. The length of the domain registration duration also plays an important role. If you focus on building a website, then don’t hesitate to buy a domain with a registration duration of more than 2-3 years.

3. It’s okay to carry the Exact Match Domain (EMD) as long as the website contains high-quality content. Google just doesn’t like EMD websites with low quality and rich in spammy content.

4. Focusing on building a national scale website is not difficult. Domains based on country codes (for example: co.id or web.id) are much better for local versions of search engine servers, but are inversely proportional to global versions.

SEO factor 2: Website & Server

Search engines have different ratings when it comes to website appearance and choosing a server or hosting. There are several things that must be fulfilled in order to be more friendly to the search algorithm. Websites and Servers are the most crucial factors affecting the growth and development of SEO.

1. The website must regularly release new content, aka frequently updated.

2. Don’t forget to include a Contact Us page which contains information about the whereabouts of the website owner. Contact information should be written exactly on whois info.

3. Website design must be friendly to visitors and search engines. Choose a design that is easy to access, aka light loading so that the content is easier to organize.

4. The number of pages from the website also influences the search result ranking process. The more pages on a website, of course it is superior to a website with a few pages.

5. Don’t forget to include a sitemap to make it easier for search engines to index pages.

6. There are two important pages that Google considers that a site is a trusted member of the internet, namely the Terms of Service and the Privacy Pages.

7. Breadcrumb navigation is an important structure in building a search engine friendly website appearance. The main goal is to make it easier for visitors to find out where they are when accessing the website.

8. As smartphone technology continues to develop, search engines like Google really like websites that support mobile viewing. They even tagged responsive websites for mobile devices with the tag “Mobile friendly”. Google has even dared to cancel non-mobile friendly websites from keyword search results.

9. Websites that are difficult to access or browse have a big impact on search results rankings because they affect three important elements, namely the length of time visited, page views and bounce rate.

10. Don’t hesitate to install the code from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These two webmaster tools have a direct impact on ranking search results, let alone also provide valuable data for Google to index even more website pages.

11. Server reliability also has an effect. Do not choose a server that is less stable or problematic. The bad impact is quite large, even the potential to be subject to deindex punishment.

12. Server location plays an important role in the ranking of search results. If you are targeting visitors from Indonesia, you should choose a local server.

SEO factor 3: Backlinks

Backlinks or backlinks from other websites to the target website are important steps in learning SEO. There are a number of criteria that must be met so as not to cause misunderstanding between website owners and search engines so that they get good rankings. Backlinks are a factor that influences the growth and development of SEO which is no less important than domains and website servers.

1. Getting backlinks from old domains is much more powerful than new domains.

2. Search engine algorithms have a special view of backlinks that come from educational or government sites. Therefore, try to get backlinks from sites with domains ending in .edu or .gov to taste the great impact.

3. If you want to win the competition, try to get backlinks from other sites that are competitors in the search results for similar keywords.

4. Don’t forget to provide a share button to social media so that visitors can share it with their respective accounts. The higher the “share”, the rank continues to soar up.

5. Being a guest post on another website is a white hat SEO method. However, the value of a backlink is actually more valuable to appear in article content than the author bio area.

6. The quantity of backlinks is important, but it’s useless if they come from similar sources. In this case the search engines can consider the website as spam. Therefore, look for backlinks of various types as naturally as possible.

7. Contextual backlinks, namely backlinks that are on the article content page. The value is much higher than the backlinks found on blank pages or other positions.

8. If you want to focus on the local version of Google servers, prioritize backlinks that come from the target country. For example, look for a backlink from a site ending in the co.id or web.id domain if you want to focus on Google Indonesia.

9. Placement of backlinks on content also has an effect. Should be put at the beginning of the content where it is much more valuable than the end of the content.

10. Backlinks on web pages are much more powerful than the footer or sidebar area.

11. Backlinks from relevant domains are much more valuable than irrelevant domains. No wonder many SEO experts are in the middle of looking for relevant websites to build quality backlinks.

12. Backlinks from Authority sites are much “better” than small sites.

13. Although backlinks from wikipedia sources are in the form of nofollow, they have a special place in the hearts of search engine algorithms.

14. Search engines really like old backlinks rather than new. Therefore, try to keep its existence so that it is not deleted.

15. Backlinks from real sites are much better than fake blogs. Consider not creating a dummy blog that rarely updates regularly.

16. Backlinks obtained naturally or naturally are more appreciated by search engine algorithms so that they have the potential to gain the highest ranking.

17. Backlinks from article content decorated with 1000 words are much higher quality than content containing 100 words.

18. Ensure high-quality article content, not copy-paste or bad writing. Backlinks are much more valuable if they are on unique article content.


These are the three factors that affect the growth and development of SEO in search engine search results. By studying everything carefully, getting to the top rank is not impossible. In essence, make sure the website is friendly to Google’s algorithm before it is enriched by a flush of high-quality backlinks.

Source : Faktor SEO Website