5 Ways to Optimize a Website for Free

Optimizing a website may still be a challenge for those just starting out. The many resources can help or even further confuse you. By knowing the right website optimization techniques, your next site management will run more smoothly. Actually, what is the right website optimization technique? At least, there are five free website optimization methods that you can do yourself, namely:

5 Ways to Optimize a Website for Free

1. Make a Website Design that is Easy for the Eyes.

Website design that is easy on the eyes is not just a matter of choosing a color combination, fonts, to the overall layout. The following points also need to be considered:

  • Guidelines, including menu navigation, are clear.
  • It’s okay to use ads, but not too many.
  • Information about the website is clear.
  • There is a response column, guest book, guest book, and email that can be contacted.
  • The choice of color combination layout does not hurt the eyes.
  • Selection of fonts that are easy to read.

2. Make Relevant Internal Links .

Relevant internal links are links with keywords that Google’s browsing robot can track more easily. The more relevant and quality internal links you make, the easier it will be for your website to be automatically found on the Google search engine – as well as page one. The way to create relevant internal links on a website is to use certain keywords that refer to articles that are on the same website. Example: if the article is a long trip and must be divided in half, then the second part of the article can be filled with internal links to the first part of the article.

3. Make External Links with Good Quality.

Apart from internal links, sharing external links is also a must try website optimization technique. There are lots of websites or social media that can be a place to share your website external link. So, feel free to distribute as many as possible. How to create good quality external links is somewhat similar to internal links. The difference is, external links refer to other websites that are the source of the writing. For example, reviews about the latest books with external links about books in other digital media.

4. Rely on Backlinks.

Backlinks are a website optimization technique that is still relied on today. This technique is one of the off page SEO strategies. So, you leave backlinks on other websites (either through comments in guestbook / guestbook or forums), in the hope that other users will be interested in visiting your website. While you can do this yourself, also pay attention to other websites you want to put backlinks to. Can anyone put up free DoFollow backlinks and some have to pay. Also avoid spreading backlinks directly to multiple websites at once so they are not tracked as spam by Google.

5. Create Quality Content and Take Advantage of Plugins.

Don’t be too busy dressing up the website in the most beautiful appearance to leave out the content. If you want a website that is getting more and more popular and popular, create quality content. Quality content (especially relevant to the demographics of website users) will keep your website in constant demand. For example, if your website has a major culinary topic, you can fill it with articles about cooking tips, food trends, to the latest restaurant reviews. It also varies with the presence of cooking tutorial videos and appetizing food photos. Apart from content, take advantage of plugins to make it more attractive and easier for users to move content on your website. For the free website optimization method, you only need to install the CMS on the host panel.This plugin also has the potential to increase the number of visitors on the website as it automatically places it first on the Google search engine. With this plugin, you can immediately define keywords in content articles that Google has the potential to track. Some of the plugins that can be used are:

  • All In One
  • SEOPress
  • Yoast SEO

Source : 5 Cara Mengoptimasi Website Secara Gratis