Actually do you understand quality backlinks or not?

Why do you really need to know the quality of the backlinks? The answer is easy; because if your backlinks are not quality, then the incoming backlinks will be useless or even make your website fall into Google’s penalty. So for those of you who are just starting out with backlink optimization, it’s a good idea to recognize what are the characteristics of a quality backlink. I will explain this in a simple language style, so that friends who are beginners can also understand the contents of this article …

Quality Backlink Characteristics

The higher the quality of the backlink, the greater the effect on our website ranking on keywords. As for those that affect the quality of backlinks are:

  1. Sources (the best quality backlinks will come from a very high authority website, usually an aging domain that has a high RELIABILITY marked by heavy traffic and a large number of indexed pages)
  2. Relevant (the backlink page covers a closely related topic)
  3. Quality backlinks should be dofollowed, otherwise it won’t help your ranking at all
  4. Position on page (The biggest point is in the article content and the higher the position of the link on the article web page, the better the quality)
  5. The keywords / anchor text used varies widely
  6. Derived from many domain names that have a very diverse Class C IP addresses. This C Class requirement is used to avoid backlink breeders who usually create many backlinks on the same server.
  7. The links are in between highly relevant narratives
  8. Points of the Backlink page are high on page authority
  9. The number of links on the page is not very large
  10. One-way links (meaning that quality backlinks are only one-way to your website, and there are no links from your website to the website of this backlink source. Opponents of one-way links are reciprocal links)

If your backlink can meet some of the criteria above, then it will include a backlink of sufficient quality. Why not fulfill all the points above? Because fulfilling all the points above is very difficult. Very often people ask whether he should look for quality backlinks? What if only the standard source of backlinks was found? If you only find a standard source of backlinks then just install it. That’s much better than nothing.

It only needs to be considered so that in one domain name there is no need to install too many backlinks. Better to play it safe and look for diversity of domain names only. In essence, in installing backlinks, usually the result of installing 40 points of Page Authority and 30 points of Domain Authority. These points are usually very adequate for tough competition if the managed website also has a very good onpage. The number of backlinks needed will be even more if the onpage of the page is not sufficient. But there are also conditions where quality backlinks won’t help at all because the condition of the onpage web page is too bad.

Why Doesn’t TLD Play A Role In Quality Determination?

Because it is not included as a determining factor for backlink quality. So far the myth that has been circulating is the TLD. Government and. Edu has more value, but not at all. The reason for this myth is simply that .gov and .edu sites are generally managed very seriously and professionally. So these websites with TLD usually do have high authority. But a more serious one. Government and. Edu is managed, the harder it is for you to get backlinks from websites. Even if you manage to get backlinks from .edu or .gov, it is not necessarily a quality backlink just because it uses these two TLDs. Any TLD used if the website is taken seriously then it can be a source of high authority backlinks. Hopefully at this point you have understood what factors make quality backlinks.