Alexa Tutorial How to Increase Alexa Rank

Some of us may often hear and even use alexa site info to see the ranking of our website both in the Indonesian region and the world wide. This site provides a means to get information about the ranking of a site and provides detailed information about the website traffic being tested including the number of daily pageviews, how long the average visit is, what percentage of the bounce rate is and where the majority of the location of website visitors is displayed in the Geographic Audience Infographic. .

Alexa can also be called the most powerful seo tool today. This SEO tool can provide detailed data on website ranking, keyword opportunities, top keywords based on traffic, a list of competitor sites that have proximity based on keywords and audience overlap, number of backlinks, bounce rate, daily page views, daily visitors, and all the powerful SEO. tools such as content exploration, site audit, on-page SEO checker, competitor backlink checker, competitor keyword matrix, keyword difficulty tool, shar of voice keywords, site comparison, site linking in, and other very comprehensive features.

Did you know that Alexa is a subsidiary of which is the second largest technology company in the world by revenue. This site was founded by amazon with the main aim of making it a data storage like a very large data library. Almost the same as big data search engines, which almost always know anything about search data, which internet surfers usually search, and all data is sent and received by Alexa.

From there, why can this site know exactly the company’s web traffic and their ranking, whether it be within a country or globally. And in 2014, Alexa began providing traffic data and rankings to customers who wanted to know about the development of their website. In this article you will find out how to increase Alexa Rank . Previously, let’s start by getting to know more about this SEO tool from Amazon.

Get to know Alexa Internet

According to wikipedia, Alexa Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of based in California, and provides commercial data related to web traffic. Founded as an independent company in 1996, then acquired by Amazon in 1999. The toolbar created by Alexa collects data in the form of users’ surfing habits on the internet and sends it to a data center, where it is stored and analyzed, so that it becomes the basis from web traffic reports provided by the company to its customers. As recorded in 2014, Alexa provides traffic data, website rankings globally as well as in a particular country, and various other information on more than 30 million registered websites. This website is visited by more than 8.8 million people every month.

Alexa Internet was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. The name of this company was chosen inspired by a library called “Alexandria” in California, with the aim of describing the relationship between data storage centers since ancient times and the potential of the internet to become a data center to replace libraries.

The company offers a toolbar they created that gives internet users various inputs to determine their next destination in surfing the internet, based on the traffic patterns of the internet user community itself. Alexa also offers context for each website visited, information to whom the website is registered, how many pages the website has, and how often the content of the website is updated.

Alexa operations include archiving the web pages they browse. This database is stored on a server which is then called the “Internet Archive” and can be accessed via a search engine called the “Wayback Machine”. In 1998, the company contributed a copy of only 2 terabytes of the archive to the American Library of Congress. Alexa then supplies the Internet Archives on a regular basis using a site search engine.

alexa tutorial how to increase alexa rank

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is a measure of a website’s popularity. This tool ranks millions of websites in order of popularity with the No.1 ranking indicating the most popular websites. The slimmer the Alexa ranking, the higher and higher quality website visitors. Website ranking is determined by combining the estimated number of website visitors and how many pages the website visitor visited.

Website rankings are calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines the estimated number of website traffic visits and visitor engagement over the past three months. The amount of website traffic and visitor engagement is estimated from the search behavior of people using the Alexa toolbar and certified matrix analytics script, which is a sample of all Internet users.

How Alexa Rank is Calculated

Reporting from the article referred to the official website of Alexa, namely , the results of the site’s ranking come from a sample of tens of millions of Internet users. Each sampling method has advantages and disadvantages but can still provide important and complete information.

For example, TV networks spend billions of dollars on advertising based on a report from a Nielsen survey of TV viewing habits of just 40,000 households. They did that despite the fact that the survey was fraught with flaws, not least of its small sample size. They understand the problem and can still dig up a lot of valuable information. Serious TV executives recognize gaps and understand which data constitutes invaluable and actionable information. Likewise with Alexa.

Complaints that “Alexa is useless” or “not very accurate” begin with how this tool first worked. The data comes from tracking users who implement the Alexa toolbar in their browser. This limitation causes biased results in the place of webmasters as only the sample is more likely to install the toolbar for example, tech-savvy users, internet marketed Internet, etc. This complaint may be justified, but it is no longer accurate. Alexa has corrected that bias. Today, the methodology reflects a broad and representative sample of online traffic.

To use Alexa, click here and in the box at the top of the page enter any domain name. Click “Run Analysis.” Alexa will rank that domain name from the approximately 20,000,000 sites it tracks. For example, as of the date of this article (December 2019), is the 1,952,420 most visited site in the world (and 41,868 in Indonesia).

Rank 1 in alexa is Google which is the most visited site. The 20,000,000 rank is the worst ranking displayed. Below the 20 million rating you will get the message “insufficient traffic data”, which means that Alexa does not have any traffic logs to the site tested or it is not on the list of 20 million indexed websites.

Important: Alexa also gives the position of the site relative to other sites, which shows several websites that are similar based on the behavior of those website visitors. Even though it’s quite complete, you will have a clearer insight and picture when you combine it with other tools such as, and to see the performance of the domain metrix based on backlinks.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the way to increase Alexa rank is to increase the combination of the number of visitors every day with the number of pageviews obtained and also the bounce rate and daily time on site of a website in the last 90 days.

This data is collected from internet users who use the toolbar extension on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer browsers that install the Alexa script on it. In addition, there are several websites that have special coding on their website so that Alexa knows how many people are coming to the website more accurately. Because the data collected from the use of internet users is only an estimate. Alexa then uses a special algorithm to correct the biased data to provide more accurate data.

What is Alexa Certified Site Metrics

From the explanation above, we know that alexa rank can be obtained from the traffic forecast in a special toolbar installed in the browser, and some are obtained from the certified site metrix website that installs alexa certify code in it.

You may be asking How do I get a certified site metrix on my site?

Getting “Certified” means that you have installed a Certification Code on your site which allows Alexa to directly measure your web site traffic. Once your site metrics are certified, you can choose to publicly display your unique visitor data, page views, and ranking.

To get certified site traffic, the following steps must be carried out

1. Sign up for the Basic, Insight, Advanced, and Advanced High Traffic Subscription packages.
2. Add your website domain for a complete audit according to your chosen subscription.
3. Open site settings.
4. Click on the “Certified Status” link.
5. Follow the guidelines for adding Alexa certify code to every page on the website, usually just put in the header along with other analytics scripts.
6. Press the “Scan My Site” button to check whether the code installed is correctly installed.

Optional: You can choose to publicly display your Certified metrics using the “Configure Metric Views” link on the Site Settings page.

Here is an example of the alexa certify code script used by the website, you can change the script to be installed on your website.

Example Script Alexa certify code

You can change the website url with your website.

Script for standard websites not amp site

<! - Start Alexa Certify Javascript -> <br /> <script type = "text / javascript"> <br /> _atrk_opts = {atrk_acct: "hWLRt1ah9W20em", domain: "", dynamic: true}; <br /> (function () {var as = document.createElement ('script'); as.type = 'text / javascript'; as.async = true; as.src = "https: // certify "; var s = document.getElementsByTagName ('script') [0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore (as, s);}) (); <br /> </ script > <br /> <noscript> <img src = "" style = "display: none" height = "1" width = "1" alt = "" /> </noscript> <br /> <! - End Alexa Certify Javascript ->

Script for the amp website

Add this script in the head section

<script async custom-element = "amp-analytics" src = ""> </script> <br />

Add this script in the body section

<! - Start Alexa AMP Certify Javascript -> <br /> <script type = "application / json"> {"vars": {"atrk_acct": "hWLRt1ah9W20em", "domain": " "}} </script> <br />

Please note that if the certification code is installed correctly, data will start to be obtained within 3 hours. Also once Alexa verifies that the code is correctly installed on at least 60% of the pages of your site, your site will be successfully certified.

Benefits of Certified Site Metrics

1. Calculate 100% Real Website Traffic

By posting a Certification Code on your site, Alexa will start directly measuring and reporting on site traffic. This provides invaluable insight into the performance of your site. Unlike other analytics services, such as Google Analytics, Alexa makes sure all your site traffic is counted by reviewing your site every month and notifying you if your site pages don’t have a Certification Code. This is important because no code = no traffic data. As a result of your monthly site scans, you can rest assured that all your site traffic falls within Certified Metrics.

In addition, Alexa Certified Metrics only counts real traffic. This means the system filters out web crawlers and other extraneous “noise” that can artificially expand your metrics. Alexa only counts traffic when your website URL appears in the browser address bar. This provides you with a clear picture of your true traffic metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions based on genuine data.

2. More Accurate Alexa Rank Ranking

Once your site is Certified, you can choose to base your site’s Alexa ranking on directly measured Certified Metrics instead of estimated data. This will give your site a more accurate and more stable Alexa ranking. Installing a certified site metrix is ​​also one way to increase alexa rank.

3. Better Analytics Reports

The Alexa Certified Site Live User Interface allows you to quickly identify significant changes to your site’s traffic.

The Alexa Certify dashboard displays your metrics in context and covers the current period with the previous time period. At a glance you will be able to monitor and identify significant spikes in traffic and drill down further to find out why.

4. Monitor Your Site’s Performance

If you’ve ever experienced a sharp downward trend in your site’s traffic, you know it’s important to immediately isolate the root cause. Is it a problem with your site or an external event? Alexa Certified Metrics make it easy to track performance by continuously monitoring your site’s uptime.

5. Publish Your Metrics to Increase Ad Income

Displaying real traffic statistics and audience sizes can help you attract potential business partners, investors and advertisers. After authorizing your site, you can choose to publish your Certified Metrics including Unique Visitors and Pageviews on your site’s public Site Review page. This offers a credible view of your investment performance and potential.

alexa tutorial how to increase alexa rank 2

How to Check Alexa Rank

To just see the website’s Alexa ranking, you don’t need to install the Alexa Extension toolbar. You only need to visit the Alexa official website at

First, all you have to do is enter the domain name of the website you want to check. Then click Find.

Next Alexa will analyze your website based on website traffic statistics, global site popularity (Global rank), audience geography where a website gets traffic, website engagement such as bounce rate, pageviews per day, daily time on site, links to sites, how many outbound link.

For Alexa Pro or Subscribe you need to pay to get more features such as site audits, organic site keywords, paid keyword research , competitor keyword metrics, competitor backlink checkers, keyword difficulties, on page SEO checkers. Competitive analysis tools such as site overviews, comparisons, links in, keywords, top sites and certified Alexa rank your site.

After entering the domain, you will see a results page which contains detailed data about your website. For this article, we enter

The first thing you will see are some competitor domains that have similarities in terms of keywords, content and visitors to your website.

Then there is a rounded chart that shows an overview of keyword opportunities breakdown which contains the number of keywords that are easy to raise the SERP position, then the number of gaps keywords, which are keywords that generate traffic for competitor websites but not on your site, then the number of keywords that allow optimization and are within quality range your domain metrix, and finally the number of buyer keywords that can be used as a reference for keywords in Google Adword or Bing Ads.

Next we find the comparison metrix menu which contains a comparison of the amount of traffic from search engines. In the third column we see the similar site menu based on audience overlap and there is an overlap score which shows a relatively similar audience level between this site and similar sites. Audience overlap scores were calculated from analysis of general visitors and search keywords.

Sites with higher scores show a higher number of viewers that are overlapped than sites with lower scores. Calculated from a scale of 100, the closer to 100 the more intense the competition with your website. The lower the overlap score, the safer it is for your website.

Next you will find the core data from this alexa site info, namely the Alexa Rank which is calculated based on the last 90 days of data. From this data, it can be seen that the position of ranking SEON in December 2019 is in the position of 1,952,420 globally with a daily time on site of 1.53 minutes.

Alexa also provides detailed data about the bounce rate ratio of the website being tested and also the bounce rate ratio of competitors’ websites. You can see SEON’s bounce rate is at 40 percent with the average bounce rate for competitors at 34.6 percent.

Scroll down and you can see the site linking data in which shows the number of backlink domains pointing to our website. From the data above, it is known that there are 209 links that lead to SEON with an average competitor of only 28 links.

On the left you can also see the top keywords based on the amount of traffic to the website. We can get the search traffic percentage data and also share of voice on this Alexa Site Info.

At the bottom you’ll find easier-to-read infographics about alexa rank global, regional, and audience geography where traffic is coming from.

From this data, it can be seen that the SEON ranking position in December 2019 is in the position of 1,952,420 globally and in the position of 41,868 for the Indonesian region.

Based on Audience Geography data, 98.90 percent of visitors came from Indonesia and the rest mostly from the United States and Germany.

Finally, at the very bottom you will find the website metrix data website.

From this data, it can be seen that the SEON website engangement in December 2019 is 2 daily pageviews with a visit duration of 1 minute 53 seconds and a bounce rate of 40 percent. The number of backlinks connected to SEON is 209 website domains.

This is the discussion on how to find out the Alexa rank and how to read the data.

Benefits of using Alexa Rank

Here are some of the benefits you can get by testing website rankings on Alexa.

1. Compare the Alexa ranking of sites with the same niche

The most useful function of Alexa is to compare your website with others in the same category to improve your position in the market. Comparing the competition not only gives you an idea of ​​what’s working in your market category but also gives you a goal to work on increasing organic traffic.

2. Check if the site traffic is up or down

When your site loses traffic, the first reaction is usually panic. After that, you start to find out why. Very useful for seeing the performance of other websites in your market.

If they also lose rankings, that’s a clue that something bigger is affecting your niche. This could be a Google algorithm update, a seasonal change in demand, or a change in trend.

If you lose rankings and your competitors gain, you can find out the details where it went wrong.

3. Evaluate the commercial potential of the site

Growing your online business means that you will start receiving lots of requests from potential collaborators. For example, a blog might ask you to post guest posts, sponsor requests, or a joint venture to promote a product.

The Alexa ranking gives you a “big picture” test of fairness for a single site. A marketer with something to sell (eg ad space on his site) can claim that he gets 10,000 visitors per day.

When you find a 5,000,000 rating on Alexa for that site, you can be 99.9% sure he is lying. With one free check, Alexa has saved time, money, and the bad end of dealing with a liar!

4. Look for potential influencers to build relationships

When you are looking for other businesses that can help your business, the Alexa ranking helps you evaluate which businesses have potential.

You are looking for a site with high traffic, which means that the Alexa ranking is more reliable. As you use Alexa more and more, you will develop a strong frame of reference for what is incredible traffic in your niche vs. a niche that is “not worth pursuing.”

5. Find potential super-affiliates

If you have an affiliate marketing program, finding these high volume marketers can provide a huge boost to your sales. But you have to make sure they can provide before you offer preferential commission or other perks.

Use Alexa, SimilarWeb, and SEMrush to maximize reliability and to determine how much (generally higher quality) organic search traffic is.

Once a deal has been made, you will want to take more time looking at the Google Analytics evidence. But without a doubt, Alexa definitely has its place in your toolbox when sifting sites for potential opportunities.

How to Increase Website Alexa Rank

Here are some tips that you can apply to improve your website ranking.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar
2. Install Alexa Widget On Your Website.
3. Encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar.
4. Write on Blogs about Alexa.
5. Introducing your URL in the webmaster forum.
6. Write content related to webmasters.
7. Create webmaster tools on your website
8. Create categories and Alexa tags on your blog
9. Buy banners and links from webmaster forums and websites.
10. Hire active forum members to improve your website.
11. Write unique and quality content.
12. Website SEO optimization
13. Website speed optimization
14. Build a network on Facebook, Twitter or the like.


For most webmasters and SEO practitioners, website ranking is an important factor. From the website ranking, you can know whether the SEO strategy that you are running is running well or not.

Although Alexa is quite comprehensive, you will have a clearer insight and picture when you combine it with other tools such as, and

Also analyze your website with other website analysis tools to ensure its accuracy. Our website also provides SEO AUDIT TOOLS that you can use to test the quality of the SEO ONPAGE and SPEED structure of your website.

Alexa Rank can also give you an idea of ​​competitor websites. The data provided by Alexa can tell you whether your competitors’ websites are popular and how their websites compare to yours.

For those of you who use google adword or bing ads, you can get information on the relevant buying keywords. Also, if you are a blogger who is also a publisher, there are advertisers who check the quality of a website with Alexa.

Some advertisers use Alexa ranking to decide whether your website has high marketing potential, so that their ad is seen and gets lots of clicks before deciding to place an ad on your website. So alexa is important to increase its ranking. Hopefully this article can provide an overview of how to improve the correct Alexa ranking.

Source : Tutorial Alexa, Info lengkap dan Cara Meningkatkan Alexa Rank