AMP for WP Pro Review Best AMP Plugin of 2020

Implementing AMP on wordpress makes websites very quickly accessible from mobile networks. Website performance increases 4-8 times faster than without AMP. If previously your wordpress website was fast enough and mobile friendly, then with AMP the access speed will increase rapidly, load time is lightning fast, blazing speed, stable, and more than just mobile friendly.

Blog visitors also feel comfortable, no need to wait for a long load to move from article to article. With AMP the website is more SEO optimized and mobile friendly with a simple and lightweight appearance. AMP wordpress also supports adsense ad scripts and auto ads.

Google AMP contributes greatly to increasing blog rankings in search engines. We know that whatever Google recommends will be a determining factor for SERP ranking in search engines. Content pages and ads in AMP format also provide a smooth and enjoyable experience on mobile devices.

AMP Review for WP Pro Best AMP Plugin of 2020

We have been using the pro version of the AMPforWP plugin on the SEON website since April 1st 2020 and are very satisfied with its performance. We previously used the pro version of the WP AMP plugin from but its appearance and performance are way below the pro version of AMPforWP.

Other AMP plugins spoil the appearance of the website. AMPforWP Pro is the only one that works well and the display is satisfactory. Mobile Menu, Search button, Floating share button, table of content, article ratings, inline advance amp ads are very good at showing on mobile. The appearance of the blog and single page archives is very elegant and there are many premium add-on features that are indispensable for website SEO which are executed very well in this plugin. For us, the Pro version of AMPforWP is the Best AMP Plugin for wordpress in 2020.

Let’s start by looking at our website traffic based on google analytics in the last 30 days below.

amp for wp pro review best amp plugin of 2020 2

From the graph above, it can be seen at a glance that website traffic started to crawl up on March 23-30 when we added content and improved the website’s seo onpage structure. The pro version of AMPforWP was installed on April 1st and didn’t wait long for the chart to jump until the peak reached 1500 visitors on Tuesday, April 7th 2020. Let’s break down in more detail.

amp for wp pro review best amp plugin of 2020 3

The graph above is our website google analytics data for the last 7 days since the AMPforWP pro version was installed. There are 5488 visitors coming from organic search with an average visit duration of 1 minute 17 seconds and this is pretty good. The remaining 1013 direct visits, 66 backlinks and 65 referrals from social signals. Let’s breakdown in more detail.

amp for wp pro review best amp plugin of 2020 4

The graph above is the distribution of data from where visitors come from. Based on data for the last 7 days there were 5479 visitors from mobile phones or cellular networks, 1093 visitors from PCs or laptops, and 37 visitors from tablet users.

From this data, it can be concluded that the majority of visitors came from mobile accessing AMP pages with a dominant percentage of 82.90 percent, the remaining 16.54 percent from desktops and 0.56 percent from tablet users.

This means that AMP optimization for mobile is very necessary because nowadays the majority of traffic comes from smartphone users. Almost certainly everyone has an Android smartphone and accesses information using a mobile device.

The good news is from the data above, it can be concluded that the optimization of the AMP website using the pro version of the AMPforWP plugin that we used worked well.

Anything Premium Add On in Pro version of AMPforWP Plugin

Currently there are 38 premium add-ons or better known as the AMPforWP Pro extension. In this article we will briefly review all the premium add-ons in order of the coolest and most vital. Let’s start discussing one by one.

1. Endpoints for AMP subdomain

This add-on allows you to add custom AMP Endpoints as Subdomains. Using this extension you can customize the AMP URL structure according to your needs, for example, from the original changed to , so it looks cleaner and more professional, right?

2. AMP Themes & Templates

The first thing that makes us fall in love with this pro version of the AMPforWP plugin is the appearance of several themes and its premade layout which is very nice, easy on the eyes and very light. You can see the details here .

The name of the premium add-on is AMP Layouts which is a revolutionary modular layout system built for AMP that makes it easy for you to create your own AMP templates.

This template has a pre-made design for each use with customization options and doesn’t require coding, just drag and drop the page builder.

3. Elementor & Divi Support

The second thing that made us decide to buy an agency license for $ 499 per year for this pro version of the AMPforWP plugin is its compatibility with DIVI and Elementor.

The name of the extension is AMP Page Builder Compatibility. This add-on will support default modules as well as special modules created using the DIVI and Elementor page builders so that they can appear on Google AMP pages with a percentage of 90-95 percent that will look the same as the original version. Interesting right?

4. Advanced AMP ADS

The third feature to consider buying this plugin is the Premium add on Advanced AMP ADS. This extension provides the ability to display ad scripts directly on the content of the AMP page.

The catchphrase is Better Ad Placements, Better Click Through, Better Revenue . Isn’t that cool? For those of us who are in the world of publishers and adsense, Advanced AMP ADS is a game changer in a positive sense. Come on!

You can now easily insert ads from any ADS network among AMP article content. This plugin supports Adsense, DoubleClick, Amazon, MGID ad types and also Custom Advertisement types that support 90 other AD NETWORKS such as openx, inmobi,, tavoola, revcontent and others.

There are 7 different ad sizes to choose from and there is also an option that allows you to adjust the ad position in the article by the percentage of position or by the number of paragraphs where the ad will be displayed. This premium add on also supports Link ad units. Great, right?

There are four main features of this addon:

  1. Ads within the content: Allows you to add inserted ads between content.
  2. Sticky ads: This one shows the ad that sticks to the top when the user scrolls or scrolls.
  3. Custom AD option that allows AD network support of up to 90 types.
  4. Supports Link AD Units from Google Adsense.

5. AMP Woocommerce

The fourth feature that made the heart of buying this plugin is the ability to display woocommerce pages in the AMP version. Not many plugins can do this, as far as we know, only the pro version of AMP for WP can.

You can now activate WooCommerce support in AMP with just one click! It will support product list, Shop, Basket and Archive pages.

This premium add on is the most advanced AMP E-Commerce plugin on WordPress.

This AMP WordPress extension is also compatible with the following woocommerce add-on plugins:

  1. WooCommerce Product Add-Ons
  2. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro
  3. WooCommerce Tab Manager Plugin
  4. WooCommerce Memberships Plugin compatibility
  5. YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity Compatibility
  6. WooCommerce Bundle Plugin
  7. WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers
  8. Coupon Codes Compatibility
  9. Multi Currency for WooCommerce
  10. WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin compatibility

6. Table of Contents Plus, LuckyWP TOC, Easy Table of Content

The fifth feature of the pro version of AMPforWP that we think is vital and important for website SEO is its ability to display a table of content.

TOC or table of content is a table of contents in the form of important points in the article. Usually, these points are in the form of headings that are used as sub-headings in an article. When a visitor clicks on a point in the table of contents in the Table of Content, the visitor will go directly to the point that was pressed in the same article.

Table of Content has a big influence on SEO, when the TOC is indexed by Google, it will strengthen rich results (rich snippets) and increase the SERP position which means that it has the potential to increase the amount of organic traffic.

AMPforWP pro version has 3 extensions, each of which supports the TOC display generated by the Table of Contents Plus plugin, LuckyWP TOC, Easy Table of Content.

7. Star Review Ratings for AMP

The sixth feature that is also important for SEO is the ability of the pro version of AMPforWP to display ratings on AMP pages and when combined with WP Schema Pro, this Rating also appears on the Google SERP in the form of a rich snippet along with the AMP icon. Isn’t that cool?

You can display Ratings for product reviews or post article ratings in Star format in AMP. For example, if you enter ‘4’ it will display 4 out of 5 stars for the review rating of the article.

This AMP premium rating add on also works with custom post types and is compatible with the following plugins.

  1. KK star ratings
  2. WP Customer Reviews
  3. WP-PostRatings
  4. WP Review
  5. Multi Rating
  6. Taqyeem
  7. Yet Another Star Rating
  8. Wp Recipe Maker
  9. Star Rating Shortcode

8. Content Teaser for AMP

The idea of ​​this AMP Content Teaser feature is to increase visits to the main website (non-AMP pages) by giving teaser content. This means that article content in AMP is possible to be cut and only partially displayed, and below it is a CTA click button to the original content.

The use of AMP Content Teaser will also reduce the bounce rate of the website because there is click activity and there are 2 pages that visitors will open, namely the amp page and the original website page.

AMP Teaser will automatically clip content based on your choice and then add a button at the end that will redirect visitors to the non-AMP version.

Some publishers were afraid to adopt the AMP platform so they
asked the AMPforWP team to come up with a way to help them drive traffic to the responsive (non-AMP) version of the site.

9. Floating Button for AMP

Floating button or floating button is one of the most important elements in the UI or User Interface. If you want the floating button to remain on the AMP page then you need to buy the pro version of AMPforWP to get this premium add on. With the Floating Button for AMP extension you can easily create a floating button for the AMP version.

Floating Button for AMP Features:

1. Easy setting, you only need to select the icon you want.
2. WhatsApp, Call Now, and Custom Icon and you can even upload your own custom image
3. Fully Responsive will look great on desktop as well as display on mobile.

10. Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Ninja Form, Caldera Forms, Email Opt-in Forms, WP Forms

Contact us page and contact form are important elements in the anatomy of a website. This page serves as a means by which website visitors can communicate or contact the website manager directly.

With this form, website visitors can contact us easily and quickly. The goal, of course, is that visitors don’t have to bother sending emails, SMS, or calling by phone to the website manager.

Now the pro version of AMPforWP turns out to have the ability to display a contact form on the AMP page and visitors can fill out this form on the AMP pages, isn’t that cool?

There are 7 premium add-ons provided according to the contact form plugin used, including:

  1. Contact Form 7 in AMP
  2. Gravity Forms in AMP
  3. Formidable Forms for AMP
  4. Ninja Forms Integration with AMP
  5. Caldera Forms Integration with AMP
  6. Email Opt-in Form in AMP
  7. WP Forms for AMP

11. AMP Cache for WordPress

The add on’s premium slogan is Revolutionary Cache System for AMP and we agree. This feature is a kind of rocket wp speed optimization for amp page. A highly revolutionary cache system and makes AMP pages load very fast, blazing speed is lightning fast.

In our tests, we have seen a large increase in loading speed for mobile mobile. This pro version of AMPforWP extension will work on any server and will provide instant review to your audience. Mobile websites are accessed very quickly and securely and you will be amazed by it.

12. Purge AMP CDN Cache

The premium add on slogan is  Clear the google CDN cache with 1 click and we agree. You can now clear the AMP CDN cache right from your WordPress admin area. This innovative extension gives you control of Google’s CDN cache in WordPress.

Suppose you have published an article indexed and cached by Google, suddenly you decide to update that article due to some events but Google is still serving old content because it is cached by their AMP CDN system.

There is already a method for clearing the AMP CDN cache provided by Google here. AMPforWP pro version follows the same method but makes it easier for you and gives you a button that allows you to clear the AMP cache of a particular post with the click of a button.

amp for wp pro review best amp plugin of 2020

Another Premium Add On in the Pro version of AMPforWP

The 12 premium add-ons or extensions for AMPforWP above are what we (SEON Solution Team) think are the most vital and needed for websites and blogs so that a fairly detailed review is made.

Currently AMPforWP Pro version has a total of 38 premium add-ons or extensions. The rest that we haven’t discussed in detail include:

  1. AAWP or Amazon Affiliate WP for AMP
  2. CCPA or the California Consumer Privacy Act for AMP
  3. iZooto for AMP for push notifications in AMP
  4. PopUp Modals for AMP
  5. WPML Integration with AMP
  6. The Event Calender Compatibility with AMP
  7. JW PLayer Compatibility for AMP
  8. Pinterest Sharing for AMP
  9. Polylang Integration with AMP
  10. Shortcode Ultimate Compatibility with AMP
  11. ACF or Advanced Custom Fields for AMP
  12. bbPress Forum Integration with AMP
  13. AMP Email for wordpress
  14. Schema & Structured Data implementation on AMP
  15. LiveBlog for AMP
  16. EDD or Easy Digital Downloads Integration with AMP
  17. Classipress for AMP
  18. AMP Stories Integration for AMP
  19. DFP or Double Click for Publisher for AMP
  20. Call To Action for AMP
  21. PWA or Progressive Web Apps Integration
  22. Facebook Chat for AMP
  23. Comment Form in AMP

How to Install 38 Premium Add On in Pro version of AMPforWP

Installing and managing all the premium add-ons in the pro version of AMPforWP is very easy. Just use the AMP Pro Extension Manager plugin and all the problems are solved.

So we only need to install the AMPforWP plugin and install the AMP Pro Extension Manager and input an active membership license, and all premium add-ons can be installed, activated, and deactivated and uninstalled from the AMP Pro Extension Manager plugin only.

By using this AMP Pro Extension Manager plugin, you can activate the Membership bundle using a single license key without having to enter the license of all extensions.

AMP Pro Extension Manager is a Paid Plugin Extension. You won’t find that extension in the WordPress Plugins directory. So, you have to upload this plugin after purchasing the Pro version of the AMPforWP license.

You can buy it here for $ 149 for 1 website license per year or you can grab retail from the SEON One Stop Solution for $ 30 per year, $ 50 per 2 years, and $ 60 per 3 years.

Why is it cheap at SEON because we take an agency license for $ 499 per year so that we can sell retails cheaper per website.

That’s the review we can convey about the PRO version of AMPforWP. This AMP plugin is the best in 2020 and you won’t be disappointed in buying it. Performance and performance worth the selling price. Very worth buying.

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