Backlink Software Is Very Dangerous, Myth Or Fact?

Why is it unsafe to find backlinks using software? … What Google is looking for is naturalness, and it can’t be achieved using software. The best thing the software can do is spin content. It’s just that in the 2018 Google algorithm update, brackets appear that can detect loop content. It would be very dangerous if Google applied this to our backlinks. If our backlink is found using an unreasonable method then a definite penalty will be awarded. Getting out of this backlink penalty is difficult because we have no control over the backlinks that have been installed using the software. So the only way to get out of the penalty is to ask the admin of the website where our backlink was posted to remove the backlink. Unfortunately it is very difficult

The rejection link method won’t help much in getting out of this penalty either. This is the reason why in the future it is very unsafe to use backlink software. Of course there are lots of software out there selling software that can scrape and install backlinks simultaneously. One of the famous ones is GSA. But the method of installing backlinks in the GSA software style is also nothing more than rotating content. Its use also requires its own tricks. If not used correctly, the planted backlink will be useless or even carry a penalty.

Backlink Software Is Very Dangerous, Myth Or Fact?

This is the reason why our backlink service has only used natural methods since 4 years ago. We try to make sure that our backlinks don’t put the client’s website under penalty, because it’s very difficult to get out of this penalty. Our backlink service has served more than 2000 websites and to date not a single website has been penalized (plus most of them have reached the first page of Google). So our backlink service will still maintain the 100% manual installation method as it is the safest method at the moment. One of the optimization techniques (SEO) that must be done is to do backlinks (SEO Offpage). These backlinks can be done manually, such as commenting on a website / blog, submitting to social bookmarks, submitting to directories,create profiles on forums and microblogging etc., and be done automatically using software such as: SENuke, ScapeBox, GSA SER, No Hand SEO etc.

After Google released an update to its indexing algorithm (Panda and Penguin), which affected search rankings (SERPs – Search Engine Result Page), many websites were kicked off page 1 of Google for linking back to websites deemed spam, especially if they were done using backlink software (this technique is also called BlackHat SEO). This is of course dangerous because it can bring out the search rankings from the best positions. With this algorithm update, SEO practitioners are now more careful about backlinking. Some things that are of concern in doing backlinks after Google Panda and Penguin are:

  1. Backlinks are done manually
  2. Be selective in choosing websites to use as backlinks, avoid backlinks from spammy sites such as webs with a very large number of outbound links (per page more than 50 outbound)
  3. Avoid backlinks from porn sites
  4. If you are going to use the software, link the dummy blog / web, not directly to the main website

Source : Software Backlink Sangat Berbahaya, Mitos Atau Fakta?