google com and google co id in seo optimization and in SEO Optimization

Google plays an important role as a traffic channel in the form of visits by internet users, aka netizens. Crowded or lonely a website is determined directly by the “king” of search engine sites. Therefore, webmasters must comply with Google’s rule structure in order to rank at the top of the search results for certain keywords. Currently, Google is recognized by netizens as the most reliable, accurate …


quality blog traffic and unqualified blog traffic

Quality Blog Traffic And Unqualified Blog Traffic

A blog site looks bleak if it is without traffic or a single netizen visits. Even though it is decorated with various high-quality articles or posts, at least the site owner needs to be “promoted” so that it is easily caught by the eyes of search engines and netizens. Therefore, it is better to study the quality and not quality website blog traffic sources. Please note that both …


how to get backlinks from wikipedia

How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Finding backlinks is one of the main tasks of a webmaster. Even though currently SEO expert services are scattered everywhere, there’s nothing wrong with looking for yourself where quality is more guaranteed. The value of a backlink varies in the eyes of Google search engines, as well as those from Wikipedia. This article describes tips and tricks on how to get backlinks from wikipedia to boost search …


how to choose professional seo services

How to Choose Professional SEO Services

Along with the increase in internet users from year to year, making search engines prioritize quality websites to be on the first page. And this is what demands every site owner, competing to get first ranking on search engines, especially Google, where one of the steps is to optimize through SEO services. Before getting to the core discussion, let’s review a little about “what is SEO”. How to Choose …


white hat seo vs black hat seo vs gray hat seo

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Gray Hat SEO

In the world of website SEO, most of us are familiar with 2 SEO techniques, namely Onpage and Offpage SEO, but often forget specific strategies in improving the quality of a site. Naturally, website SEO optimization is indeed capable of making sites easy to find in search engine searches so as to generate high rankings and traffic. On the other hand, it turns out that the special strategy is divided …


how to optimize off page seo website

How to Optimize Off Page SEO Website

A blogger or siter knows for sure that in fact Website SEO optimization is always needed for a blog or website. This activity is nothing but aimed at obtaining powerful website SEO optimization so that the blog is able to be in the highest rankings in search engine search results. So it is undeniable that website SEO optimization must indeed be applied from the beginning of building …


what is backlink and types of backlinks

What is Backlink and Types of Backlinks

What comes to our mind when we hear the word backlink? Yes, that is absolutely true if backlinks are one of the offpage SEO techniques. Its presence is not only a complement to optimization but also contributes to increasing traffic, popularizing company brands and consistently passive support. This article will discuss about backlinks starting from their definition, benefits and types. Come on! What is Backlink Types and Functions …


how to check da pa domain authority page authority

How to Check DA PA Domain Authority Page Authority

The site or blog owner must know a variety of terms related to search engines if you want to master the ins and outs of SEO. In terms of how to check domain authority and quality, you should know well what SERP, PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and Alexa Rank are the first steps to optimize site rankings. The following is a brief explanation that can open up insights. Ready? Let’s start! How to …


how to optimize on page seo

How to Optimize On Page SEO

The role of website SEO is very vital considering that website SEO optimization is very helpful so that a website or blog is in the top position on search results for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. As a professional blogger, writing is not only limited to fun or just confiding but also learns every sentence written based on SEO optimization techniques so that …


what is ssl security https protocol

What is SSL Security HTTPS Protocol

A lot of interesting knowledge can be learned from computer networks and the internet, at least a site or blog owner knows what SSL Security Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the HTTP protocol and the HTTPS protocol. The discussion of these three points may give you a headache, but there is nothing wrong with knowing basic knowledge that is very important and might come in handy someday. Let’s …