Google Adsense Recommendations That Make Money

The development of the business world has developed along with technological advances. Where money can be easily obtained through posting on the internet, for example through blogs and the web. Most of the income is earned through advertising, but now it is getting more difficult, then this is a list of the best google adsense alternative sites as a solution to this problem. Most new bloggers must assume that money can only be obtained through Adsense alone. This is not wrong because it is commonly practiced. However, the current use of the service caused problems from the moment of verification until registration was rejected.

This causes many new bloggers to become lazy. Then stop their activities because it is difficult to make money from there. But actually there is a solution to overcome it, namely using other ways or alternatives to Adsense. The use of multiple Google Adsense alternatives provides more benefits for new bloggers that need to be developed. One of them is in terms of relatively high income. Then this solution should be applied if there is a problem.

There are many ad networks besides Adsense, there are even dozens. Each of them has advantages and different ways of working. Then you have to choose to match the content or criteria of related sites. At this point, we are going to discuss more about the list of best Adsense alternative recommendations. That’s because they do provide convenience in the form of high pay. Then later it can bring benefits to site owners, here are some of them

Google Adsense Recommendations That Make Cuan

Propeller Ads

The first list is occupied by Propeller Ads. They are considered to be one of the best Adsense alternatives for use on the web, website or blog. They took the concept of an ad network based on CPM or Cost Per Mile. For those who are unfamiliar with CPM, the explanation is a technique of scoring and calculating ad serving. Its purpose is to accumulate every ad post that is viewed every thousand times. Of course this is done effectively to monetize the site. Propeller Ads has a large number of ad views. the reason is that they buy all GEOs where the payload reaches 100%. Then this service also offers referral links from registered publishers around 5%.


Next is PayClick, a digital advertising company that was founded in 2010. They use an original advertising platform and are trusted by around 120,000 advertisers. Its spread has reached about 107 countries in the world. One of the advantages of PayClick is the feature on their Native Ads platform. Where it has relevant properties so that it can match the content of the website or blog. This certainly makes it difficult for visitors to distinguish between advertisements and content. Their ads are also responsive so they are comfortable to look at and compatible with various devices. Registering on Payclick is easy and the process is fast. For revenue issues, each week the site owner will receive a minimum of about $ 20.


The third recommendation is an alternative Adsesnse called BuySellAds. Where there is an advertising network platform that carries out the process of buying and selling advertising space. They take advertisements from sites or websites belonging to their own members. In the process there are several agreements under which the site must meet the BuySellAds criteria. Among these conditions is having a high number of visitor traffic. If that cannot be fulfilled, then you should choose to use another alternative. The way BuySellAds works is quite simple, bringing advertisers and publishers together to come to an agreement. They pay a pretty high fee of around 75%. This can be done via Paypall, with a vulnerable period of 2 weeks.


The next recommendation is Media.Net, they are predicted to be a competitor to Google Adsense. In fact, many publishers say that the quality is almost equal. This makes it one of the best alternatives to sites in the digital advertising world. Media, Net itself is a technology company engaged in advertising and was founded in 2012. They are part of the contextual advertising network that originates from Bing and Yahoo !. There are several advantages, as well as services that will be provided to the web or blog owner. Media.Net provides advertising services that can adapt to site content. Ad impression quality in one tag can be optimized automatically. They will also offer easier access to connect directly to major target buyers on the web.

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