Google adwords vs Bing ads Comparison

Site owners use AdWords to make ads relevant to the “keywords” written by Google users while enjoying search engine services. From the keyword search results, the ad will appear at the top of the list with a quote from the sentence “Sponsored Links”.

When an ad is clicked on purpose or accidentally, Google service users are automatically directed to the linked website.

What is Google Adwords and Bing Ads

Google Adwords is a paid advertising service program that allows site owners to advertise on all of Google’s networks. Here the advertising budget can be determined by yourself and the site owner will only pay when the ad is clicked on by a Google service user. The form of Adwords advertising is only focused on “targeted keywords”.

After knowing what Google Adword is, then Bing Adwords or Bing Ads is a paid advertising service that allows site owners to advertise on all Bing and Yahoo networks. This program has been described as Google’s “toughest rival” in cyberspace, the result of a combination of Microsoft and Yahoo. It could be said that advertisements appear on all search services of the two internet giants.

Several years ago before the partnership, Bing Ads was better known as Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter, while Yahoo also had a similar advertising service. As a result of Google’s growing growth, it was successful in forcing Microsoft MSN and Yahoo to join forces, and then Bing was born. Although the level of popularity is not as low as AdWords, Bing Ads has 33 percent of the market share in the United States as of June 2015.

Google Adwords vs Bing Ads

After knowing what Google Adwords and Bing Ads are, then we will discuss the comparison between the two. Google Adwords and Bing Adwords are big players in advertising services in cyberspace, so how do the two compare? Of course there are unique strengths that make the difference. Let’s look at the following comparison.

Google AdWords

This advertising service always comes to mind for site owners who want to advertise, but there are two sides to the knife to watch out for. AdWords is Google’s source of revenue, of course, the cost of advertising is much more expensive. Even though it is a drain on the pocket, there is an “added value” that can be felt immediately.

1. Higher search volume

When compared to similar services, Google actually has a higher search volume. Many site owners think that AdWords is the best choice if your ad campaign focuses only on a small geographic area, but it all depends on your keywords and match types. As is well known, the higher the search volume means more opportunities to get potential customers.

2. Rich in features

AdWords has a lot of fun features that advertisers love. As is well known, advertisements on search services are known to be short and of course difficult to reach potential customers with only 35 characters. Therefore, there is an ad extensions feature to provide more space to convey the message content. Many more cool features like mobile-click-to-call and review extensions.

3. Easy to set up

AdWords is deliberately designed for the convenience of the advertiser. Google conducts various experiments, trials and errors in order to get the best formula to indulge users in placing advertisements. Thus there is no need for special skills or knowledge.

Bing Ads

It must be admitted that the popularity of Bing Ads is still far below that of AdWords, so many people often underestimate it. Even though there are many positive sides if you want to spend advertising on Bing.

1. Much more affordable

As the biggest competitor, Bing Ads refuses to set high rates like AdWords. There are far fewer advertisers so they don’t really affect the price of a particular keyword. It can be concluded that placing ads on Bing Ads actually saves promotional costs. If a keyword in AdWords can reach $ 15 for one click, then similar keywords on Bing are only $ 5. Really save costs, right?

2. Two powers

As is known, Bing is working with Yahoo to beat Google, this also applies to advertising services. In the future, advertisements will not only appear on all Bing services, but will also involve Yahoo. It is true that the search volume of both is not as high as Google, but it is still effective enough to acquire significant potential customers.

3. Friendly Customer Service

It must be admitted that AdWords provides friendly service to all advertisers, but Bing Ads has quality Customer Service. When an advertiser experienced a minor annoyance, Bing’s representatives were immediately ready to help solve the problem. This is perfect for those who are not familiar with the complexities of advertising via search engines.

google adwords vs bing ads comparison

Benefits of Google Adwords vs Bing Ads

After knowing the explanation of what Google Adwords is and the comparison between Google AdWords vs Bing Ads, then what are the benefits of advertising on the two services? In this case it is divided into two subjects, moreover, each has a different impact.

1. Benefits of Google AdWords

Posting ads on AdWords is the fastest way to attract consumer attention. Many site owners think of it as an instant way to get to the top for specific keyword search results.

Thinking of SEO makes the brain overheat due to not understanding the basics, this is often experienced by beginners. Advertising via AdWords is an instant way to get sites to hang out at the top, far outperforming any SEO mix that takes months.

Combining AdWords and Analytics accounts will provide site owners with accurate reports on determining which strategy to keep or leave.

The fees paid to Google are pure click-only ads. This way, your ad can continue to appear in search results at any time as long as the cost is calculated based on clicks only. Advertisers can determine for themselves the amount of fees that must be paid every day.

Advertisers can determine their own location which is the main target. For example, A wants to promote his business “Smartphone Service” in his hometown of Surabaya, then he can target internet users from Surabaya who use Google services.

2. Benefit of Bing Ads

If you want to sell products that are focused on the American market, Bing is the right choice. Currently, the market share in Uncle Sam’s country is above 30 percent, perfect for introducing products.

Easily integrates with Google AdWords. Thus advertisers do not need to start from scratch again, they only need to import with the Bing Ads Editor Tool.


After getting to know what Google Adwords and Bing Adwords are in terms of explanation, comparison and benefits, it can be concluded that each has its own uniqueness. Bing Ads is a great choice if you want to save money on expenses, while AdWords is the perfect choice for getting more search volume. After all, AdWords is still the favorite choice of most advertisers and site owners due to its greater flexibility and higher search volume.

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