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Google plays an important role as a traffic channel in the form of visits by internet users, aka netizens. Crowded or lonely a website is determined directly by the “king” of search engine sites. Therefore, webmasters must comply with Google’s rule structure in order to rank at the top of the search results for certain keywords.

Currently, Google is recognized by netizens as the most reliable, accurate and fast search engine site. Representative offices and servers are established in most countries of the world, while the main objective is to display search results at lightning speed. Webmasters must master SEO if they are eyeing tons of free traffic from Google. SEO conqueror moves should not be applied carelessly without knowing the location of the target operation.

The difference between and in SEO

If the main purpose of building a website is to target local visitors from Indonesia, then the webmaster must demonstrate SEO moves focused on  and not  or other servers. Why is that? Is the method of conquering local servers exactly the same as international servers? Let’s learn more about the  differences between and  in Google’s SEO Optimization.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a creative process, analysis and technique that boosts a website’s “presence” in search engine search results for targeted keywords. The main goal of SEO is not just to find free netizen traffic from Google, but to convert visits into sales.

Google is a field of cheap and effective promotion to increase sales figures compared to placing advertisements in mass media on a local or national scale. Google has in recent years continued to be optimized as a marketing tool for businesses, from home to bona fide. That is the beginning of the presence of SEO as a website ranking determination from search results.

Webmasters are required to try out a number of SEO moves so that the website rankings continue to rise for targeted keywords. Google as the official owner of the search engine service does not provide the slightest convenience to webmasters. All website pages are monitored first, then checked for eligibility before being entered and saved to the database. This step is deliberately taken to prevent the presence of spammy websites that reduce the quality of search results, which are less accurate and contain junk content.

Practicing SEO moves is tricky, making a wrong decision can have fatal consequences for the future of the website. Therefore, webmasters should not be careless and tempted to taste “black magic”. The world of SEO is divided into two, namely white (White hat) and black (Black hat). The website that carries the first choice is preferred by Google because it follows the applicable rules.

Difference between and 

Before webmasters fully dive into the world of SEO, you should first determine your target market. As is known, Google’s search engine service is divided into dozens of servers in various parts of the world. Most Indonesian netizens may recognize the basic functions of and where local servers ( are more likely to be used for more accurate searches in Indonesian, while international servers are more reliable in English searches.

Actually, and SEO optimization strategies are not different at all, except for a few modifications regarding the language and the main target. SEO optimization is the right choice if the website is targeting an international scale with the target audience mostly from the USA, while SEO optimization is more suitable for national-scale websites targeting visitors mostly from Indonesia.

Here are some ways to optimize SEO on, namely:

1. Choose a domain with popular extensions such as .com, .net, .biz and .info.

2. Selection of keywords must be in English, moreover, target visitors are citizens of the United States and its surroundings.

3. The choice of server location determines performance. Hiring hosting in the United States is recommended.

4. The writing of the content must be in English, therefore the writing style is in accordance with grammar and spelling.

5. Looking for backlinks must come from a similar location and speak English. Look for backlinks from websites that are hosted on United States servers, enter the index and nothing else.

6. If optimizing social media as an SEO tactic, it is advisable to target users located in the United States and beyond.

The SEO optimization method on is similar to although it has undergone slight modifications, namely:

1. Choose a domain with world popular extensions such as .com, .net, .biz and .info. However, domains with local extensions have a special value, for example, to

2. Selection of keywords must be in Indonesian because it targets local visitors.

3. The choice of server location also determines the ranking. It is recommended to hire a local hosting based in Indonesia. More and more hosting companies now offer reliable local servers. If you are still sanctioned with a local server, it’s okay to rent hosting in the United States or Singapore.

4. The writing of content must be in Indonesian, therefore the writing style is in accordance with Enhanced Spelling (EYD). Attractive articles with a relaxed writing style are very popular with local netizens.

5. Look for backlinks from similar locations and speak Indonesian. Look for a backlink from a website that is hosted on a server in the United States, Singapore or Indonesia, then make sure it is in the index and not another server.

6. If optimizing social media as an SEO tactic, it is advisable to target users located in Indonesia and its surroundings.

google com and google co id in seo optimization

The difference between vs SEO optimization 

It is not difficult to find a point where the difference between vs SEO optimization. Selection of domain extensions, server locations, keywords, content, backlinks origin and social media are the main sources to see everything. Target visitors and language play an important role in order for the website to rank at the top of the search results.

Don’t take SEO action in vain without a well-organized vision and mission. It’s okay to build an English-language content website that is located on a hosting server in Indonesia, but don’t focus on but Unfortunately it was completely ineffective. Why? Even though websites appear in search results, they rank disappointingly. Therefore, totality from scratch is recommended and select a server location in the United States.

Uniquely, the events above did not actually occur on Indonesian content websites that are located on servers in the United States or Singapore and focus on SEO optimization at Even though the server locations are separated by the width of the blue ocean, website rankings can actually appear at the top and beat competing websites that rent local hosting in Indonesia. Why did it happen?

According to the recognition of a number of Indonesian SEO experts, the server hosting capabilities in the United States and Singapore are much more reliable and faster than local hosting. As is well known, website access speed is one of the keys to getting the best ranking on Google. Therefore, consider carefully choosing a server location.


By knowing the difference between and in Website SEO Optimization, webmasters can determine an appropriate SEO strategy. Do not take wrong steps that actually have a negative impact on the future development of the website, even if it disappears from the circulation or monitoring of search engine algorithms.

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