Here are 7 Blogging Tips and Strategies for Managing a New Blog

The internet world is getting denser with blogs. For this reason, every day many new blogs appear to enliven the competition in the information world. But not all blogs will develop as expected. Even to survive and consistently update it feels difficult not to play.

New bloggers are not enthusiastic either. But the majority withered before growing out of frustration with the blog’s never-improving statistics. Therefore, in this post I will discuss the most suitable blogging strategies for developing new blogs. It is hoped that new bloggers will be even more excited if they get satisfactory results so that the world of information in Indonesia will be even better.

The temptation is of course so much freedom. Every blogger is free to use any means. Unfortunately, that freedom is what makes their blogging life chaotic and will never succeed. Blogging requires a strategy and a plan. Without that, feel free to try various ways and you will only end up with the conclusion: blogging is difficult and unpleasant.

If you have a blog that is still as old as it is and hope to develop it well, then my advice is for at least 7 blogging strategies that you can run during the early days before you are really ready to apply advanced techniques. Here are 7 strategies that are very suitable for use by the newly created blog, namely

1. Update Every Day For 100 Days

The majority of blogs usually almost never update their blogs every day. There are many reasons behind this decision, but on average the reason for wanting to focus on producing quality content is that it takes longer to write. Of course the result is that the blogger in question will not be able to update the blog every day.

But this does not apply to new blogs. In my opinion, a newly launched blog should be updated every day. This aims to create content as the foundation of the blog. At least it ensures that visitors have enough choices when they land on your blog. After all, new blogs still don’t get Google’s trust. And for that, new blogs must be updated regularly.

2. Writing at least 600 words

Now the world of blogs is different. Several years ago I started a blog with fewer than 500 words and is still getting visitors. At least in the first year I managed to get 30-50 visitors / day of visitors.

I think that’s slow development. Because I often write short content under 500 words. Especially now that Google’s algorithm is increasingly sophisticated, which prioritizes quality and lengthy content.

Not to mention that the expectations of internet users are getting higher every day. They want solid, well-written content, not just short content so that only blogs with good content will win the competition. For now, if you can produce a good blog, you should write content of at least 600 words. That way the blog foundation will be strong and ready to compete with other blogger writings.

3. Stop Hoping Over on SEO

Perhaps new bloggers looking to increase their audience will hear about the greatness of SEO. And they really put their SEO power too high. Unfortunately, instead of getting better, a new SEO-focused blog will end up in vain.

Because the blog is new, it is impossible to rank high. Even if you try hard, either your domain authority or trust flow is still zero and no matter how you optimize your content for SEO, you will end up losing.

For that, it’s best to wait for about 6 months and keep updating the blog regularly and regularly. For the time being, try optimizing blogwalking. Apart from being able to establish good relationships with fellow bloggers, regular blogwalking can result in lots of visits to our blogs.

4. Focus on Building Backlinks

As an initial investment and preparation for future SEO, as long as you wait for the blog’s age of 6 months, it is highly recommended to immediately build backlinks. In the world of websites, backlinks are a vote as a guarantee for Google. The more backlinks, the better the quality of the site.

I know that if we regularly publish quality content, over time we will voluntarily get quality backlinks from other bloggers. But that’s really rare. In Indonesia, bloggers are very rarely willing to provide backlinks even though your writing is of high quality. Because the majority of Indonesian bloggers rarely use external links in their articles.

You can wait for voluntary backlinks, but you will get bored and only get a little. So, take a special time to hunt for backlinks. Because without quality backlinks, new blogs will have difficulty penetrating the first page of Google because they will be unable to compete with the sites that previously existed.

5. Be a Guest Writer

Many blogs today offer guest writer slots. You can use it to build backlinks as well as rob visitors of the blog concerned. If possible, look for guest writer slots that allow you to put links to your posts. Thus, the opportunity to get additional visitors will be even greater.

But that’s not the only goal of the guest writer. The most ambitious goal is to build your personal brand so people know and know your expertise. If all goes well, your blog will be swamped with visitors in no time. Therefore, when writing for other blogs, make sure you use the same high quality standards as when you write on your own blog.

6. Customize the theme and make sure it doesn’t change

One of the things that supports the blog is good and can develop, namely Thema. You don’t underestimate the function of the theme in your blog building strategy so you can quickly succeed. A theme that looks beautiful and neat will make readers comfortable so that they feel at home for long on your blog. Maybe they will open a few more pages or download free products that you offer because the appearance of the blog looks professional.

A mistake that is usually made by novice bloggers is changing themes too often. Even though at first glance it doesn’t have any effect, the biggest disadvantage is that it makes returning visitors have to adjust when browsing your site. Ideally, the best strategy is to choose a theme that best reflects the content of your blog, then customize it as needed. And if you are satisfied with the existing appearance, then promise not to fiddle with the theme again for a long time.

7. Always Read Content About Blogs

In the world of blogs are very fast changing. There are changes to blog marketing strategies, there are changes to Google’s algorithm, and there is a wide variety of up-to-date information that makes activities easier to do.

As a blogger, you have to keep updating the information you have. The prevailing law is that whoever adjusts to environmental changes the fastest, he will emerge as the winner.

Use all the knowledge and knowledge you learn to grow your blog without a doubt. Although it is almost certain that you will experience failure, at least the experience will lead you to find the best way to blog that is most suitable for you. Once you’ve found it, I think nothing will stop you from becoming the next successful blogger.

Source : Inilah 7 Tips dan Strategi Ngeblog untuk Mengelola Blog Baru