Here are 9 Ways to Make Blogs Look More Professional

As soon as you create a business blog, your business doesn’t necessarily start. The toughest challenge is getting the right people, those who are potentially interested in your business, to view the content on the blog.

But what happens if your business blog is still a mess? Of course those who come will doubt your business and are reluctant to cooperate. Because if the blog still doesn’t look professional, people tend to distrust your business, whereas we both know that all business starts with trust. Therefore, before thinking further about your big business plan, it is very important to make a blog look attractive and professional in the eyes of visitors. Here are easy steps that you can immediately apply to make it look more professional

1. Buy a Domain

Speaking of professionalism, no one will be impressed by a free domain. After all, while keeping costs to a minimum is probably the most sensible option for a business start-up, that doesn’t apply when it comes to good domain names.

The domain name is your brand on the internet. It really doesn’t make sense if you bet your brand on a free domain. People might not believe that the business you manage is run by professionals in their fields. You can read “Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name” for instructions on the domain name that best suits your business and the brand you want to build.

2. Try a Unique Design

Either using a free theme or a premium theme, there are various opportunities for other people to download or buy the same theme as you. The downside, if the design you display is similar to the design of other sites. It can tarnish your brand as a professional business a little.

The way to solve it is quite easy, tweak as needed so that your design becomes unique. It’s also not a bad idea to find a freelance designer to tweak your blog design to match the content and reflect your business. Because there is only one rule: “No 2 professional sites have the same design.”

3. Include Various Contacts to Contact You

What happens if someone is interested in your business, but still hesitates and wants to make sure everything is okay? He will look for any contact to contact you.

This is very much related to service. Contact is very important to make visitors feel calm when there are bad things that are not wanted. Say you want to negotiate a price or make sure the product matches the photo, or want to know the payment process, or whatever is still in doubt.

Successful entrepreneurs know about the role of contact in service. So, to make you look more professional, you can include your phone number, whats app, email, and company address in an easily visible place such as a large sidebar or footer. By doing so, you will reduce the risk of losing a bigger prospect while looking professional.

4. Eliminate All Unimportant Widgets

Today’s widgets vary widely. Everyone can choose any widget to add aesthetic value to the blog. But business people don’t need widgets like you think. Widgets such as calendars, clocks, or any decoration will look distracting to your professionals, potential customers.

Also, minimize it to not use other unnecessary widgets. For that, generally the sidebar is simply filled with a list of the latest articles, categories, and a list of popular articles only. If your blog is even more complex, just make sure that the widget is there to help visitors navigate your site. Besides, it’s better to just get rid of it.

5. Post Your Social Proof

Social proof is very useful to remove doubts from visitors and make you look professional. Who would doubt a blog that already has a large number of subscribers and followers? Or social media accounts that have a lot of followers? There is no.

Therefore, if you feel like you have any social proof that makes you look great, include it on your blog so visitors know that lots of people already trust your business. That way, new visitors will see professional blogs that have been recognized by netizens with existing social proof and they will not hesitate to do business with you.

6. Use good Indonesian

The language that is easiest to understand by all Indonesians is of course good and correct Indonesian. As much as possible, learn to use Indonesian well in the content you publish or when dealing with other potential customers. Do not use mixed language because apart from appearing unprofessional, such language is not pleasant to read and hear.

7. Update Blog Regularly

In general, the good businesses will be kept and the bad ones will be abandoned. This indication can be used by anyone to determine the level of professionalism of a business on the internet. If the blog has not been updated for a long time, then it is impossible for people to consider the blog to be professional. Even though the blog has long been trying to update regularly.

Most of the beginners don’t know how important it is to keep updating their blog regularly and regularly. In addition to adding variations in keywords, blogs that update regularly indicate that the business is still running well and everything is still fine. So, to look professional, the main thing to do is to continue to create quality content and publish it on the blog.

8. Use Good Images

A component that is no less important to support your professionalism in the internet business world is high-quality images. Use it in every post to provide an illustration so that visitors feel at home for long on your blog.

When you display product photos, make sure the images produced by your camera look as clear as possible so that there are no misunderstandings about the products you are selling. Also keep in mind, Google is not a trash can. So, include the source of the image if you take it from another site. It will make you look professional because it doesn’t violate other people’s copyrights.

9. Don’t have too many ads

Even if business is doing well, the temptation of the large rupiah that can be obtained from third-party advertising is very difficult to resist. If so, it is highly recommended not to put too many ads on the blog.

The reason is simple, because your blog visitors will be disturbed by scattered advertisements. They can think that you are not taking business seriously and are too focused on advertising. As a result, the number of sales that fell was not proportional to the revenue from advertising. So, if you are forced to advertise on the blog, make sure there are not too many of them.

Source : Inilah 9 Cara Membuat Blog Terlihat Lebih Profesional