How to Choose Professional SEO Services

Along with the increase in internet users from year to year, making search engines prioritize quality websites to be on the first page. And this is what demands every site owner, competing to get first ranking on search engines, especially Google, where one of the steps is to optimize through SEO services. Before getting to the core discussion, let’s review a little about “what is SEO”.

How to Choose Cheap Quality SEO Services

SEO has the length of Search Engine Optimization is the technique of optimizing a website or blog to be included in the top position of search engines (google, yahoo, bing, ask and others). Basically, this technique is arguably a bit complicated because it requires extensive knowledge and qualified skills, besides the results cannot be seen directly. Therefore, some business people often use cheap, quality SEO services to increase the ranking of their sites in order to gain profits in the form of traffic (visitors) and income (money) conversions more quickly.

Actually, it is okay to hire an optimization service, but don’t let us make a big mistake by choosing fake SEO services which will result in deindex or decreased site rankings in search engines. Sometimes SEO service providers carry out excessive and dangerous optimization practices so it is worth watching out for if you want to work with them. Then how about a guide on how to choose a quality and professional cheap seo services? Check out the explanation immediately below.

1. Check web pages on search engines

This is an absolute step and must be done to check the level of SEO quality on a web page. How could a site optimization service provider turn out to be difficult or not even found in search engines, would be a big question right? Even so, the site of the best SEO service provider does not have to rank first in search engines because there are other factors that determine quality. Like an SEO company that has a good reputation in the optimization world, even though it’s not yet on the search page, it would be better to consider it first.

2. Check the owner’s reputation (service owner)

Before deciding to use SEO services, check the owner or owner of the service through their social media accounts . If they have a good reputation, are able to communicate actively with other users, discuss a lot about SEO, then they are likely to be trusted as the best, professional and quality SEO service providers.

3. Look back at customer testimonials

In building a reputation, usually SEO service providers always display testimonials from their customers. This aims to influence potential customers to immediately use their services. However, there are some “rogue” SEO services that intend to create fake testimonials to convince potential customers. Therefore, being thorough is important and if necessary, contact the testimonial owner to get detailed reviews regarding the best SEO services he has ever used.

4. Offer a reasonable price

Cheap prices are very tempting, especially if we are looking for the best quality cheap SEO services with lower offers than other providers. On the other hand, high prices can also be an option because many people think “high prices must provide good quality”. Once again, price is not the main benchmark when choosing an SEO service, considering that each company has its own size in determining optimization costs, for example by looking at the difficulty level of a keyword in the SERP position. So, don’t be easily trapped by cheap prices and it’s better to choose a slightly expensive price but quality is really guaranteed.

5. Provide detailed information

Generally, SEO optimization services will provide free services for analyzing a site in a nutshell, whether it’s the level of competition, the targeted keywords or the level of difficulty. If this is ignored, then we should think again about using these services. So, cheap quality and professional SEO service providers will certainly be willing to analyze the website that will be carried out in addition to one of the stages to decide whether they are able to meet the expectations or requests of potential customers.

6. Pay attention to the appearance of the website

Still remember the adage “assessment is not only seen from the outside but also the inside. Maybe in certain cases, the word can apply but not with a service. Group or individual service companies engaged in SEO, of course, must be able to present their services properly and correctly. Namely through the appearance of a professional website, ease of navigation, a brief, concise and clear explanation of the content (services). Besides that, pay attention to the website structure starting from the use of meta tags, HTML, H1, H2, H3 and so on. Then, don’t forget to look at the SEO service provider website loading whether it feels heavy, often down or maintenance.

how to choose professional seo services

7. Ask the SEO treatment of the site

Before working with SEO service providers, first ask how they do site optimization in search engines. This is very important for a long-term program of a site to stay safe and not be penalized by search engines. Although it doesn’t require a specific explanation, at least know the short steps for the optimization strategy.

If it turns out that the techniques he is working on are manual such as building quality link building, optimizing web pages with relevant websites, linking links to web directories or the like, then chances are that the optimization service can be trusted. Unlike the case when the optimization process uses software, we should be careful.

The use of software is indeed effective in increasing the site on search engine pages, but in the long run it will actually lower the rankings, and it is not uncommon for a site to be deindexed due to the wrong way when looking for backlinks through various kinds of software or certain tools.

8. Make sure the contact and profile data is valid

The existence of the best and professional SEO services is certainly supported by complete data, profiles and contacts that can be contacted. Ideally, as a provider, it is appropriate to have the main facilities to communicate directly with prospective customers such as office addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, BBM, IM or others. On the other hand, if they consist of a professional team it doesn’t seem difficult to show a personal profile as a sign that the company is serious about running the SEO service business.

9. Be a good buyer

Lastly, be a good buyer. Speak politely when communicating, including tips to get a fast response from the service provider. Understand every conversation to avoid misunderstanding. Sometimes, it is also necessary to ask questions about SEO so that we understand how their optimization strategy is. If you are already bound by cooperation, ask how long it will take to progress, site development and provide testimonials after seeing an increase in ranking in search engine positions.


Hopefully with the 9 points how to choose SEO services above can help you when choosing a quality and professional inexpensive SEO service provider before deciding to work with or hire them. It is important to know the ins and outs of the site, the company profile and knowledge of SEO so that it can fulfill your total optimization needs. Remember! Low prices are not always bad and high prices are not always good because the decision to determine the best SEO service is based on the research we have done so that we are not disappointed in the end. This is so that it becomes a future consideration when looking for a quality and professional inexpensive SEO service provider for your website.

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