How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Finding backlinks is one of the main tasks of a webmaster. Even though currently SEO expert services are scattered everywhere, there’s nothing wrong with looking for yourself where quality is more guaranteed. The value of a backlink varies in the eyes of Google search engines, as well as those from Wikipedia.

This article describes tips and tricks on how to get backlinks from wikipedia to boost search results.

How To Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been known by SEO experts for the last few years as a mine for getting quality backlinks even though it often brings some serious problems. The world’s largest encyclopedia site is still proven effective in assisting promotion in cyberspace. Some beginner SEO players are confused about how backlinks work on wikipedia. They think adding a link in the “external link” section of the relevant topic page is more than enough. Though not at all!

Adding a link on wikipedia is like “operation on a green table”, various problems will greet you if not done properly. Writing a domain or posting a link that doesn’t follow the procedure will be considered spam and will be totally blocked from Wikipedia. It can be said that it is very difficult to get and maintain a backlink from this site. Backlinks are only counted as no-follow but they have been proven to work.

How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

It’s easy, just follow the eight steps below!

1. Look for broken links. Use Google to find broken links or broken links by typing two basic formulas, namely Site: “keywords” “dead links” or Site: “keywords” “Citation Needed”.

2. After getting search results on the Google page, please press the Cntrl + F combination on the web browser and then type “dead link” in the search field or you can also type “Citation needed”. Use the one according to the choice in step number one.

3. Later, external links that are dead or damaged will appear.

4. Then open a new tab in a web browser, then open the Wayback Machine Archive. Now copy the broken link from wikipedia and paste it into the Wayback Machine Archive search field to find out its previous form.

5. Click on “Browse History” to know the form before it became a broken or dead link.

6. In this step it is necessary to pay close attention to the copy of the contents of the broken link. If it turns out that it is still related or on a topic, it can be recreated with a unique language style. If there is no connection at all, look for broken links that are still on topic again. This simple activity will take up a lot of time.

7. After using the Wayback Machine Archive service, then using a service tool between Ahrefs or Majestic SEO to find other sites that are linked with broken links on the Wikipedia page.

When compared to Majestic SEO, Ahrefs has a number of advantages. Therefore, you should have an account for this tool, especially at no cost or free. After you have an account, immediately paste the broken link into the search field then click the button labeled “Search” and wait a few moments for the results to appear.

Ahrefs was able to find broken links that were still stuck on other web pages. This is clearly beneficial, especially when it comes to finding quality backlinks. Later, after creating new content that replaces the broken link, the new link can be installed as a replacement.

8. In this final step, by looking at the appearance of broken links on wikipedia pages through the help of the Wayback Machine Archive, create similar content with a unique writing style. If you already have content similar to the broken link, then the new link can be used as a substitute. Not only replacing broken links on wikipedia pages, but other sites detected by the help of the Ahrefs or Majestic SEO tools.

Tips & Tricks on How to Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

The main key to getting backlinks from sites as big as wikipedia is learning all the procedures without relying on instant egos. Everything should be natural, not magic in the blink of an eye. Therefore, read carefully the tips and tricks to get backlinks from Wikipedia as reported by the page.

1. Identify the ideal location to place a link

As long as you put the link, it will be considered spam by the wikipedia admin. At least comply with the following two basic rules!

a. Don’t look for page titles that only need citation. Generally wikipedia automatically searches and scrutinizes all page titles that have complete citations. If a link is intentionally added without any contribution related to the quality of the writing on the page, it will be removed immediately and potentially blocked.

b. Look for page titles that really need cleaning and development. In this case, look for opportunities to become involved as a contributor or write quality content, relying on knowledge on certain topics to share knowledge on Wikipedia.

It’s easy to find an article that needs more quality information, try going to the “all-articles-to-be-expanded” page. In a month there are more than 1,800 articles into this category. Please browse more page titles to just keep lots of stock of potential backlinks.

2. Identify the type of link

After knowing the ideal location to place the link, the next step is to find out which type of link is most suitable.

a. Make sure the link comes from a trustworthy source. It is advisable not to use self-publishing sources such as press releases and the like. Make sure the sites linked on wikipedia use fact-checkers to ensure the accuracy of the content.

b. Check if wikipedia considers a reliable source. Make sure the sites quoted have their own articles. For example, Google has its own wikipedia page, so it is highly likely that a link from Google will be accepted as a reliable source.

c. Find out if the cited site has been used as a backlink. Please go to the search box and enter the URL address you want to check. A site that has been used several times has a greater chance of being accepted as a trustworthy resource.

d. Make sure the link is more than just a landing page or landing page. Please note that a link to a landing page without information supporting the content will be considered spam by Wikipedia editors.

e. Automatic links to relevant content pages. The link must have content supporting the information that was just added to the wikipedia page. For example, writing a page title about heart disease should add a link to an article about heart disease, not a homepage link as the main source. Make sure to post related pages that support wikipedia content, this is not much different when writing scientific papers or theses.

Tips and tricks on how to get backlinks from Wikipedia does seem easy to run, but it requires precision and caution. As one of the largest and most popular sites in the world, Wikipedia admins will not remain silent on those who try to plant spam links. Be careful when looking for backlinks, don’t do anything illegal that actually triggers a block or is included in the blacklist.

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