How to Get High Quality Backlinks for SEO

Building quality backlinks or  link building  is one of the most appropriate ways to occupy top positions in search engines. When viewed from the effect, the site with the first rank will definitely get so many visitors. But everything is not easy to get because currently search engines like Google are starting to tighten themselves by selecting certain backlinks.

So not all backlinks are positive, even some of them are considered spam (junk). From these reasons, it can be concluded that looking for as many backlinks as possible will tend to be less effective, so there needs to be an understanding of the correct link building strategy.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

The statement in the introduction above is also supported by the statement of the leading google CEO in the world, Matt Cutts , he said, “If your main link building strategy is to write comments on various websites until some of the links are only comments and no one else provides the link. against your website, then one day it falls into the category of a sneaky strategy. At a higher level, we reserve the right to take action against those manipulations (sneaky link strategies) which we feel messes up the ranking ”.

With regard to this phrase, it is necessary to change strategies and how to get high quality backlinks in order to secure the site from the risk of penalties by search engines. For the application itself, almost all SEO practitioners   agree that understanding its characteristics is the simplest stage and must be known. Here’s the explanation.

how to get high quality backlinks for seo

1. Link from brand mentions

Link from brand mention is an effective technique to popularize a website brand, although it is a bit difficult to implement. For example, your site discusses “clothes shop” and several other sites participate in writing these words in an article. Then the anchor text can be used as a brand mention link by contacting the owner directly. The goal is not only to make active links but also to provide high quality backlinks. As for how to find it, you have to use tools such as TalkWalker Alerts, Google Alerts, Fresh Web Explorer or Mention so you get brand mentions from featured sites.

2. Through forum marketing

Sometimes bloggers are too obsessed with finding as many backlinks as possible, even marketing forums are used as a place for spam (junk) links. This is the wrong way! That the forum is a forum for friendship as well as sharing knowledge with other members. Therefore, using content will be considered more useful so that we also have the opportunity to promote the main site. The technique starts with creating a complete account, sharing with members, answering every question and doing it repeatedly so that the forum members will be recognized. After that, then you can link the site link to a specific topic discussion. But don’t forget to pay attention to forum rules.

3. Link content sharing platform

If a site gets a link from a content sharing platform, it can be said that the backlink is indeed of quality. Usually this type is often targeted by site owners because it is clear that it does not only increase the ranking position on search engines but also contributes the largest traffic. Not without reason because content sharing (social bookmarking) already has its own audience so it is very good at promoting a site. For example, slideshare, kompasiana,, vivalog, reddit, detik, medium and so on.

4. Backlinks from the GOV and EDU sites

There is no mistaking it, getting baclinks from GOV or EDU sites is a mainstay for most bloggers or siter to achieve the highest ranking position on search engines. Maybe there are those who don’t know that the GOV and EDU sites actually have a special place, so they are prioritized over other sites. How to get quality backlinks from the GOV and EDU websites will be discussed separately in the next tutorial.

5. Backlinks from pagerank sites

The assumption that page rank has been turned off by Google’s largest search engine, in fact, until now, it remains a mystery of its own. This is reasonable because some sites with high page rank are able to stay in the SERP position. That way this type of backlink can still be said to be of quality and it is worth a try to see more of a positive or negative impact on a site.

6. Links from high DA and PA

DA is Domain Authority while PA is Page Authority. Both play a role in determining the quality of a site. Not only that, algorithm changes by a number of search engines such as Google are starting to see that DA and PA are able to become benchmarks for being ranked first. So it means that the higher the DA and PA, the better the quality of the site. By getting high quality backlinks based on high DA and PA, it is believed that it will increase the site’s page rank.

7. Through broken link building

In essence, this technique is exactly the same as in the first discussion, namely asking other people to change certain links. Before continuing, let’s listen to the understanding first. Broken links are dead links from one web page to another site. This means that when clicked, the page does not exist. This is the opportunity to get high-quality backlinks without the hassle. The trick, offer improvements by providing our main site link as an alternative to the owner. Of course this kind of backlink is of higher quality than planting lots of backlinks in comments or through link exchange techniques. One of the supporting tools that can be used to find broken links is the Wayback Machine.

8. Through a website directory

There are many types of directory websites , both at the local and international levels. Even though it includes high-quality backlinks, be careful because not all of them have a positive impact on a site. For example, web directories with various topics, no visitor activity, and no selection of listed sites, it can be ascertained that these directories are not suitable as backlinks. Therefore, choose those that really have visitor activity or there is strict selection when registering a site.

9. Links from relevant pages

Backlinks from relevant pages will be of high quality, especially when discussing the same topic. This is due to the relevance between sites which will have a positive impact and often be able to increase rankings on search engines. So, looking for quality backlinks from relevant pages is more recommended than going through websites with general discussions or various types of topics. But also look at the reputation, the similarity of language and the nature of the visitors whether active or passive.

10. Backlinks via SEO services

In fact, SEO service providers must understand white hat SEO techniques in order to build high-quality backlinks. Usually they focus more on the quality of the links than the quantity of backlinks. Therefore, if you find it difficult to find the right link building techniques, it would be nice to leave it to a trusted SEO service provider. Remember! stay alert because not all SEO services are competent in their fields. Try first looking at some customer reviews, reading the quality of each page of the site or checking whether the selected SEO service provider site occupies the top position in the SERP.

Now, we have understood the basic concept of characteristics and  how to get  high quality backlinks even though there are actually a few more techniques that are not specifically mentioned. Finally, also pay attention to specific tips when implementing backlinks such as building links to homepages or articles, using various anchor text (from site names, keywords , general phrases, derivatives, etc.), creating quality content for content sharing platforms and website diversification strategies, namely not always monotonous looking for quality backlinks on one website.

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