How to Get Information about Oppo Troubleshooting

If you have Oppo phone, you may want to know how to get information about Oppo Smartphone. Whereas most people always think that you need to have sophisticated knowledge and advanced technical background, that’s not always the case. If you know some of the most common problems related to your Oppo phone, you should be able to find the solutions without turning to professional experts or services and spending money along the way.

How to Get Information about Oppo Troubleshooting

So, where should you get the reliable information about the Oppo system?

1. The Original Source

Naturally, if you want to learn about how to get information about Oppo Smartphone, you should go to the foremost sources: the official website. As the one manufacturing the phone, it’s only logical if the official website provides all of the answers. After all, the manufacturer should be familiar with the most common system issues or fault-ies, so they can provide solutions and answers. All you have to do is to visit the official website and explore around. If you have never visited such site, you’d be surprised of how comprehensive it can be; filled with so much different information.

2. Check the Search Engine

The second option on how to get information about Oppo troubleshooting is to check the world of web. Simply access the search engine. Type in your questions or whatever problem you have, and you should be able to find the answers. After all, the search engine is basically the virtual library that anyone can access. If you have various questions and problems, and you still haven’t found the answer from the official website, go to the search engines. Big chances there are other users having the same issues as yours, so you can learn about the solutions from their cases.

3. Detect the Common Problems

Another solution on how to get information about Oppo troubleshooting is to access the Phone Manager. It’s actually a part of your Oppo’s phone, designed to enable you diagnose phone issues as well as finding the proper solutions for them. So, how do you manage the phone problem detection? You need to tap ‘Phone Manager’ and then choose ‘Common Problems Detection’. Choose whatever item that you want to detect, then press ‘Start Detection’ or ‘Check’.

The auto detection items would include SIM card, system version, and phone memory. It means that the phone will complete the entire detection automatically. The manual detection items include connections, vibration, audio, camera, screen, physical keys, battery and charging, and sensors. Because it is manual detection, you must follow the instructions given on the phone’s screen.

Oppo Troubleshooting

After you are done with the detection, your Oppo will display all of the system’s test results. If there is any abnormal item, it will show it. How do you find the solutions? Simply press on the displayed abnormal item and you will find the provided solutions. There is also another feature that makes Oppo interesting and unique: the Detection Records. You simply choose ‘Record’ and then you can see all of the detection records.

3. Contact Oppo Customer Support

Another solution to find answers to your Oppo issues is to contact the customer support. There are different ways to contact them. You can find the information about it from the official website or from the search engine. You may be able to find all the right solution, but you will have to be patient. You can’t expect finding the solution right away.

4. Some of the Most Common Issues

If you encounter some common issues, it’s most likely that you will find the solutions soon enough. The problem would be the rather complicated ones that require direct checking by the professionals and experts. If this is the issue, then you won’t be able to use the common troubleshoot methods to deal with it.

However, there are some common issues that you may encounter, such as your Oppo phone won’t turn on. You don’t know what happens to your phone, but it simply doesn’t turn on. You can try these troubleshooting alternatives:

  • Recharge your phone for around 15 minutes. After you are done, try restarting it
  • Try to use a different adapter or charging cable
  • Remove the phone case. In most cases, third-party cases may not match your phone’s specs and size precisely, causing it to block the optical sensor and leads to black screen
  • Move your phone to cooler spot. When the screen is frozen or black, the phone may get warm quickly. You want to place it in a cooler environment. Make sure that you shield it away from direct sunlight so the phone wouldn’t overheat
  • Remove the battery. In the event that your phone has a removable type, try to remove it and then reinstall it. And then try to restart it again
  • Force restart the phone. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons together for around 8 seconds (minimum) until the Oppo logo appears.
  • Enter Recovery Mode. Press Volume Down and Power buttons together so you can access the Recovery Mode. Then you can choose the option ‘Reboot.’

Contact Oppo Customer Support

If you still can’t solve the issue, you should be able to take your phone (along the warranty card) to the closest Oppo (official) Customer Service Center. They should be able to lend you a hand and analyze your phone. But then again, this should be your last resort when dealing with the complicated Oppo smartphone.

5. Final Words

If you want to find a thorough and complete information about Android phone or Oppo device, you should access a reliable source that can provide complete insight. You would be surprised to find out that there are actually many websites that can provide useful and insightful tips related to their smartphone. One of those websites is

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