How to Optimize E-commerce to Bring Visitors via mobile

Online businesses today cannot be separated from the use of e-commerce websites. Every entrepreneur prefers an e-commerce type website to make their online store more attractive to customers. It is true that the article, customers become more enthusiastic about shopping. Especially in this sophisticated and modern era, visitors to e-commerce websites can shop using only a smartphone. Various ways are used by business people to attract the attention of customers and website visitors. You also have nothing to lose, immediately find ways to increase the number of visitors to the online store website. How do you increase the number of visitors and buyers of your online store website? One way that can be done is to optimize E-commerce.It is true that Ecommerce optimization is the most effective way to get lots of customers to visit online websites. At least you can get a significant increase in website visitors by 20% every day. E-commerce optimization is also not easy, the way to do E-commerce optimization is to use SEO optimization techniques. This means that by using an SEO Ecommerce optimization website, it can create a higher branding of the website so that more visitors.This means that by using an SEO Ecommerce optimization website, it can create a higher branding of the website so that more visitors.This means that by using an SEO Ecommerce optimization website, it can create a higher branding of the website so that more visitors.

How to Optimize E-commerce Using SEO

There are many online entrepreneurs, however, there are still very few who apply SEO techniques on their E-commerce websites. Even though it is well known that SEO techniques can make E-commerce websites more mobile visitors. On the other hand, active visitor traffic (buying products) has also increased rapidly. Check out how to do Ecommerce optimization with SEO techniques below.

Keyword research

The first step is to research the product keywords used on the E-commerce website. This keyword research is the most important step in any SEO technique so it must be done well. Keyword research need not be done by guessing a variety of competent keywords. You can do hands-on research on keywords optimizing product pages in the Google Keyword Planner. You can use this Google Keyword Planner for free. Dig up information about the most competent keywords and use them for your Ecommerce website.

Page URL

Page URL is very important to build, you have to create Ecommerce website URL which is friendly so that it can be known by website visitors. Your advantage in using page URLs is very potential in search engines. Using a URL that is relevant to a web page will certainly make it easier for visitors to shop at your store. Designing an Ecommerce URL is not easy, however, you should do your best. Especially if you are using a cms website platform such as WordPress, URLs will play an important role in increasing traffic to mobile Ecommerce visitors. Plus you can set up multiple permaklinks which will later be linked to the URL, a guaranteed increase in website visitors.

Optimize product images

Mobile e-commerce visitor optimization does not appear to be prioritizing text only, but you can do product image optimization. E-commerce websites are usually filled with photos of the products being sold. When uploading a product, try to provide a product title and description. In making the image title must include keywords, as well as when writing product descriptions you must enter keywords in it. An easy way when entering keywords in both the title and description is to use or fill in alt tags. You only need to fill in the keywords there so all keywords can be entered correctly.

Tag description

One way that can also be used as an Ecommerce website optimization is to pay attention to the description tag. Your goal is to optimize the use of description tags, that is, to make your CTR more optimal. Later it has a good effect on the keywords used in E-commerce. As a result, a website will rank in Google, even though it is not ranked in the top but can still enter the top 10 rankings. The description tag is very different from the others because the word used is longer. Examples such as “click here to get a 70% discount, sales for all product items, free shipping to all parts of Indonesia.”

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