How to Optimize Off Page SEO Website

A blogger or siter knows for sure that in fact Website SEO optimization is always needed for a blog or website. This activity is nothing but aimed at obtaining powerful website SEO optimization so that the blog is able to be in the highest rankings in search engine search results. So it is undeniable that website SEO optimization must indeed be applied from the beginning of building a blog or website in order to get the maximum assessment from search engines whether it is worthy to occupy the first position or not.

How to Optimize Off Page SEO Website

Broadly speaking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is divided into 2 parts, namely Onpage SEO and Off page SEO. The first part has a more detailed explanation in the previous article where the simple meaning of optimization is through the internal factors of a website page, whether it’s the website theme, keyword selection , description, web address, template settings to quality article components.

Meanwhile, Offpage SEO is the process of optimizing a website or blog from external factors, namely through the search for several backlinks to promote and increase the popularity of a website. Therefore, this activity is not exactly easy, considering that the two are interrelated and systematic, so you have to go through the Onpage SEO technique first before proceeding to the Offpage SEO technique. Thus, the role of offpage SEO is no less important, so it deserves to be studied more deeply.

What is Off page SEO Optimization!

Off page SEO is one of the optimization processes through factors outside the site that will affect the ranking of a website page or blog. Offpage SEO is also based on keyword or keyword shots. Means that it can be said that Offpage SEO only comes from incoming links, inbound links or backlinks.

For an analogy, take the example of selecting the class leader where each candidate will become the class leader based on the most votes. Just as search engines (google, yahoo Bing and others) will continue to count the number and quality of backlinks or backlinks (the same as the votes of all students in the class) a website and then determine which site deserves to be number 1,2, 3 (same as class president) in the search engine keyword search results.

Already starting to understand about  Off page SEO Optimization  ? From this analogy, increasing the position of the site can be done by building as many backlinks as possible. But don’t misunderstand that the power of Offpage does not always lie in the quantity of backlinks, but the quality of the backlinks too.

Based on the source of website SEO experts, one relevant backlink that has high authority will bring great value to the website compared to thousands or even hundreds of spam backlinks. The Baclink itself consists of several kinds such as social bookmarking websites (google bookmarking, digg), social media (youtube, facebook, twitter, google +), comments on blogs (blog commenting or blogwalking), online forums (detik, kaskus, compass, independence, social), web directories, web 2.0 profile attributes (blogspot, blogdetik, weebly, wordpress) and many more.

Offpage SEO Optimization Guide!

In doing Offpage SEO, there are several things that must be considered including the diversity of types of backlinks so that later they are not considered spam (trash) or fall into the Black-Hat SEO category.

1. Link Diversity

Link Diversity is a variety of sources of backlinks on a site or website. The points consist of 5 parts, among others.

First, the hierarchy of different external sites. Try to get external backlinks from the front page of the web (homepage or root domain) but maybe through web content (content) with a percentage of around 40:60

Second, the domain is different. Variations in building backlinks are not recommended to be in one place because in addition to being difficult to popularize the web, sometimes search engines do not consider them to be quality backlinks but only spam backlinks.

Third, follow and nofollow. Once again the variations between these two backlinks should be balanced. So don’t just look for backlinks of the follow type but balanced with nofollow links. The percentage may be directly proportional to 50:50 or if you want to follow the recommendation, you should follow the type of follow as much as 60-90% while the type of nofollow is just 10-40%.

Fourth, the internal site hierarchy is different. This means that getting backlinks to the front page of the web (homepage) turns out to be a limit of around 20-50% and the rest is recommended to point to other web page backlinks (inner pages or deep linking)

Fifth, PA and DA are different. Page authority and Domain authority have a big role as backlinks. So, look for sites with high PA and DA because they can give you more value in front of search engines.

2. Anchor Text

Is the variety of text variations. The point is in writing backlinks (backlinks) it is better not to always focus on the main keywords. For example, we want to link the keyword “how to earn money” to several sites to be used as backlinks, so don’t all direct links be directed at the main keywords, but vary each backlink with the company brand, personal, URL, derived keywords, and others.

3. Sources of relevant backlinks

By linking a backlink that is relevant to the website, you can be sure that the value of the link is higher than getting backlinks through less relevant sites. For example, a feminine product website should look for backlinks or backlinks to similar websites such as general health, women’s health, feminine issues and so on.

how to optimize off page seo website

Benefits of Off page SEO Optimization!

By applying offpage SEO optimization techniques, the benefits will indirectly have a positive impact on the managed website. Below are some of the advantages if offpage SEO optimization is done properly and correctly.

1. Increase website ranking in search engines

It can be ascertained that a website that has implemented SEO Offpage optimization correctly, it is likely that search engines will be able to provide more value to bring it to the highest ranking in the SERP position.

2. Able to increase visitor traffic

It has been discussed from the start that website SEO optimization affects the position of search results in search engines. When a website is in the top position of the search engine, the visits will increase, because everyone who is looking for a keyword is almost certain to always click on the top position to be used as a source, remembering that they unconsciously believe that the top position is the trusted or best website.

3. Adding traffic sources for visitors

It has been said before that offpage SEO optimization consists of various kinds of backlinks. By embedding a backlink through various sources automatically the traffic going to the website will vary, so it’s not only through search engines like Google, Yahoo and the like. Another impact of course will attract higher traffic (visitors) than focusing on just one backlink (backlink).

4. Increase the popularity of your blog or website

By occupying the first position in SERP, of course, your website or blog will always be visited by anyone, even just to see. Just imagine if it is supported by the content of every quality article, it is likely that they will stop by and even remember correctly that the website is very useful so that the popularity level of the developer also increases dramatically.

5. Strengthening web authority

The existence of offpage SEO variations, both based on the quality and quantity of backlinks, gives high hopes for the trust of a search engine. As a result, it is clear that search engines will always choose and even maintain website rankings so that they are in the top position. More than that, it is almost certain that the website becomes a reference or reference in its field for consumers, communities and individuals who use the internet at large.

6. Easy when marketing a product

If you want to do business through an online shop, it seems that onpage SEO optimization should be applied so that a product can be immediately known to the public at large. At first you can write a review of a particular product or item then gradually optimize it onpage. If you are already in the top position in the search engine, of course, the percentage level of product sales will be even greater considering that visits from time to time will always increase.

7. Increase Revenue

Make no mistake if a website with quality weight and occupies the first position on search engines can immediately get passive income. For example, providing independent advertising rentals that will be displayed on a website or blog or following an advertising collaboration or commonly called a publisher (pop under, google adsense, popcash and others). In principle, every visit to the website will get passive income, especially if a visitor clicks on the ad. It all depends on your choice because there are many types of advertisements in internet marketing.

That’s the most important basis in learning SEO Offpage optimization independently. In the initial process, it takes patience and patience, but as time goes by, we will also get used to looking for quality backlinks. And keep in mind that assessments from outside the site do not always lead to good things, so special attention is needed to Offpage SEO optimization techniques in order to maintain the reputation of a site or website.

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