Importance of logos and tips on how to design online logos

According to wikipedia, a logo is an image or just a sketch with a specific meaning, and represents a meaning of companies, regions, organizations, products, countries, institutions, and other things that require something short and easy to remember as a substitute for their real name. The logo must have a basic philosophy and framework in the form of a concept with the aim of creating an independent or independent character. This article will discuss the importance of logos and the ease with which online logo design is made at, Let’s Get Started.

Importance of logos for companies

For a company, a logo is one of the most important things in a branding strategy. A good logo is able to influence potential customers in a short time. One of them is enough to see the logo directly, consumers will associate it with a product. An example is the apple logo being bitten on a product made by Apple.

Logos are more commonly known by sight or visuals, such as the characteristics of the color and shape of the logo. A good logo can represent a product or company and is also easy to remember.

We often see the Apple logo because this big company makes many products. This logo is in the form of an apple that has been bitten. Apple in English does mean apple, just like the name of this company. But why does it have to be in the shape of a bitten apple?

Rob Janoff, a designer who created this logo, said that Steve Jobs only asked him to make a simple outline of the apple. The reason the fruit is bitten is simply to distinguish it from a cherry. The bite is only made to scale so that even though it’s small, the Apple logo still looks like an apple instead of a cherry.

Apart from that, Janoff was also quite happy when his bitten apple design became a symbol of ‘bytes’. Bytes are an important foundation in the world of computers. The Apple logo itself has actually changed from year to year.

Almost all large companies have logos that represent product characteristics and company identities so that when they see the logo image, the public will focus on one thing and will continue to remember product and company branding without having to include a vision, mission, description or any additional explanation. Other good examples of logos can easily be found on well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, KFC, Mcd and others.

Tips on how to design a free online logo

Until now, many entrepreneurs have made logos so they have no meaning and are merely symbols. As a smart businessman, your company symbol must have its own meaning and be easy for potential customers to remember. The logo should be simple, not exaggerated and display attractive color choices so that it is easy for many people to remember. Also pay attention to the size and suitability of the logo shape to remain proportional.

To create an online logo design, there are actually quite a lot of free tools and software that you can try, some of which are as follows:


FreeLogoDesign is a website based software to create a free online logo in minutes. This tool allows you to easily create logos using either a PC, smartphone or tablet. You can choose from thousands of quality templates and customize your logo by editing colors, shapes and fonts.


Logo Maker was founded in the early 2000s as a means to help business owners design company logos. Initially, the Logo Maker design team created dozens of different logo concepts for every business owner. After choosing the one they liked, other concepts were not used.

With hundreds of thousands of logo concepts unused, LogoMaker quickly realized that maybe other business owners could find the right place for designs and start uploading those extra designs into easy-to-use online logo maker apps. You can also choose different fonts, styles, layouts, icons and colors.

As free tools for online logo design , FreeLogoDesign and Logo Maker are good enough for just making simple logo designs, but of course don’t expect too much. Creating a good logo is not easy, sometimes it is less attractive, and does not interpret the product or company, especially if without sufficient knowledge in graphic design, sketches, aesthetics and color combinations.

For a better logo design, it’s a good idea to hire a professional logo creation service to help create a logo that symbolizes the product and company identity. Another alternative, you can use the fast and hassle-free freelancer services at

Why use freelancers? Because usually freelance logo creation services don’t cost a lot, prices can start from just 30 thousand, it can even be cheaper when there are discounts or promos.

You just need to provide a description of the entity and also the concept that has been thought out beforehand. After that, freelancers will immediately help, for the results of the work can be revised until it is suitable.  

Tips on how to design an online logo at

Here’s how to use freelance services at Fastwork for company logo creation services.

1. Visit the Fastwork website in the online logo category

You can access the website at the address

2. Search and select freelance services according to the company’s logo design needs

As seen in the image below, there are 388 freelancers that you can use their skills to. Some are highly rated and professional.

Online Logo Design Freelancers

3. Discuss the work in detail with the freelancer

Ask and point briefly. If you haven’t received a response from a freelancer, you can talk to other freelancers. You can talk to freelancers max. 10 people per day.

If the freelancer is willing to work for you, the freelancer will send you quotes and contracts to you. The system does not allow you to exchange contacts such as LINE ID, telephone numbers, or e-mails with freelancers.

4. Make payments via the system

The Fastwork system will take the lead. The system will keep your money until the freelancer completes the task. Click “Hire Freelancers” when finished reading all descriptions and contracts. You can make payments in 2 ways, via credit card and bank transfer.

For Bank Transfer, you need to send proof to Fastwork for approval. After completing the payment, then you can exchange your LINE ID, telephone number or email with a freelancer.

5. Wait for the freelancer to send you the job.

Review the last job submitted by the freelancer. Click “Approve” if the freelancer completes and works according to the contract. Freelancers will receive your payment after you approve the work.

You can refuse the last job and let the freelancer continue the work according to what is written in the contract and agreement. You can sue if the freelancer works not in accordance with the contract and agreement

6. Give rating and review

To develop the Fastwork community Give ratings and reviews to freelancers

This is the information regarding the importance of logos and tips on online logo design at I hope this article is useful.