Keyword Research Tips To Read More Articles

The first thing to know for people who want to create a blog is how to research keywords or how to research keywords. Don’t be surprised if you choose the wrong way to research keywords, it will automatically create an empty blog for visitors. By choosing the right keyword research method, your blog will not be empty of visitors, because the keywords themselves greatly affect the performance of your website or blog on search results. Therefore, website or blog owners are required to know what visitors are looking for on search engines so that they can find the right keywords by knowing how to research the keywords themselves. Before getting into the discussion of how to research keywords, it would be better if we first understand what is meant by keywords.For that, see the explanation below!

What are keywords

Keywords are keywords in the form of words or phrases that are often used by people on search engines on Google. For example, you want to have a vacation in Padang, then you do a search on Google where interesting sights are found in Padang. Then you type an interesting tourist attraction in Padang on the Google search page. Well, the phrase for interesting tourist attractions in Padang is what is known as a keyword or keyword. Keyword searches that are carried out will be recorded on the Google search engine.

Things to Look For in Keyword Research Methods

In doing keyword research, there are also things that must be considered before applying the keyword research method. Among others are :

Search Volume

Search volume or what is commonly referred to as search volume is a large number of keywords searched on Google within a certain period of time. The keyword tool in the keyword research method will usually display the total number of searches on Google in the last month.

Keyword Suggestions

When doing keyword research the keyword tool will provide keyword suggestions related to the keywords you need. For example, if you want to search for rendang keywords, the keyword tool will provide keyword suggestions such as how to make rendang recipes, easy rendang recipes, how to make free rendang recipes. In this keyword suggestion, types of long tail keywords will be found more often because using long tail keywords will attract more visitors to stop by the blog that we have.

Keyword difficulty level

The bigger the scale of the difficulty level of the keywords we have, the greater the chance to reach the first position in the search results.

SERP or Search Engine Results Pages

SERPs are intended to display web pages that rank at the top of search results on keyword research. This function functions so that we can see and study the quality of website pages in applying the keyword research method. So, how do you research the right keywords? You can apply it with the steps below!

How to Research the Right Keywords

There are several ways you can research the keywords in the article that you want to upload to your blog. However, in fact, many companies provide services for keyword research that we can get for free or paid for. Here are a few ways to research keywords using the help of a free keyword tool, including:

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the services provided by Google to do keyword research on the blogs that we have. The good news is, this keyword research service is free for website or blog owners. In this service you can set the area you want to target. When entering keywords such as rendang, this service will display the movement of the keyword graphic we are looking for from the hour to the last five years. So because of that you can track keyword popularity over time whether it goes up or down.


Ubersuggest is a keyword tool service owned by Neil Patel, a well-known digital marketer. This service is a free service that you can use without having to spend a dime. Doing keyword research on Ubersugest is relatively easy. This is because simply typing in what keywords are needed and the areas you want the service to target will give you information about what volume your keyword searches will be. Not only that, this service will also display the difficulty level of keywords and suggestions regarding keywords to be used.

Google Related Search

The next method of keyword research that can be done is to use services provided by Google, Google Related Search. This keyword research method is the most accessible service because it is not realized by ordinary people who often use this service. Why is that? This service is located on the Google page itself, every time you do a search on the Google search engine, you will often be shown a number of keyword suggestions in the form of long tail keywords provided by Google related to the keywords you are looking for.

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