List of websites to test typing speed

Looking for a website for a free typing speed test? Relax, no need to leave home, fast typing skills can be learned by yourself. Below will be presented some examples of online sites so that typing skills get better. Competition in the world of work is getting tighter and sometimes a good GPA is still lacking. Must be accompanied by skills or expertise, then the ability to type is one of them. This skill is needed by many companies. If you want a job that requires good typing skills, th

en practice.

If a person has fast typing skills, he or she can make a professional impression in front of a potential boss. It’s no surprise that this has been able to attract the ideal company. These skills can be trained as long as they are consistently learning. Remember, exercise is not effective if it is done for only one day and night. There are many benefits to having the ability to type quickly, including faster work and often the boss giving gifts or even promotions. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, do you? Therefore, enrich yourself by practicing typing.

Learning to type fast can be done at home. This is very practical and cost-effective. There are many sites online specifically for people looking to improve their typing skills. You only need to set up a laptop and an internet connection. There are actually lots of hand speed test sites scattered around. However, it will be explained here which sites provide training in an easy-to-understand method. Well, here is a list of addresses. Take notes to write it down!

Original and quality content for the foundation of a website

This is one of those typing websites that can help to improve skills. This test is fairly accurate and site visitors will be presented with random words to type in as soon as possible. Test takers are given approximately 60 seconds to complete the exam. After completing the test, participants can see the results in WPM units, namely words per minute. Uniquely on this site, you can take part in a typing competition. Interested in trying out the capabilities of this cool website?


There is another advanced website with a hands free speed test. This site is suitable for those of you who like to compete. The typing test is carried out in the form of an online fighting game. Want to train independently? Relax, typrX can make it happen because there is practice without competing with other people. The results of typing the unit can be seen with the WPM unit. Not only can you find out your achievement score over the last 10 tries, this website allows users to see the scores that other participants have earned.

Typing Web’Free Tutor

This site is a free typing speed test. To enjoy the facilities of this website, you must first create a registration account. There are several proficiency levels in free typing tutors on the web. The level starts with the Beginner’s Course level. Then proceed with Intermediate Courses, Advanced Courses, Special Studies. At the last stage are Premium Lessons. If you want to save the test results, the web provides Print facilities that can be done independently.

Typingtutor online

Tired of practicing typing alone? Try opening the Typingtutor website online. This website trains typing skills gradually. If you try often, then the results will not betray. The following test options are available. You are free to choose the type of keyboard and the type of question you want. The typing test is done by clicking on the letters on the keyboard that appear on your laptop screen. It looks the same as facing a normal computer. Here instructions / guides are given if the exam is not clear.

You can do a quick typing test on the site. This is one of the best websites with which to practice typing. The test results review the speed and accuracy of the words typed. Interestingly, there are many language options ranging from English to German. This website has a forum so you can participate in discussions with other Keyyhero users. The time to start the test is after the participants have written one letter in the column provided. Uniquely, users are required to correct their mistakes. Otherwise, penalties will apply.

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