Much Misunderstood About Servers

In computer terms there is what is called a server, of course those of you who understand the world of computers already know what a server means. Well, for those of you who still don’t clearly understand the meaning of a server, let’s discuss it through the following review.

A server is a computer designed to process requests or requests and send some data to other computers via the internet or local network.

Later the server will be responsible for performing important tasks which are included in the important part of the infrastructure.

Although for us shopping via the internet feels very easy, just click, but behind the layers there are many activities to do. Starting from how secure, authenticates to billing, orders, and purchases.

Meanwhile, the basic function of the server is to accept requests from the incoming network. For example, what is easy to understand is the interaction that occurs between a web server and a browser. Even for users the process is only done for a short time, when clicking on a link or while browsing.

But did you know that behind the layers there will be requests for web pages that are sent to the web server. Later the server will take and assemble the web page and then send it using a protocol such as HTTP. Finally, the user’s browser will receive the data, convert it and then display the page.

Each computer network will support one or more servers that handle specific tasks. The larger the network connected through the server or the greater the amount of data that must be sent and then received through the server, the more likely it is that the server has a role to play in supporting its objectives.

So, you can understand the server? Simply put a server is software that takes care of tasks. But the hardware that will support the software can also be called servers because the server software coordinates the network, hundreds or even thousands of users need hardware that is more powerful than what they would like to use for ordinary consumers.

Almost any computer can be configured to be a server. You just need to make sure that your computer has the necessary software.

Not a few people also use old computers only to set up private network servers at home, using only operating systems like Linux and resources. Even some usually don’t have a graphical user interface.

Remember, you don’t need a new machine just to create a server. There are even some people who create their own web server and then use it again to host their own site. The great thing is that this process can be done on a small budget as some of the software is free to use by anyone.

But if you intend to create high web traffic like Google and Amazon then the old computer is also powerful enough to meet your server needs. So the server problem cannot be understood easily. Especially if you are not a basic IT kid, it will take some time to learn the term servers and how they work.

There isn’t just one type of server, there are many different types out there. Well, for the most commonly used database servers, email servers, application servers, and web servers. Each server must have its own functions and weaknesses. For example, a database server that provides services and connections for storing, managing and searching company data. As for application servers, also called middle ware, it is the glue that holds all systems together. There are also e-mail servers, without which we would not be able to smoothly send messages via e-mail.

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