New Movies To Watch in 2022

As the technology always grows rapidly providing people with an easy way of accessing a wide range of entertainment on their smartphones, here we recommend you the 4 new movies to watch in 2022. You can enjoy watching them both in the breaking time at work and in your spare time at home.

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4 New Movies To Watch in 2022

1. Morbius

In the beginning of 2022, Columbia Pictures produces new movies entitled Morbius. Working with Marvel Studio, Columbia Pictures will release the movie in January 28. There are many popular actors and actresses play in the movies. They are Jared Leto, Adria Arizona and many others.

Morbius tells a story about a struggle of a doctor named Michael in its study to cure himself and other people who are suffering the same disease with him. Michael conducts a new experiment and wins award for his genius brain.

Morbius or Michale leave for a secluded place to develop his experiment. On the way of completing his goal, he finds a medicine to cure himself. Unfortunately, he becomes a vampire. He is granted with a super power to fly high on the sky. He can attack anyone else and suck the blood. Every time Morbius suck a person’s blood, he would be able to be back at himself again. Like human, he feels so sorry about killing people.

This movie is good to watch ay night. However, it would be better if you are not alone. The movies can be so scary and make you scream.

2. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the second new movies to watch in 2022 we highly recommend. This movie is a part of phase 4 Marvel cinematic universe. Based on the schedule, this movie will be launched for cinema in May 2022. This movie continues the story of the previous Doctor Strange movies.

In this movie, the audience will be directed to comprehensively learn the multiple concept which is the main theme of the movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch acts the main character as a doctor who conducts a study about time stone. However, an old friend is coming to obstruct his way. Based on the trailer that Marvel officially releases, Merdu (the old friend) will be one of the Doctor Strange’s enemies. Wanda or Scarlet witch will also be back in the story.

In the new trailer, Doctor Strange will come as another version that is evil Doctor Strange. It is predicted that the movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” will be the first horror movie produced by Marvel and Sam Raimi.

For the big fans of Marvel movies in the world, Doctor Strange has been in the waiting list.

3. Spider-Man: No Way Home

If you are an enthusiast of Spider-Man movies, be lucky! Before going to the cinema to enjoy watching it, knowing the synopsis is also a must.

Spider-Man: No Way Home tells you how anxious Peter Parker because of being accused by Mysterio who has already died before everything is clear. It makes a big a speculation in the public due to the problem that was spread out widely about Peter Parker. Further, the Daily Bulge newspaper has open up his true identity.

The public is informed that Peter Parker is the Spider-Man involved in the mysterious murder. This spreading news makes Peter Parker has no privacy since his house becomes the object of the case study. All people comes to see. This case makes Peter Parker seriously anxious. Moreover, the rumor also effects his love relationship with Marry Jane.

The movie also narrates about Peter Parker that tries to look for an idea how to solve the problem since he can’t bear it anymore. He comes to Doctor Strange for help. He asks him to delete what people have record about him. However, a solution leads to another problem.

Are you wondering how the story end? Download this movie soon in filmbor as the best new movies to watch in 2022.

4. Love and Thunder

Have you seen the thriller of Love and Thunder? After watching Spider-Man No Way Home, you should watch Love and Thunder. This way, Marvel announces the new release of the movie under the title “Thor Love and Thunder”.

Thor movie will be probably launched in April 2022. Like Spider-Man No Way Home, this movie is also a part of Marvel cinematic universe. Thor Love and Thunder will also be directed by Taika Waiti who were successfully be the Thor Ragnarok director in 2017.

There are some popular actors and actresses play in the movie. Crish Hermsworth will act as Thor while Tessa Thompson will act as Valkry. Based on the thriller, some characters in Guardian and Galaxy will also play in Thor Love and Thunder.

As narrated, in Love and Thunder, Thor will go wandering just after he went away from earth with his Guardian of Galaxy in Avengers Endgame movie.

As we have mentioned, the movie will release in April 2022. However, another source state that it will launch in 8 July 2022. However, the exact time can change due to some conditions. Thus, if you are the real action movies enthusiast, keep waiting by stay on the information provided by the marvel official website.


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