Quality Blog Traffic And Unqualified Blog Traffic

A blog site looks bleak if it is without traffic or a single netizen visits. Even though it is decorated with various high-quality articles or posts, at least the site owner needs to be “promoted” so that it is easily caught by the eyes of search engines and netizens. Therefore, it is better to study the quality and not quality website blog traffic sources. Please note that both of them play a big role in determining the future of a site.

Source of Quality Blog Traffic!

It’s not that difficult to build quality blog traffic, where visitors read the content and then participate in comments or share with other readers. As reported by the Onlineincometeacher.com page, there are at least five quality blog traffic sources that website owners should consider. Some can be enjoyed for free, but some are paid.

1. Search Engines & SEO

Please note that 98 percent of blog traffic sources come from search engine sites (search engines) such as Google. If you are successful in mastering certain keywords in the search results, it is certain that you will get traffic automatically every day. To get traffic from search engines, site owners need to build quality backlinks through the preparation of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy  .

Apart from building backlinks, site owners need to create quality content to provide “added value” or benefits to visitors. Therefore, keep creating high quality content. A site that has a lot of content, more than 1000 articles have the opportunity to generate high traffic than a site with minimal content. Make content creation a long-term goal.

Focusing on building quality content, backlinks and SEO is an effective way to get more traffic without having to bother putting up promotional ads that keep pouring money.

2. Article marketing

One of the effective ways to build quality blog traffic is article marketing. In this case, the site owner needs to make a short article – around 300 to 1000 words – which is then inserted with certain keywords with a link. Later articles are released to popular article directory sites such as Hubpages, Go Articles, Buzzle, Ezine Articles and many more.

Apart from writing on article directories , the site owner can also write on other blogs or sites as a guest writer. If you have excess funds, there’s nothing wrong with posting by paying some money. Article marketing has been proven to be effective at generating targeted traffic to the site.

3.Paid Per Click (PPC)

Focusing on website SEO is the cheapest way to get quality targeted blog traffic, unfortunately it takes a long time for the effects to really feel. If you don’t want to wait long, it’s better to promote via Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The results are fast, but it costs a lot of money. So, please consider carefully before taking a step.

There are many PPC programs, one of which is  Google Adwords . Start developing a campaign by determining the amount of funds and targeted keywords. Continue to monitor every development in the number of traffic every day to find out the level of effectiveness of the campaign. We recommend using the free service from Google Analytics for checking and monitoring.

Apart from campaigns via Adwords, also consider two other services from Bing Ads and Yahoo Marketing. Although the search volume is not as much as Google, at least the two services provide satisfactory traffic at a more affordable cost. But there’s nothing wrong with focusing more on Adwords then followed by Bing Ads and Yahoo. Determine all depending on needs and funds.

4. Social Media Marketing

When compared to “word of mouth” promotion, social media marketing is much more effective. Promotion introduces sites, content or articles via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. Sharing bookmarks to social media sites not only boosts website SEO, but also harvests traffic if it goes viral. Even though it is only temporary, it has the opportunity to get another visit and increase social media users’ awareness of the existence of the site. In addition, there is still YouTube that has the potential to drive traffic. Therefore, don’t ignore social media and video sharing sites to gain visitors.

5. Email marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing is still considered the best way to build blog traffic repeatedly, even viral. Email marketing is not much different from social media marketing, it’s just that site owners have to build a community of readers via email services. Visitors must at least subscribe or subscribe to the newsletter on the site.

Those are 5  sources of  quality blog traffic that focus on five strengths, namely search engines & SEO, article marketing, PPC, social media marketing to email marketing. There are still more quality traffic sources to consider, namely Press Releases, Banner Ads, RSS Feeds to offline ads. All of them are sources of targeted traffic. If a site focuses on selling a particular product or service, you should consider an affiliate strategy by engaging other sites or blogs to generate traffic.

quality blog traffic and unqualified blog traffic

Unqualified Source of Blog Traffic

Site owners are free to determine a strategy to build blog traffic, including via unqualified sources. There are three ways that are actually not recommended at all because they do not provide any benefit, as reported by the sbwebcenter.com page.

1. Paid to Click (PTC)

PTC stands for Paid to Click, which is a service that has a network of internet users whose job it is to click on links or directly visit client sites. Internet users who are members of PTC get paid for each visit to the site.

Even though it is classified as a brilliant idea to increase blog traffic, unfortunately site owners only feel a little benefit. This is because members are more after money than reading content. Paid to Click is still far less than Pay Per Click, both are different concepts. PPC generates natural traffic because it appears in the form of advertisements, unlike PTC.

2. Incentive Traffic

The concept is not much different like PTC, internet users who are members of the incentive traffic community are more eyeing for money than content. Here, not just visiting the site, but also registering certain offers. Registration is not intended to buy, but to try certain products or services that the client’s site provides for free.

3. Popup or Popunder

There are many different opinions regarding the source of blog traffic from popups or popunders, some claiming to be dissatisfied but some are the opposite. If you want to think about it carefully, it is not actually a source of unqualified traffic even though it tends to be legal. Internet users are actually visiting client sites, not robots or bots. Unfortunately, visitors do not make thorough contact, including reading content.

When it comes to converting traffic into sales, everything returns to the visitor’s interest. Sales are more likely to occur if the traffic is really targeted. Conversely, sales fail occurs if the traffic is not targeted.


By knowing the sources of quality and unqualified blog traffic, the site owner can determine for himself the most effective type of promotion. We recommend that you avoid unqualified blog traffic sources because they do not provide any benefits except loss. Meanwhile PPC is indeed a quality web source, but it needs careful calculations to adjust funds. If you want it to be cheaper and more effective, try to focus on developing social media marketing, article marketing, email marketing, search engines and SEO.

Source : Sumber Trafik Blog Berkualitas