Search Engines Beside Google! Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and

Google is now known as the most popular search engine in the world or the World Wide Web. As reported by the wikipedia page, there are at least three billion searches every day. This amount makes it the most widely used, in fact as of February 2015 it had 64.5 percent of the market share in the United States. Far beat other competitors in the same field.

Google stretches a unique formula to get quality, accurate search results according to user questions. One of the influential elements in determining the ranking of a site / blog is PageRank. For the sake of user satisfaction, Google provides a variety of interesting options for customizing searches that can be accessed via the Advanced Search page.

Get to know search engines other than Google

In learning the ins and outs of SEO, website or blog owners should know more closely what a search engine is . Since its inception, the virtual world continues to be decorated with various search engine services. Big names like Google, Bing and Yahoo may already be familiar to your ears, even though they still have Yandex and Ask. All play an important role in the effort to build a site full of visitors.

Before trying any SEO moves, let’s get to know search engines other than Google , Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and in order to avoid misunderstandings as well as increase the number of daily visitors.

The main purpose of Google Search is to find documents offered by a web server and stored in a database, whether they are images, text or data. This service is the result of the development of an extraordinary idea from Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997.Now the service is not limited to searching for documents in the form of text or images, but is much more complex and complete such as sports results, house sale lists, cinema showtimes, time zones, maps, quotes, synonyms to weather forecasts.

There are still many special features such as numbers, dates and a number of specific formats such as temperature, money conversion, shipment tracker, area code, patem and language translator. Google continues to innovate in developing more modern search features, including the release of ” Google Voice Search ” in June 2011.

Although Google continues to grow rapidly and attains the prestigious title of the most popular search engine in the world, competitors do not stop growing to beat it, in fact, some countries prefer to use locally made search engines. For example, the people of South Korea mostly access and, while Baidu and are trying to win China.

The search engine service is so popular because it carries unique features that Google doesn’t have. For example, Ixquick offers a feature that does not store tracking information or is confidential.

search engines beside google bing yahoo yandex and ask

Search Engines Other Than Google!

1. Get to know the Yahoo search engine

As reported by Wikipedia as of February 2015, Yahoo is in the third position of the most popular search engine service in the United States with a volume of questions of 12.8%, still far behind its two closest competitors, namely Google (64.5%) and Bing (19.8%). Yahoo’s journey in this business is full twists and turns, even had time to collaborate with Google and finally stood alone. Due to increasingly fierce and declining competition, finally collaborating with Microsoft to release Bing.

Yahoo officially released a web crawler-based search engine service in 2003. In order to produce accurate searches, they carried a similar search engine company that had been acquired and updated the crawler named Yahoo Slurp. The search service underwent an update in October 2007, a more modern look with a redesigned Yahoo logo on the main page. In addition, the Search Assist feature is also added which provides real-time question suggestions and is directly related to user typing.

In July 2008, Yahoo introduced a new BOSS service “Build Your Own Search Service” which allows developers to use Yahoo’s proprietary system to index information and images and then compose a custom search engine. In January 2010, Microsoft officially took on the functions of Yahoo’s search engine and collaborated to build an advertising venture that appeared on Yahoo and Bing. If previously it was called Microsoft adCenter, now it’s switched to Bing Ads.

In November 2014, Yahoo succeeded in convincing Mozilla to want to carry it as the main search engine service for the next five years on the US regional Firefox browser. In April 2015, the deal with Microsoft changed, now only bing search results appear on desktop platforms. Then in October of the same year, Yahoo reached an agreement with Google to provide services until the end of 2018 including advertising, search and image search.

2. Get to know the Yandex search engine

Yandex is a search engine service owned by the Russian company Yandex. According to a LiveInternet report in January 2015, local users reached 51.2 percent, beating other competitors. The search technology covers more than 1,400 cities, besides that it is also famous for its “parallel” feature which presents search results from the main page of the web index and sources of detailed information such as videos, images, blogs, shopping and news on a single page.

Yandex’s search engine service is very responsive with real-time questions, being able to know when a question needs the latest information such as the latest news or even what appears on Twitter. In addition, there are a number of cool features, such as Wizard Answer, antivirus, spell checker. In order to gain more users, Yandex released an international version ( in English.

3. Get to know the search engine

Ask – previously addressed to – is a site based on questions and answers and search engine services founded by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in 1996. The original software was first implemented by Gary Chevsky. Due to the intense competition for search engine services, Ask finally gave up in 2010 and returned to its original format as a question-and-answer site.

Many internet users have criticized Ask’s browser toolbar for malware detection. Every month the number of Ask traffic reaches 100 million users who access the site, meanwhile there are more than two million downloads of mobile applications.


By knowing search engines other than Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and, at least site owners should not only focus on one service. Although it must be admitted that Google contributes the highest traffic, if it is able to optimize all services, the results will be even more extraordinary. It is not like that?

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