Simple Ways to Measure the Quality of Your Competitor’s Backlinks

One problem when facing competitors is the strength of our competitors’ backlinks. If you really want to rank, then you need to be able to beat these competitors’ backlinks. So how can you judge the strength of your competitors’ backlinks for free? To do this is actually quite easy. You can use the free tool to estimate how much competition you are facing. 

Simple Ways To Measure The Quality Of Your Competitor’s Backlinks

The first tool you can use to analyze the strength of this backlink competition is the moz link explorer from Please visit the following page:

Enter your competitor’s URL in the above tool. You need to know that this tool does not display a specific backlink on a single URL of a website, but all the backlinks pointing to that website. You can consider the following:

  • Domain Authority which is the domain authority value of the website you are optimizing for. The higher your competitor’s Domain Authority, then it is an indication that your competitors will be heavier the better (but you still have to see the condition of incoming backlinks)
  • Domain Linking is the number of domain name variations that provide backlinks to this website.
  • Inbound Links is the number of incoming backlinks

But what you need to pay attention to from this page is not only Domain Authority, Number of Domain Variations, and Number of Backlinks. You also have to pay attention to the types of backlinks that enter the website. Whether it’s blog comments, PBNs, paid reviews, or completely natural backlinks. Usually to judge that you have to click on TOP FOLLOWED LINKS. The combination of these factors will determine whether this backlink is really heavy or not. But if you are a complete beginner, and the keywords you are targeting are intermediate to high, usually it will be very optimization heavy for you.

The good news is that some of the websites that you will find in the list of links followed above will likely be where you can place backlinks to your website. So try to open all of these pages. From the optimization experience for the last 7 years, I have concluded that the strength of backlinks according to their types is as follows:

Blog comments on pages with low page authority and domain authority

This is a very low quality backlink, because the backlink is on a page that has no authority and is irrelevant to the website we are optimizing for.

Profile and Forum Pages

Backlinks that come from profile pages or forums are of better quality, because even if they are irrelevant and the page has no authority, usually profile websites and forums have fairly good domain authority.

Blog comments on pages with high page authority

Backlinks coming from blog comments always have relevance issues. This problem can be reduced by providing a relevant narrative to surround the backlink. Backlinks that come from pages with high page authority, and high domain authority will still earn you big points. It’s just that backlinks like this have problems with relevance, so often we need hundreds to thousands of backlinks to push your keywords to the first page of Google.

PBN services

The opposite of blog comments. Usually a backlink from a PBN service will be on a highly relevant page, but the page authority is usually very low. So it is very important to try high page authority or domain authority for your PBN. You can back up this PBN page with blog comments. Usually dozens of PBN pages are strong enough to rank you up to the first page, because the quality of their relevance is so high. Make sure all of your content is unique.

PBN is privately owned

It has the above PBN service quality, as backlinks from private PBNs are usually very focused in one niche. Unlike PBN services whose content is really a mix of many niches. The biggest problem with PBNs personally is having to make regular updates to maintain the quality of the website. Try at least a month to update the article twice twice to give the impression that your website is still being actively managed.

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