The Best Inspiration Favicons and Favicons Design

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If you are new in the computing designing, you must be wondering what favicons design is. First of all, the favicon is the short for the favorite icon, which is always related to the web site or a web page. With the favicon, the web developer is allowed to customize the web browser site, both in the bookmark as well as in the tab bar. Lots of people who are interested in the online business and they want to build web site focus more on this favicon aspect.

The Best Inspiartion Favicons

Learning More about It

It was named favicon because the program was first introduced and then developed in the Internet Explorer. You know that the browser calls their bookmark sites as favorites and use certain icons to display the favorite menu. Most of the favicon sites are designed in the small form of their brands or their logo. As it was mentioned before, most of the website builders also use the favicons to ‘decorate’ their free websites. The favicons are usually displayed in these 3 primary spots:

  • The tab bar of your browser
  • The browser’s address bar, on the URL side
  • The browser’s bookmark

How to Create One

If you are interested in making a favicon design, here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Create 16 x 16 pixel of image by using graphic program. Save it with bmp or gif format
  • After saving it, you need to change it into iconic format be sure to choose the right icon editorial programs. When you have finished, save the result as favicon.ico format.
  • Publish it. You only need to upload the icon on the similar directory that you want to bookmark.

There are different kinds of browsers that you can use, such as the Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and also Internet Explorer to display your favicons design.