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The Dangers of Bad Neighbors in SEO Statistics

Sometimes there are websites whose owner is doing reverse optimization but the website is still very difficult to rank. All kinds of on-page SEO techniques implemented and also backlinks have tried to get high points in large numbers, but the ranking seems very slow to move. It turned out to be bad Bad Neighbors or bad Bad Neighbors. This is common on co-hosted websites where they have to share hosting services with dozens or even hundreds of other websites that violate Google’s rules. For example, suppose you host on a website that contains several porn or gambling sites. It could be that your website has become very difficult to rank for.

Not because your Bad Neighbors is a porn site and a gambling site, but because porn sites and gambling sites are usually very spammy in their search for backlinks. So their IP is blacklisted by Google and as a result those of you who live at the same “address” will also be affected.

How To Know If There Are Bad Bad Neighbors on Your Website Server

Are you having a ranking issue?

If your website turns out to be on the first page for some keywords then that is an indication that you shouldn’t check this out. Because it looks like your website can rank quite well. Only if your website is fully optimized but has not gone through the first page then this could be one of the issues you need to check.

Check the Neighbor Backlink

Have a look if your Bad Neighbors website optimizes a lot of backlinks? What is meant by this large number of backlinks is the more than 150 domain names that provide backlinks to their website. If they find that they have lots of backlinks, then they are halfway to becoming bad Bad Neighbors for you. You can check this backlink at

Are They Not Ranking in the TOP 100

Take a look at their homepage titles and do a search for homepage titles on Google. If the title is long enough, enter only the first 5-6 words. If they have lots of backlinks but can’t enter the TOP 100 for long tail keywords, then that makes the possibility that they are bad Bad Neighbors a very big one.

Are they indexed?

If they have a lot of backlinks and are not indexed then it means that they either blocked Google or have been kicked from the Google index … Try checking their robots.txt by including robots.txt at the end of the domain name like this example -> robots.txt . If they don’t put blocks for Google robots, then that means they have a deindex. Now you can be pretty sure that your Bad Neighbors are the evil Bad Neighbors who were caught by Google. Most likely your SEO optimization failed because of them. No matter you spend a fortune on article writing services, backlink services, SEO services, or social media signaling services, your website will still be difficult to rank for.

Source : Bahayanya Bad Neighbours Dalam Statistik SEO