The Latest Way to Get Free Hosting & Domains

In this industrial era 4.0, having a website for business purposes is very important. A website is like a storefront that will provide any information available on your online store. Make this dream come true by getting the domain and hosting to operate optimally. A common obstacle for beginners creating a website is limited funds. Usually domains and hosting are obtained by purchasing them on websites, domains, and hosting companies. However, there are several ways you can apply to get free hosting and domains 2020. How do you do it? Take a look at the following reviews!

Understand Hosting and Domains

Previously, let’s learn what hosting and domains are. Hosting is a place to store your website data. Information stored in the form of files, databases, text, images, video, audio, and others that you want to display on the website. A domain is the address that leads to your website. Usually every computer network that is connected has an Internet Protocol address (IP Address) which is made up of numbers. The difficulty of memorizing number settings is what gives birth to a domain in the form of a memorable name. Hosting and domains are inseparable entities. If likened, hosting is a stretch of land to be built in a house with a customizable appearance, while the domain is the address that will take visitors to that location without getting lost. You own a domain,but you don’t have hosting. Only a blank display is visible. And vice versa.

Hosting and domains must be registered with a domain registrar as you will be renting space on the company’s servers to go online and receive ongoing maintenance. That’s why you have to pay a specified fee. However, there are also some free hosting and domain content which can be utilized with SEO articles so that they can occupy top search positions.

How to Get Free 2020 Hosting and Domains:

1. Free hosting from 000webhost

The platform offers free hosting and domains forever with PHP, MySQL, cPanel & no ads. Unlimited features are provided such as Curl, GD2, XML, PHP Socket, Zend, Fopen (), Ioncube Loeder, and .htaccess. Allows 300MB of memory and 2GB of bandwidth with more than 50 popular scripts (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.). How to get this free service is quite easy. You only need to create an account to sign up for free hosting until your account is active, then choose the appropriate tool and immediately create your website with full creativity. If one day you want more advanced features, there is an option to upgrade to the premium version. Why pay, if you can for free?

2. FreeHosting

Another free hosting provider is FreeHosting. The free plan you will get is hosting your own domain, 10 GB of massive storage, unlimited bandwidth for a single email address, MySQL database access, and free website uploads using Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or other favorite tools. If you want more, you can upgrade to a premium server with premium features.


Another one that offers free hosting and a 2020 domain is GoogieHost. What will be obtained from this economy package? The facilities offered include 1000 MB of memory storage capacity, SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth for 2 email addresses, 2 FTP accounts, 100% ad-free, and you can monetize your website so you can make money. Wow a free subdomain, and downloadable website templates to make your website even cooler.

4. 5GBFreeHosting

From the name alone, we already know that this free hosting server provides a very large storage capacity, which is 5GB. Other features that can be enjoyed are large bandwidth (20 GB), free subdomain, 99% uptime and also weekly backup. Although it doesn’t support email and there are still advertisements on the website, however, it seems that the cost of zero rupiah is fortunately enough to be able to get this pleasant facility.

5. AwardSpace

This hosting provider also has free hosting offers among other packages that can fit any budget. This free plan includes 1000 MB of memory, 5GB of bandwidth and free domain, instant account activation, PHP, CSS, HTML programming language, and no ads.

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