The Right Time To Install Backlinks On The Web

One of the questions that are often asked by beginner friends is “When did my site / blog start installing backlinks?”. Usually this question arises because the website is very new. For those of you who don’t know when your website or blog can be backlinked, the answer is very easy. One hour age is also allowed. The logic is like this….

Think of it as a popular artist who creates a personal blog; then overnight the blog will be famous among fans and get lots of backlinks. Will the blog sink? Of course not, blogs are going up really fast. So it’s not about the age of your blog. You can attach a backlink at any time to your blog or website, as long as you do it right. What we mean by “looks natural” according to Google’s algorithm, because if it doesn’t look natural, your website will have a spam alarm on Google.

But if you are creating a website for business purposes, then at least try to get the base page of your website ready before your website has any backlinks. What is meant by these basic pages such as the about us page, content policy, privacy policy, packages (if any), and basics your business offers. So visitors who come to your website can get complete information and not end up hanging, because some information is not yet available. If your website already has complete basic content, then your website can already install backlinks.

Original and quality content for the foundation of a website

Like a house that needs a strong foundation, a website without content is certainly very strange, therefore the content on the website is very important to fill our still messy puzzle. Everyone involved in SEO will surely agree that content is indispensable for a website. If we create content for the website in a good and right way, not carelessly, then naturally our website will have quality. People who visit our website will definitely like our website content when they read the articles we publish, if they already like it then maybe they will recommend our website to friends or acquaintances through social media or blogs that they have.

Do you often see people sharing certain articles on their Facebook or Twitter timeline? It’s because they like the content they read on the website. What you need to know is that Google can judge which websites have good content. Prove yourself! It is rare nowadays to find a website that is on the first page to have bad content. So I can say that content is the foundation of a website and the foundation of link building.

Do not focus on just creating articles and backlinks.

While good articles are the foundation for a website, that doesn’t mean we just focus on creating articles and then publishing them, then creating articles and republishing them. Then when will you create backlinks? This is a mistake many people make. White hat SEO is only focused on making good articles. Remember creating backlinks is still the most important factor for competing in search engines.

Source : Waktu Yang Pas Dalam Pemasangan Backlink Di Web