The Right Way to Get a Free and Good VPS

As you already know, more and more providers offer Windows VPS function leasing services for the needs of the web site, the more you need to know from each of these providers. This is also very difficult for novice users who want to use a VPS. Usually they prefer to use a free VPS first before making their own using a paid VPS. Because the price is quite draining, that’s over a hundred thousand rupiah. The large number of free VPS advertisements, cheap and high-quality from several providers, makes you have to be more careful in choosing the services they offer. Starting from the specifications, safety, availability, and convenience in use.

Following are some tips and tricks that you should consider in renting a free, cheap and high quality VPS, including:

The Right Way to Get a Free and Beautiful VPS

Adjust to the needs of visitors

In deciding on a VPS, you have to match the needs of your website. one of which is the need for visitors / traffic / visitors. This is what you need to consider so that your website does not experience a decrease in ranking if visitors experience a significant increase. The website that you design is certainly not only for your business needs, but also must pay attention to what visitors need from your website. For example, if your website is a travel and leisure business site, then obviously the visitor is a potential client or customer who is dominated by people who are in the business of traveling lovers or traveling. Then, if the business you are developing operates in the territory of Indonesia, it is advisable to look for a low quality Indonesian VPS,such as the local IIX / VPS which is highly recommended for the web travel niche.

Consider Resources and Technology

What are resources and technology? Both of these components are used in VPS. In choosing a cheap VPS at an affordable price, consideration is needed in selecting resources and technology. Resources are the main factor so that your website can run well. The use of resources for the web must be adjusted to the hosting you are using. Meanwhile technology is all the tools a sophisticated and cutting-edge website needs. VPS that have the latest technology are usually equipped with monitoring features RAM, CPU, DISK SPACE, and Inode. VPS also has panels for doing remotely, in the form of shutdown, reboot, reinstall, and so on. It is your job to determine whether the VPS you are going to rent contains or not. Both of these are very important because the more appropriate the resources and technology you use,the easier it is for you to manage the website.

Server Bandwidth and Speed ​​Calculation

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer usage calculated in units of bits per second (bits per second), usually abbreviated as bps, between the server and the client within a certain time. Simply put, this bandwidth is referred to as the width of the data channel which is used as the data path to be transferred in a particular system. Meanwhile, server speed is the amount used to measure how long a computer system operates services in a computer network. The computer network in question is the VPS service itself. Thus, the wider the bandwidth, the faster internet access can be operated. Conversely, the smaller the bandwidth, the slower internet access.

Calculating server bandwidth and speed is the most important thing before you rent a VPS. This is to avoid additional costs on the VPS if the bandwidth exceeds the usage limit. This calculation is also used to estimate the bandwidth specifications that will be installed on your website. Customers do not need to worry because the VPS provider will offer bandwidth sizes according to the needs of the website to be developed. So that your website can avoid unexpected conditions.

Pay attention to the data security system

A data security system is a feature that you should consider before choosing a cheap, free, high-quality VPS. The reason is, this system is very functional to secure data or files on your website so that they are protected from viruses / malware or other disturbances that cause your website to lose data. Don’t let the time when your website is doing really well, suddenly things don’t show up on the data storage security system. Which user wanted this to happen? Pati all users don’t expect this to happen on their website.

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