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Tips for Determining a Domain Name

Yes, the first tip is about the number of characters. Try to use the right amount, not too long but not too short either. If you don’t have a custom brand name, you only need a maximum of 12 characters to make it easier to remember and comfortable when you want to type it manually.

Use Popular Domain Extensions

Furthermore, secondly, you can use the more popular domain name extensions, for example, .com, .net, and others. Or if you want to choose a local domain, you can too. If the content is in Indonesian, try using .id.

Don’t Use The Dial Symbol

The next tip is to avoid using numbers or symbols and conjunctions like dashes (-). It doesn’t really matter if you want a domain that uses a two-word combination, as long as you can spelling it correctly. Try to get used to ordinary people. Well, then for Top Level Domains, Actually Repairing Using .com or .id? Hayoo, do you want to use .com or .id? Actually, before the presence of .id as part of the Top Level Domain in Indonesia, a .com domain extension was part of the main choice that was pretty much desired. Well, better before you buy a domain, try to determine who is the target audience of your website. What domains you want available and what budget do you have.

Why should you check the domain name first? Yes of course you really should check whether the domain name is available or not? If your target domain name is no longer available on the .com extension but is still available on the .id extension, the problem will resolve itself and vice versa. However, if you have checked and if both extensions are not yet listed then you can consider them via the metrics of the target website. For example, if you want to create a distinctive online shop in Malang, then you have to use the .id domain extension which is more attractive and reliable. Meanwhile, if your website or online shop target is foreign and domestic, it is highly recommended to choose a Top Level Domain, such as .com, .net or .org.

In addition, the metrics that are always used are also a matter of budget. Because it is global in nature and many use .com domain extensions, it will usually be cheaper than a .id domain. The difference can even be calculated if it can be doubled. Quite expensive, right? That’s the discussion of top level domains and other types of domains. Actually, going through the domain types above can help us find out exactly which domains are suitable for the website that we are going to create. Suppose you have a food business, it is impossible to use the .edu domain, right? Yes at least you can choose top level domain.

Or if you want to use a free website, there really is no problem. It’s just that now consumers are smart and begin to understand that the professionalism of a company or brand can be judged by the domain used. It’s also impossible for large companies to use free domains, right? It really degrades the company’s image. Apart from that using a paid domain also has many advantages, especially when trying to optimize, because after all if you have created a website you have to do some optimization. Don’t just create a website and make sure there’s no movement at all. The website is like a house, so you have to look after it so you know that the house is inhabited. Don’t leave it for a long time until it expires.

Try to optimize using Search Engine Optimization or SEO ON Page and SEO OFF Page. Especially if your website is used for business activities, SEO activities can help you get visitors organically. Or if you want to get visitors quickly, you can try using Google Ads, an advertising facility provided by Google. But of course there must be costs even greater than SEO. So how do you decide whether to use a top level domain for your website? When it comes time to make your next plan, what would you like to include on your website? Because apart from optimization, content is also very necessary. Content is a tool used to optimize. If you don’t really understand how to optimize,You can try enlisting the help of digital marketers who are experts and understand the field.

Source : Tips Menentukan Nama Domain