Tips for making a web logo online

A web can be used as a medium for writing hobbies or even as a place to generate income. However, the identity in it is very important for site development. Therefore, an easy way to create an online blog logo needs to be studied. Before getting into more about how to create one, it would be nice if you also know what a logo actually is. This is simply the result of graphic art or images. Its purpose is as a medium to represent a blog or website. A logo doesn’t have to have a lot of complicated elements in it. The simpler the design, the easier it will be for people to remember. Usually the results of this graphic art can be seen and associated with ad serving, the market and billboards.

This causes the customer to associate it with the company or the web. Even without the words in it, the logo itself can describe the blog and its content. Of course, the points make it easy to market your product or service. These things cause the importance of how to easily create an online blog logo. Because of this, this graphic work can act as the face of a website. Good or bad quality will have an impact on the name and image of the site itself.

The logo itself is known as an identity or face for a blog. Its presence is also an important point for branding so that it can develop and be recognized by many people. It will explain how to make it online and easy in the following.

Tips for making a web logo online


One of the online media to create a blog logo is through Logaster. Its use can produce dozens of graphical results that are ready to use and can be created quickly and easily. The first step is to enter information about the blog name and so on. Apart from that, you can also enter some information such as name and type or topic in the Logaster blog column. Blogger can also easily change text, color, position and icon. Then, when the process is complete, the result of the creation can be downloaded for free.

Hipster Logo Generator

Apart from using Logaster to grow your blog branding, you can also use the Hipster Logo Generator. The services in it take a contemporary and trendy design concept. Blogger is guaranteed to be able to operate it easily online. The tools in the Hipster Logo Generator builder support many customization options. That can guarantee the quality of the results to be optimal and as desired. They can also enjoy free services via the internet.

Zillion Designs

In addition to the two media above, how to create an online blog logo can be done using Zillion Designs. They are one of the tools that can produce simple but attractive graphic works. There are three easy steps to take if you want to use them. First is choosing the blog type, then the symbols you want to use. Then, the three of them do editing and downloading after the process is complete. The result has image extensions such as JPEG, PNG and EPS, but has to pay around $ 274 in advance.


The fourth medium for creating logos is through Font-Based-Logos and can be enjoyed for free. As it is known that making graphic works is not only in the form of images, but also in writing. Inside are around $ 10 to $ 100 paid fonts that are uniquely shaped. This paid font has a different make-up, making it more aesthetic and good to use. Many brands in the world only use a written logo base without an image. However, beforehand, choose one that fits and matches the character and content of the blog content


If you need a medium for an easy, fast, and professional-looking logo, Zyro can be used. This platform has a variety of features that support that goal and guarantee good results. Among them ranging from options, format, layout, icons to colors. The difference is practical and on point customization options. Of course, these factors can provide an advantage in terms of speed and ease of creating an online logo. After the creation process is complete, the download is at a high resolution.

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