Tips In Checking Your Web Speed

Checking website speed is one easy and fast way to make visitors linger and feel comfortable interacting with the website. Website speed checks are really necessary, because it can improve the SEO ranking on the website. So how do you check the speed on a website? Here’s the review!

Here’s How to Check Website Speed

The ways to check website speed that you need to know are as follows:

Use the PageSpeed ​​Insight site

This site is a site owned by Google. This site is more complete and better than others. And of course it can solve your problem, start optimizing images, optimizing landing page redirects and much more. Immediately increase the speed of your website if it is displayed 84% lower on this site. Immediately improve your website speed check with the PageSpeed ​​Insight site.

Using the GTmetrik site

Well, this site is also the best and most comprehensive. If your website speed drops, there will be notification from the start. Getting an 80% score on this site is already good.

Using Pingdom

Pingdom is an online tool. Apart from that, this online tool also provides the information you need. This information includes code analysis, page weight, download speed, development suggestions, performance scores and historical timelines. This is useful for recording the progress and speed of your website.

Using Page Scoring

This site is also online to test the rendering speed of your website pages in various browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE). This site is also good for you because it is in high demand.

Using the Web Page Test

In the Web Page Test feature, you can use if you want to check the speed of the website you have. This feature on the test page website has a large percentage of the website size based on images, fonts, HTML and Javascript in the pie form. Immediately visit the site so that your problem can be resolved quickly. These are some of the sites you can use if you want to check your website speed. So, you don’t need to procrastinate any more. So what’s hindering your website speed or what would you call slow?

Of course, you want to find out so that these problems can be avoided in the first place or can be anticipated for the website owner. Well, here’s what hinders website speed:

Server quality is not good enough.

Yes that’s right, the server quality greatly affects the speed of your website. If the server quality is good, of course it will run smoothly on your website. A good server can also be affected by the processor and RAM. If the processor and RAM meet the requirements, it should load fast.

Number of web sites on the server

If your server has multiple websites, you can rest assured that down-times are more likely to occur. And of course it can be slower. Well, cut down on your website if there really are multiple websites on your server.

Connection Distance from Your Device to Website

The server location can also affect the speed of your website. And of course the server location must be considered in order for your website speed to win smoothly.

Activity on the Server

Apart from the number of websites on the server, activity on the server also affects the speed of your website. Especially for those of you on websites who are accustomed to managing online games, of course, make your website slow too. So, avoid managing online games on the website so that your website speed is not slow anymore.

Source : Tips Dalam Mengecek Kecepatan Web Anda