Understanding of Anchor Text of Backlinks

Everyone who does optímasі web site must know that іt link is very important in optіmasі. Either that іnternal link, external link, or backlіnk. Does the anchor text іnі play an important role in the promotion? There are so many people who use backlink service to be confused when asked to give a variety of keywords that are wanted. And it can be said that more than 90% of people will give so many variants of short keywords to use as anchor text from paired backlinks. So, is that something that is true? For this reason, we will show you the results of an experiment performed by ahrefs and compare it with what we got after optimizing more than 3000 web pages.


Okay, in short, anchor text is the words you enter in the link. Usually in HTML form the anchor text will look like this…

<a href= “URLemporary> Anchor Text </a>

You can enter any word or image code that uses ALT TEXT as anchor text… The problem now is how to use anchor text that can help you rank in search engine results like Google?


In its patent, Google explicitly states that anchor text plays a role in ranking. Google’s John Mueller also says that anchor text will provide additional context to the link which may help readers decide whether to visit the link. So all of this clearly emphasizes that this anchor text is something you should pay attention to. Now the problem is what kind of anchor text should you use? Do you need to limit the use of certain anchor text in order to rank in Google search results? Of course this is if you play webspam in trying backlinks to your website. To help you understand this anchor text issue, please read more….


Google clearly uses these text anchors to help them understand the content of a page. So this can help them decide which pages to sort based on any keyword. So if you provide a backlink to a page using the anchor text “cat food”, obviously Google will think that the page is closely related to “cat food”… If there are many other people doing the same thing to you, then Google will be more confident that the page is talking about cat food. So it is natural that a set of anchor text will help the page to rank in the keyword “cat food”. Yes it is an ideal condition. But the fact is not always the case…


You may remember some instances where people entered a derogatory word into the Google search engine and it turned out that the result was the names of some politicians. This is something that looks strange, because on the page that contains the profile of the politician will not be able to find this insult. So people started making jokes that Google was insulting politicians themselves. This shows us that in the past people may have influenced the quality of Google search so that the results displayed are not relevant to what they typed. Simply by pointing out some irrelevant links to a page, the page can rank even if the title and content talk about something else.

Of course Google is not happy about this. How come people looking for chocolate recipes turn out to be on porn or gambling pages? For this reason Google made some adjustments related to this anchor text in their algorithm. So in 2012 Google launched an algorithm that is much feared by web spammers today. This algorithm is called PENGUIN, an algorithm whose job is to assess the quality of external links. This algorithm makes anchor text one of their main targets.

Source : Pengertian dan Pemahaman Mengenai Anchor Text (Teks Jangkar)