Various Kinds of Top Level Domain (TLD) on the Website

Do you want to create a website? Know what you want to use? Do you know what the basics you need to know about the basics of creating a website? In fact, not a few of those who use websites or who will create websites know about the basics, namely domains. As you may know, the domain is simply the name used on our website. But is that really true? Even the types of terms and understanding of the top level domains are still unknown. True or false? Are you one of them?

Domain for Website

Domain is the name of the website that we will create. The existence of a domain will make it easier for people to find our website address, we can even do branding with just that domain. In general, a domain can be interpreted as the name that will be displayed to identify a server on a computer network or the internet. If we take an analogy, this domain is like a plot of land, while a website is a building or house on it. How, until recently, did I quite understand how domains are so important to websites? In a website, the domain has a very important role because it can facilitate the identification process when a visitor accesses your website. Actually, without a website domain can also be accessed,but you will have trouble because you have to know the IP address which consists of a series of numbers, separated by dots. So it’s easier to use a domain.

Domain Type

Did you know, until now there have been more than 500 domain name extensions available for private or public specific instant. Well, the domain name seems to have its type. Do you already know If you haven’t seen the explanation below.


Top Level Domain or also commonly referred to as TLD is one type of domain that is quite often used for the public. Whether it’s for corporate or individual needs. This is a fairly popular type of domain and is easy for even par consumers to remember. Yes, those included in this type of Top Level Domain (TLD) include .net, .org, .com, and .info. So, you can already tell the difference only by the website initials on the edges. Isn’t it difficult to distinguish?


After a TLD has a ccTLD, what else? Well, if this one is a type of domain that is also quite popular. As the name implies, a domain name that is included in the ccTLD type is a domain that uses the country code as the identity of the website. For example, for websites that use. Id is clear that it comes from Indonesia, some are using .UK means they come from UK, .JP for Japan, US for United States and many more.


gTLD or Generic Top Level Domain is specifically intended for educational institutions. Even from the name, we clearly know that a website is an educational institution website, such as .edu. Some are also used for military purposes, namely using initials. Mil.


SLD which is a derivative of Tope Level Domain. The purpose of using a Second Level Domain is to represent a more specific website. For example,, Usually each of them will be shown to the circle of universities, companies, business community and others.


And the last one is a subdomain, those of you who have often played websites know what a subdomain is? Usually used for large sites to make it easier for visitors to access increasingly specific content. This subdomain is different from the previous type which is placed at the end. Because subdomains are at the beginning of the main domain and are separated using a period (.). Usage patterns can be more flexible, according to the needs of the website owner. Subdomain is a type of child domain that is usually used by large sites to make it easier for visitors to access certain, more specific content. Subdomains are usually located at the beginning of the main domain separated by dots (.) So their usage patterns can be very flexible according to the tastes and needs of the website owner. But of course, to choose a domain name,You can’t be careless. Because the truth is choosing a domain name is easy and difficult. If you’ve thought of a domain name but found it wasn’t available when you bought it, then you can’t use it either. Moreover, there is a budget to pay for the domain name that you will use.

Source : Berbagai Macam Top Level Domain (TLD) Dalam Website