Various Web Templates That Make Eye Catching

Blogs are now one of the most widely used media to convey information, opinions, and introduce products to make money. One of the attractions of the blog is the theme it uses. With the advancement of technology, many bloggers need blog templates to beautify the look of the blog in accordance with the content they create. Then what is a suitable blog template to use for you who have a blog with different content? Here are some lists you can choose from.

Some List of Blog Template Types

There are three types of blog templates suitable for news and magazine content, personal blogs and online stores.

1. News and magazine blogs

There are actually several blog templates you can use, but here we will discuss three blog templates recommended for those of you who are confused to find a theme that fits your blog and news blog content. The following list is suitable for use:


NewsMag is a magazine or news style blog template suitable for you who have a news blog. NewsMag has a pretty good ranking on WordPress sites and has registered 20,000 active users in this blog template. The advantage of NewsMag is that it comes with a useful Smart Sidebar for content that comes with ads, is suitable for smartphones, desktops or tablets and can be used to send videos.


Hueman is a blog template intended for interesting magazines or news blogs. By using Hueman, your blog will look more professional as it constantly gets updates. This blog template also has high resolution, many font options, and customizable layout options.

Deco Mag

For those of you who have a news blog you can use the Deco Mag blog template to create a blog that is interesting, modern, clean, and looks more elegant. In addition, this blog template strongly supports YouTube videos. If you want your blog to come with video, DecoMag is the right choice.

2. Template Personal Blog

If you are a personal blogger, you should download the blog template we describe below to look more attractive. The personal blog templates we share are perfect for you to use.


Breviter is a personal blog template with a minimalist design suitable for you who have the desire to present professional content but do not eliminate the personal side. Breviter provides a variety of features that can make your blog simpler but look clean and elegant. In addition, the features provided are very easy to use and can make your content look very creative and impressive.


This blog template is perfect for those of you who are professionals as designers, photographers, animators, and bloggers who focus their blog content on photos and images. You can present your work with a very attractive look that will increase the number of visitors to your blog.


For those of you who have a hobby of writing can use this blog template as a place to channel your hobby. In addition, you can use Zillah if you want to make a blog that contains articles that you write look stylish, interesting, and simple but still look modern. So that visitors will be comfortable reading articles on your blog. The benefits of Zillah are responsive, provide many color options and provide an author box on each post so it will be easier for visitors to find out who created the blog content.

Source : Berbagai Macam Template Web Yang Bikin Eye Catching