What are School and University Websites

According to wikipedia , a school is an institution for teaching students or pupils under the supervision of a teacher. Most countries have formal education systems that are generally compulsory. In this system, students progress through a series of teaching and learning activities in schools. The names for these schools vary by country, but generally include primary schools for young children and secondary schools for adolescents who have completed primary education.

The word school comes from Latin: skhole, scola, scolae or skhola which means: free time or free time, at which time school is an activity in free time for children in the midst of their main activities, namely playing and spending. time to enjoy childhood and adolescence. Activities in that spare time are learning how to count, how to read letters and get to know about morals (character) and aesthetics (art). To assist in scola activities, children are assisted by experts and understand child psychology, so as to provide the maximum opportunity for children to create their own world through the various lessons above.

Currently, the word school has changed its meaning to: is a building or institution for learning and teaching as well as a place to receive and give lessons. School is led by a school principal. The principal is assisted by the deputy principal. The number of deputy principals in each school varies, depending on their needs. School buildings are arranged up high to take advantage of the available land and can be filled with other facilities. The availability of facilities in a school has an important role in the implementation of the educational process.

What is a School Website

Computer-based information technology is one medium that is quite effective in managing school academic information systems.

The use of the internet nowadays has also begun to increase in education circles, this use is not only looking for information on the Internet, but also has implemented this internet technology as a medium for school publications in improving the quality and quality of schools.

One of the efforts that can be used as the best practice program for a School Education Institution is the creation of a school website which is seen as a golden bridge to reach a bright future, especially on this website there is a system that allows monitoring of student scores as evaluation material that can be monitored by parents, guardians in various places where processing can be done online.

In addition, there are also various school information that attracts the public in seeing the image of the school.
Website creation is an option when people are also getting used to using internet-based technology.

For this reason, educational institutions should have websites as a means of communication between teachers, students and guardians. In addition, the school website can also be a center of information for visitors and those who wish to pursue higher education.

School websites are currently becoming a trend in the world of education and websites are getting attention, very good responses from various parties both from education personnel, students and the community. Website can be used as an online learning media which is better known as e-learning.

This can help make it easier for students to access additional subjects that are often provided by teachers through the school website so that it is much more effective and informative.

Reasons Why a School Website is Needed

The reasons why schools need to have a website include the rapid flow of information and knowledge that elementary, middle and high school students want to have.

Of course schools cannot remain silent and focus solely on traditional teaching in which students do not gain greater knowledge than they can from the internet. Here are some reasons why a school website is needed.

1. Increased School Credibility

The credibility of the school in the eyes of the public can be lifted and the school website can compete with other school websites with the aim of reaching and increasing the number of students.

2. Website available 24 hours

This website is available 24 hours a day for parents to provide accurate information about the school and is kept up to date.

3. Student Care for Schools

With a website, schools can increase students’ pride in their environment. Schools can also interact with students through the school website.

4. Connecting Schools with Parents

Parents of students can get the latest official news and information from the school related to teaching and learning activities through the website.

5. Have Your Own Online Test

The school website can provide students with their own online tests with the aim of modernizing the implementation of tests for both class and semester tests.

6. Online Realtime Test Results

The school website design can be included in the online test feature with realtime results that both students and teachers can get directly to their email.

7. Learn to Stream Video

Study streaming videos can be uploaded to the school website and students can review lessons via the website.

8. Online School Database

Schools can maximize the use of the website by obtaining student statistics through polls or surveys and stored in the school website database.

9. Ease of Promotion on SosMed

If the school website wants to promote activities in the school, this is very easy to do because you only need to post a link each time from the school website to social media

10. Creating a website at a very affordable price

With a very affordable price, this school’s website is sure to become a matter of prestige and pride for the students, staff and everyone involved in it.

Benefits of School and University Websites

Your school doesn’t have a website yet? In fact, the school website is very important, you know. As well as being beneficial to schools, school websites are also very useful for students and the community. Therefore, it would be better if the official website was owned by each school.

One important thing, the website can be a promotional event for getting new students. As we know, today there are many schools standing in the midst of society. This is of course a competition for these schools.

Therefore, promotion is very important. So, one of the most effective ways to use it is to create an official school website to publish various school benefits.

Apart from that, there are many other benefits, be it for the school, students, or society. Essential websites for schools. This is because creating a school website can provide benefits in many ways including:

1. Media to Know the School

In general, someone will look for information about various schools that will be used as a reference for themselves, their children, or siblings.

Now, as technology develops, many people do that via the internet. Therefore, schools need to create a website to introduce school profiles so that they can be known by the wider community.

The more people who know your school, the more opportunities you will have for new students.

2, Media for Sending Information to Students and Guardians

Usually information is given to students and their guardians in the conventional way by word of mouth or by letter. However, if the school has a website, information can be conveyed via the website.

This is much more practical when compared to having to write a letter that takes a lot of time, money, and effort to print.

In fact, by doing this, schools can also participate in protecting the environment, considering that the raw material for making paper comes from wood.

3. School Promotion Media

It cannot be denied that every year there are always new schools emerging, both private and public. This is done so that all Indonesian children are touched by formal education and become the golden generation in the years to come.

However, school improvement is a problem as schools compete for more students. One of the ways you can get students is through promotion. Well, the school site can be relied on for that.

Why is that? Technological developments in recent years have made many people search for various information from the internet, including looking for reference schools. Now, if your school doesn’t have a website, it will definitely take away the chances of your school getting some new students.

4. Easy to find workforce

An educational institution certainly not only needs students but also requires a lot of manpower. Some workers such as teachers, cleaners, security guards, administrative officers, and so on.

For this reason, websites can be used to inform the public about job vacancies. Is this method effective? Of course. This is because many job seekers are looking for job information via the internet.

So, to make it easier for job seekers to find a website, you can enter keywords that job seekers can type. By doing this, job seekers can easily find your school’s website.

Your agent will also get workers according to the qualifications required as soon as possible.

5. As a School Photo Gallery

In general, many activities carried out by school institutions were organized into annual activities. Some of these activities include school birthdays, extracurricular activities, study tours, separations, class meetings, and so on.

These various activities certainly need to be preserved as a form of school documentation. Now, for all school members to see, you can place various photos on the website as photo galleries for your school.

Apart from being seen by school residents, the photo gallery on the website can also be seen by the student’s guardian, the local community, and also alumni. If the parents of the student’s guardian view the gallery, they can find out what activities their children are doing at school.

Galleries can also be used as school promotion media because they can be seen by the public. Meanwhile, alumni who saw the gallery were able to heal their longing and find out various progress after being left behind.

6. Place to Install School Organizational Structure

Apart from being a school office, this website can also be used as a place to post a school organizational structure. By posting the structure on the school website, all residents of the school can find out the organizational structure.

Apart from school residents, family guardians and also the community can find out about this. Knowing the organizational structure, school community, guardians of students, or the community can be facilitated if you want to arrange something to your agency.

7. Student Graduation Information Media

School exams must be held annually. Usually the school will announce the exam results by asking school officials to help hand them over to the homes of each student. In addition, some schools also take advantage of delivery services such as POS to send graduation information.

Now, having a school website, you can post graduation information using the website. Of course, with a special application that can only be seen by the school and the students concerned.

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