What is a CDN Content Delivery Network

CDN is a server network system for distributing the content in a web application to various users in different parts of the world so that data and content is transmitted faster.

CDN is intended for websites or apps that want to be quickly accessed wherever visitors are in the world. So, for example, we who are in Indonesia, want to access a web site with a web host in Russia or Canada, America.

Of course we will have difficulty accessing it due to the limited distance and speed of international connections in these countries. In fact, not infrequently the page we go to ends with Tіmeout.

With the help of this CDN, static website content such as images, videos, CSS, and Custom Skills will be mirrored to dozens of CDN servers that are geographically distributed.

In other words, CDNs help websites load pages faster. ІThat is just one of the benefits you get from a CDN. Let’s discuss in more detail what a CDN or content delivery network is along with a complete discussion.

Benefits of Using a CDN

Maybe some of us think that using a VPS or dedicated server without using a CDN, is enough to make the web site run well. Though not necessarily, because distance is a crucial factor. To find out more about what a CDN is, here are some of the benefits when using a CDN.

1. The website’s website becomes lighter

Sharing web sites to a CDN will make it easier to manage spikes then scroll and add or subtract them in a very relatively short time. This will take the load off the origin server and help minimize server downtime. CDN also helps speed up content delivery and most of the static assets of the website, because the web site has an average of 80% statistical content.

2. Increase Security

When using a CDN, the majority then deploy no longer use the original server, instead using the CDN server. This allows DDoS attacks to be automatically initiated by the CDN. A TLS certificate, or what is commonly referred to as an SSL certificate, can be applied to most CDN platforms to ensure that all traffic is encrypted. Plus, many CDNs have complemented security features by adding protection, such as hotspot protection, firewalls and secure tokens.

3. Costs are lower

By using a CDN, no infrastructure is managed, because this service has been managed by the CDN service itself. This eliminates additional costs and maintenance costs, so that they can be allocated for other needs. The cost of the original server bandwidth can be reduced because the content is sent by the CDN server instead. Apart from that, you don’t need to add a larger hosting package, because the web site won’t handle too much and then go on your own.

4. Increase conversion

There are many cases that prove that increasing the overall speed of a website will increase conversion. Іnі occurs mainly because the user experience is also automatic. According to LoadStorm, a one-second delay in opening the web site will cause a 7% loss in conversion. Using a CDN will increase conversion to achieve higher sales goals.

Maybe some of us think that using a VPS or dedicated server without using a CDN, is enough to make the web site run well. Though not necessarily, because distance is a crucial factor. To find out more about what a CDN is, here are some of the benefits when using a CDN.

5. Reduce bounce rate

There are many factors that contribute to a high bounce rate or bounce rate, such as navigation, display, and button functions. And one of the most important factors is how long it takes for web sites to load content. Using a CDN can increase user engagement, so that the web site is not compromised. This, in its release, will help you improve your device in the search engine, increase conversion and sales, and improve the overall user experience.

what is a cdn content delivery network

What are the CDN components

After knowing what a CDN is, we now know what a CDN component is. CDN consists of two main components, namely Points of Presence and Edge Server. Both components work hard to allow traffic to be recruited properly, reduce attacks, and maintain upturn.

1. Poіnt of Presence

Point of Presence or commonly known as POP, is a geographic location where a group of CDN edge servers are located. Combining multiple POPs in several geographic locations, if combined will form the entire network. The total number of POPs that make up a CDN and their location has a large effect on global coverage.

2. Edge server

An edge server is a server that sits between two fingers and is on each POP. edge servers are simple cache proxies that work similarly to web browser caches, where they do not generate content for web sites, but save cached content caches. The total number of edge servers located on each POP will vary for each CDN provider.

How the CDN Works

Above has been given a brief explanation of what a CDN is. Then how does a CDN work? When not using a CDN, all content is transmitted by the origin server. This means that when the server originates in Canada, users in China and China will receive content from the same location. The distance between the requested location and the originating server that is responding has a significant effect on the overall load time.

When using a CDN, all content will be sent by the POP closest to the geographic location of the requesting user. That is, if the original server is located in Canada, users from Paris and China will receive content from different server locations. Shorter server location will reduce the time it takes to load web pages.

When looking at the use of the global internet, the types of content that use the most bandwidth are image files, videos, and audio files. There are many types of content that can be delivered by CDN. The types and formats of content that can be streamed will vary depending on the individual CDN provider. The content formats that are generally supported are:

  • Vіdeo: MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV and HSL
  • Images: JPG, PNG, GІF, TІF, and SVG
  • Audіo: MP3, WAV, AAC, AІFF, and PCM
  • Others: CSS, HTML, PDF, ZІP, JZ, JSON, TTF, and others

A web or application that is accessed online certainly has a central server that stores all web data. When someone accesses or uses a web service, the computer will send an http request to a central server that requests data to be displayed. After that, the server will process the request and send the data requested by the access computer.

This data can be in the form of web pages, videos, images and so on. Well, the process of requesting and receiving it certainly takes time. The speed of the process is determined by several factors. One of them is the distance between the server and the access computer (klіen). The farther the distance, the longer the process will take.

For this reason, web sites accessed from different parts of the world require other servers that are placed in different parts of the world so that their access in the region is faster. These servers are called CDN servers (CDNS). This CDNS contains data copy from the main server, so when you access the web data that is requested and received not from the main server, but from the CDN so the process is faster.

That’s how it works. Therefore, if you have a web site that accesses it from abroad, or a slow server, I highly recommend using a CDN. With a CDN, your web site can be accessed twice as fast or even more.

The proof is this web site that you visit. After using Premium CDN and website speed optimization, the web server is four times faster than without a CDN. Currently, there are many free and paid CDN services. Free ones include CloudFlare and Bootstrap CDN. Meanwhile, the paid ones are CDN77 and MaxCDN which we use on the SEON website.

How to speed up WordPress with a CDN

It doesn’t matter how strong your server is, the speed of access from most locations with a reliable CDN will have an impact on the speed and satisfaction of website visitors. Apart from the speed when opened, CDN is recommended to increase server performance because it reduces the server performance access load.

Case 1: You rent a cloud hosting with limited CPU, limited RAM, limited space, and choose a server in Indonesia. When people open your website, your server resources will be used to serve users. When your web site is accessed by a large number of people, processing uses up more available resources so that each accesser is served with a bit of slow access.

Moreover, if there are other people from outside accessing website sites that contain lots of images, while our servers are Indonesian with such speed and resources, then the content delivery takes longer due to distance.

Our server specifications also have an effect on the speed of serving requests for content access. Don’t believe it ?, when you use shared hosting and it is accessed by a lot of people, you will feel slower than if you just opened your website.

CDNs from large providers are usually built with clear infrastructure, large resources, located in various data centers in several countries. When there is access from abroad, they will be served by a server from the closest CDN with the performance of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) server so that it becomes faster.

Case 2: You rent shared hosting with server users’ shared resources. When the website is overcrowded with visitors, the resources will be used and have an impact on other web sites on the same server, CDN can reduce resource usage.

Another example: You upload a 20MB jumbo image file with the aim of maintaining quality without going through the process of compressing image files. When you are using a server with limited specifications, open it very long. With a CDN, because CDN servers are usually capable, loading is much faster.

What are the benefits of using a paid CDN Premium?

  1. Paid CDN has a more complete location in various countries so that access from any country is faster. For example CDN77 has 35 servers, MAX CDN has about 40 CDN servers.
  2. A CDN with reliable performance can reduce the use of host or server resources, thereby reducing bandwidth usage and so on.
  3. Paid CDNs allow the site to be accessed more quickly and increase scores on GTmetrіx, Thіnk wіth Google test my website, pagepeed insight, webpagetest, pingdom tools аnd others.
  4. CDN increases user convenience when accessing on a cellphone or desktop because it is faster
  5. Fast or light web sites can affect devices in search engines
  6. supports all website hosting and sicts.

The downside of using a CDN

  1. To get the best CDN, you have to pay even if the value is not too high every month. Annual payments are usually 10-20 percent cheaper.
  2. To confirm it, you need special technical skills to get the maximum result.
  3. You need a credit or debit card with the VІSA or MASTERCARD logo for CDN payments as it comes from outside. Some of them can use PAYPAL for payment. You can consult with us about how to purchase this CDN.

Best CDN Service Provider

  1. MaxCDN,
  2. CDN77
  3. Amazon CloudFront,
  4. CloudFlare,
  5. Mіcrosoft Azure CDN,
  6. Google Cloud CDN
  7. and others

Between each CDN service provider has its advantages and disadvantages, positive and negative values. Just like when you choose shared hosting, VPS, or Cloud hosting, it’s all the same to save your website on the internet and so that others can open it, but you have to choose a server that suits your needs.

Cloudflare CDN and Amazon CDN comparison

Amazon is the Walmart of Cloud Computing. They offer almost all needs and are not specific in one service. At Amazon you can also use a CDN with quality capabilities. Meanwhile, Cloudflare is more focused on security (DDoS) and other types of security breaches on the web, they also have CDNs but don’t focus there. Amazon and Cloudflare currently have different company sizes, amazon is bigger (a day can change).

  1. You can view the Cloudflare CDN offering here: cloudflare.com/lp/cdn-x
  2. You can check out the CDN offering on Amazon here: aws.amazon.com/cloudfront

For Cloudflare we have to ask for the offer, while Amazon has clear pricing standards up front. Both must be built with quality skills for the most optimal results, easier and accept them. For example when you use AMAZON, to automatically integrate on your website on all existing images and then become more SEO or Google search friendly, you need special skills.

Get to know what is a Cloudflare CDN

Talk about site performance, which defines a performance situation based on speed, content, and views. When the content and appearance meet the requirements, sometimes speed still has a problem that interferes with the comfort of users visiting the website site. This is where we need the name Cloudflare.

CloudFlare is something that is useful for enhancing the performance of the site, speeding up access speed, and enhancing the visitor experience. For those of you who don’t really understand this, we’ve compiled an article below, introducing in detail what CloudFlare is and what it can do for you. CloudFlare is an American multinational technology company, headquartered in San Francіsco, and has offices in London, England as well. This company mainly provides customers with businesses including site safety management, performance optimization and the most up to date technical support.

If you are looking for a good way to make sure your visitors can surf quickly. CloudFlare is a great choice. Cloudflare adopts a globally distributed network and automatically optimizes web page delivery to create fast page load times.

No matter how long the distance is between your web host and your visitors, CloudFlare ensures fast speeds by gaining access to statis content. As a result, this allows your website to load twice as fast. CloudFlare offers many useful features for you to manage your website and provide good website tools, including DNS, CDN, Optimizer, Security, Analytics, and Apps.

What are the Benefits of a Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is used by millions of websites to reduce web page load time and protect against online threats including DDoS. Cloudflare is a CDN (CDN), and Security Company that helps small businesses get down to business and secure online assets.

Following are some of the benefits you can get by implementing Cloudflare. By using cloudflare, you can get an advantage in the following areas regarding web site creation.

1. Security

CloudFlare is more customized by using the cloud-based web app file to stop many malicious attacks in the form of spam comments and SQL injections affecting your site. In addition, to avoid wasting your bandwidth and server resources, CloudFlare blocks threats, limits bots, and brute crawlers.

2. Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare is a global Anycast network that runs its DNS, CloudFlare makes sure that your web site is available to anyone in the world. By using cloudflare DNS, you can get instant DNS updates. In addition, this DNS is free for you to set. In this way, you can get free tools for controlling DNS domains. Add DNS security to your domain by enabling DNSSEC (Domaіn Name System Security Extension). DNSSEC helps reduce the vulnerability of request forgery. DNSSEC can be activated under the tab “DNS”

3. Free SSL

SSL isn’t just for eCommerce web sites, or if your site has transaction-sensitive information, it’s for everyone too. Making your site accessible via HTTPS ensures data is encrypted from the user’s computer to your server. SSL is also Google’s new search engine device signal. Cloudflare offers GRATІS universal SSL certificate but if you need a specialty from Thawte, Symantec, Rapіd, GeoTrust, Comodo then you can always buy and upload your own certificate on a cpanel or VPS server.

4.Cloud WAF

WAF (Web Applіcatіon Fіrewall) helps keep your site secure from major OWASP vulnerabilities, especially for CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.). Cloudflare WAF has more than 145 rules to protect websites from almost any type of web app attack. A common myth is that adding security will slow down web sites, but that’s not true. Cloudflare WAF was built with performance in mind. Іnі adds latency less than 1 ms.

The benefit of using Cloudflare WAF is that you don’t have to worry about updating the rules for new vulnerabilities as cloud-based security providers will be wary. Cloudflare WAF is only available from the PRO plan.

5. Cloudflare CDN

CloudFlare is developing a CDN taking advantage of the latest hardware changes and leaving the last 15 years legacy. It’s helpful to make a CDN easier to make, more affordable, and performs much better than the old CDN you adopted before. Because of that, if you try, you will get a different ownership experience.

6. Website Optimizer

One of the ways to get fast page load speeds is to optimize them regularly. CloudFlare is an Optimizer that is used to optimize your web site by minimizing a network connection. With it, you can get the optimized network status.

Cloudflare also supports WebP compression and is available starting from the PRO plan. Alternatively, you can refer to this to learn how to compress images for WordPress, Joomla or other web platform sites. Remove unwanted characters such as white specifications, comments, new character lines, unnecessary obstructions to serve web pages. By removing these unnecessary characters, the file size is reduced. Because it helps load pages faster.

7. Website Traffic Analysis

Many webmasters prevent attacks as a huge problem because none of them can monitor their site at any time. With CloudFlare Analytіcs, you can continue your work there. It can not only monitor threats to you, but also search engine crawlers. In addition, it is very helpful for you to conduct visitor analysis.

8. Cloudflare applications

Many webmasters have difficulty finding download links while installing some useful applications. Apart from that, it always takes too much time to download and install. However, if you use the CloudFlare App, everything will be easier. They can be easily installed to boost your site, no matter what CMS you use to create your site and which web host you host.

9. Cachіng Browser

Instruct visitor browsers to cache stat resources for longer periods of time, so repeated requests are loaded from the local cache to speed up web page loading. Don’t bother using third-party plugins or writing .htaccess to take advantage of the browser cache, instead you can solve it using Cloudflare under the “Caching” tab.

This is a complete discussion of what a CDN or Content Delivery Network is and the explanation.

Source : Apa Itu CDN Content Delivery Network