What is a Company Website or Company Profile

Website or commonly abbreviated as website is a page of information provided via the internet so that it can be accessed around the world as long as it is connected to the internet network. Website is an online communication tool that uses internet media in its distribution.

Whatever the language, we certainly agree that a website is a collection of pages that display information about text data, still image data or moving images, animation data, sound, video and or a combination of these, both static and dynamic, forming a series of interrelated buildings that linked where each linked by a network of pages (hyperlinks).

What is a Company Website

In terminology, a website is a collection of site pages, usually encapsulated in domains or subdomains, which are located on the world wide web (www) on the Internet.

The world wide web is made up of all publicly available web sites. Website pages are accessed from the URL which becomes the “root”, called the homepage. The main page is often translated as Home or Home.

These URLs organize a web page into a hierarchy, although the hyperlinks on the page organize readers and tell them the overall order and how this information flows.

A Web page is a document written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format, which is almost always accessible via HTTP, a protocol that conveys information from a website server for display to users via a web browser.

All the publications on this website can form a very large information network. A web page like a book that can hold a variety of information about many things both commercial and non-commercial. It is through this web media that someone can provide certain information to other people located around the world.

The website became known in Indonesia around 1998, where only large companies could own it. Back then, websites were quite an expensive technology to own. So that many entrepreneurs and producers do not recommend them to have this promotional media.

The dearth of web development service providers offering low prices makes these companies wanting to have a cheap website just a dream.

That In the past, now there are almost billions of web pages enlivening the virtual world. Most of these websites are commercial and business websites. It seems that the promotion of media in the form of a website is very important in the business world. The proof is that lately many entrepreneurs large and small have used websites as a promotional medium in marketing products or services.

The function of a website that is not only a promotional tool but also an effort to increase the prestige of a company has made many entrepreneurs dare to pay a high enough fee to have this online media.

Type of Company Website:

  • A Static Website   is a website whose content does not change. This means that if we want to change the content, then we have to edit the website code in the form of html css language, etc.
  • A Dynamic Website is a website whose content is subject to change. meaning that we can change website content at any time because the content is stored in a database that can change dynamically as desired by the website owner. On dynamic websites, you need to provide PHP code to interact with the Database or use a CMS. for example: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Blogger and others.

what is a company website or company profile

Benefits of a Website for Companies

The digital era has made many online sellers and shops successful in Indonesia, even many product sellers can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah just by using social media marketing.

Then do you still need to use a website for your company? Of course! When viewed from the benefits of using the company website below, it can be concluded that the website is one of the keys to the success of the company. Come on!

1. Product Sales Facility

The benefit of a website for the company is for product sales, if you rely on marketing your product only with social media, what if there is a period of social media that you are using has decreased rankings.

Like Twitter which used to be very trendy and is now experiencing a decrease in traffic. Website functionality is your company’s absolute sales vehicle. All social media marketing can be directed to your website, from there if the social media you use as a promotional tool has declined, customers will still know how to order your products.

2. Reviewing Each Product

Benefits of a website for companies in product reviews. If your company has many products and variants, you can create review content with a more flexible packaging when using a personal website. Of course it’s different when you use social media for product reviews using a website,

You can spend a lot of posts when using social media for each product and the number of variants! Website reviews can be as comprehensive as you want them to be and readers aren’t distracted by other info on social media!

3. Educational Facilities for Consumers

Each product must have a function to meet customer needs and problems, therefore you can educate their complaints and reasons for using your product.

Example: Nivea teaches that every woman has a different skin type and Nivea reviews women’s skin types. From there Nivea can direct which products from Nivea are suitable for private customers.

4. Company Profile

To gain customer trust, of course, company identity is a very important consideration! If you want to find a company name, of course you immediately look for the official website, then what if the company you own doesn’t have a website? Surely that will raise doubts for potential customers and even companies looking to do business with you.

Reviews of stories about the history of your company formation also attract other companies who want to work with or customers who are still unsure about the credibility of your company.

5. Keeping the Customer Database

Having a user login feature on the company website can certainly be useful for storing your customer database. Database functions for companies include:

  • Target consumers from your product promos
  • As a recipient of your product information
  • For new product testers or market tests for new products
  • To monitor your product marketing area

6. Increase Prestige or Prestige

If your company has competitors in the same field, and they only sell their products from social media, of course, the website becomes Beoners prestige. If your competitors also have a website, then the appearance of the website and its content are a reference for how reliable your company is from competitors.

7. Build new relationships

On your website, of course you can provide ‘contact us’, ‘business’ and even ‘contributor’ features working to build new relationships to grow your business. You can link contacts to you or your company’s marketing, so that it can influence the alignments of others for the development of your company. If you don’t have a website, or rely solely on social media marketing, this kind of access will be very difficult for you to get.

8. For Promotions and Product Campaigns

If your product has a product campaign or event agenda, you can use your website as a campaign source. Example: Pepsodent creates a morning and night brushing campaign, Pepsodent creates special content for the campaign. Of course through social media, we can campaign, but detailed reviews and campaign resources on social media are more elegant when sourced from company websites.

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