What is a Personal Website

Changes that occur due to technological developments make us refer to the internet for everyday life. You name it when you want to find information, you are more likely to visit the Google site, rather than asking directly. When looking for directions, you will use the Waze app or Google Maps instead of asking pedestrians.

It also affects your career, the sophistication of social technology sometimes makes personal and work life. For this reason, it is important that you form the personal branding you want for your career success. One way is by creating a personal website. Before discussing more deeply, it is better to know more clearly the definition and reasons for the existence of personal branding and what is a personal website.

Website is the best information technology today as a means of exchanging information with your customers or clients easily, quickly, and without distance or time limit. This means that consumers and potential consumers will easily get full and accurate business and company information just by searching through a computer connected to the internet, or even just using their gadgets anytime and anywhere.

The website itself is synonymous with pages on the internet that display information that is needed by visitors or it can be called readers. So, when equated, a website can become a forum that provides a variety of knowledge that we only need to take and access and then start reading.

The communication media available on the website vary, not only such as chat comments, replies, but, the knowledge conveyed, the articles presented by the website owner to readers are also a form of communication, although not directly.

Having a website, of course, must have articles or content that contain the information we really need. In fact, to get information, we not only read books, we can also add broader information that was not even known before.

In this sense, websites have a very important role as information providers rather than social media or other chat applications which may only be useful for interacting with one another.

what is a personal website

What is a Personal Branding Website

Personal branding is a way of communicating what makes you unique. You can take advantage of many elements of personal branding to define who you are (strengths, skills), what you do (enthusiasm and passion) and how you do it (respect).

Personal branding can be done using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The purpose of personal branding is so that you are known as a person by others, including job seekers.

Think about it now: You are currently working as an HR recruiting department. Then you are asked to find a salesman who is good at selling cars. So where do you look for job candidates? Select a company database, contact recruitment and internet consultants. Maybe you will use LinkedIn.

Now imagine, you have a website that describes your expertise in car marketing, you are diligent in reviewing products and have product knowledge, you also tell a lot about your experience in car marketing and related explanations. HRD will most likely call and call you for an interview.

Currently, not a few employees involved in HRD (Human Resources Department) rely on social media and the internet as references for information about their employees’ personal data. They argued that the use of social media is a practical and time-saving way. Therefore, having a personal or personal website is important to build branding for your career. The benefits that you will get are as follows:

  • Practically, you can put all the information about yourself on one personal site.
  • An effective personal website can be used as a very effective means of building personal branding.
  • It opens up a lot of career opportunities, for example if you are always writing about your travel experiences, don’t rule out the possibility of offers of support from travel companies, etc.
  • The funds required are very low, for websites and domains the price is only around Rp. 2 million per year. The cost of creating a website can start from free to IDR 5 million. You can use the SEON One Stop Solution service to create a personal website.

Tips for Creating a Personal Website

There are several tips that you can follow before creating a personal website, including the following:

 1. Personal Web Site = Yourself

Use a personal website to introduce yourself and explain who you are. On a personal website, you can write about your hobbies, experiences, knowledge and CV (resume).

2. Create an attractive domain

Domain is one of the important things, because it reflects the name and content of the website. You can easily use a domain that matches your name, for example www.AdityaRadea.com and you can also have a personal email address.

3. Many Free Sites for Personal Websites

One example is about.me , this is the easiest way to make it easier for others to find your personal data. This site allows you to post your photo and short bio and social media links. There are also other sites like flavours.me which allow you to upload video or audio to use as a personal portfolio.

4. The importance of the LinkedIn online community

LinkedIn is a social site used by professionals to promote yourself and share information about your experiences, skills and fields of work. Many recruiters use LinkedIn to build their employee resumes.

LinkedIn is also a site that can help companies find the employees they want. For career reasons, LinkedIn is a must-have site.

5. Connect the Domain to Your Digital Asset

If you have registered with LinkedIn or other social media, you can point the domain URL to that digital asset. Besides you don’t have to rebuild your personal branding from scratch, recruiters will find a lot of information about you through various websites.

6. It is possible to increase income

Did you know that personal websites can also generate income. You can learn how to get income from personal websites in the form of income from adsense ads and others.

By utilizing technological developments effectively, you will be able to attract more recruiters and easily build personal branding. Good personal branding will really help your career. Welcome to all the opportunities that will come with starting to build your personal website.

Source : Apa itu Website Personal