What is a Website Landingpage and Salespage

Based on wikipedia nowadays online shopping procedures can be done more easily. When a buyer is interested in the intended item, he can simply make a phone call with the seller or type an SMS or WhatsApp according to the rules.

After the message is received, the buyer is usually required to transfer a sum of money to the seller’s account and the goods purchased will be sent either by courier (if the delivery area is still close enough) or by postal service.

Payments can be made either using a debit card, credit card, PayPal, cutting customer credit (for transactions via HP), checks, or COD (Cash On Delivery), which is a payment made when the goods have been sent by the seller.

Cash On Delivery is usually done face-to-face between the seller and the buyer; the seller can show his goods so that interested buyers can research the goods he is going to buy. Purchases of this kind usually make payments in person / cash.

In addition to face-to-face contact between the seller and the buyer, COD can be done between the courier and the buyer; usually the seller will only serve COD if the buyer’s area is still accessible to the seller.

What is a Website Landingpage and Salespage

If you are into the world of Internet marketing, you may have heard the term landing page many times but do not understand what it means. Well, in this article we will explain in detail. Come on!

A landing page can be defined as a special page created for the sole purpose of converting, it can turn leads into buyers or just traffic into leads. Landing page is an English term that means the page on which to land, intended to refer to the page from the website that the visitor first sees when he clicks on a link to that page (directs the visitor to a website page).

Whatever the shape of a website page, based on the origin of the word, if the page is the first time a visitor is visiting, then it is called a landing page.

Since the landing page is the first page viewed, it is very important to design the landing page so that it can convert high and your visitors will take further action on it according to the purpose of the landing page.

For example, you want to redirect on a landing page so that visitors click the “order now” action button, then you must create a landing page that functions to influence visitors to buy the products offered.

Actions don’t have to be about redirecting to whatsapp messages, but can also lead to other pages. For example, a shopping cart filling page or filling out identities such as names, email addresses, and so on.

This means depending on the purpose of creating the landing page. If we refer to another understanding, a landing page can mean an independent web page specially created for promotional purposes.

It is generally interpreted this way because most landing pages are referred to for this purpose, which means they are not ordinary pages that do not require further action from the visitor. Landing pages are specifically aimed at promoting products, aimed at selling products online.

On Wikipedia, a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to a click on a search engine optimized search result, a marketing campaign, email marketing, or online advertising.

This is in line with the previous understanding that a landing page is the first page a visitor sees when clicking on a given link.

From the explanation above, we can conclude the meaning of the following website landing page. Basically, a landing page is a web page, whether single or branched everywhere, which is first seen by visitors when they click on the link provided and is specifically interpreted as a web page created for promotion. Either way, if it meets these two conditions, that’s what is meant by a landing page or a sales page.

what is a website landingpage and salespage

What are the Benefits of a Website Landing Page

The question is, is the sales page important? And the answer is that landing pages are very important if you are a professional marketer. Because in internet marketing, prospective buyers cannot touch your product directly, prospective buyers also don’t have time to watch an hour of your video presentation, and potential buyers access various information with only their mobile devices. That’s why you need a landing page.

To be clear, here are the benefits and reasons why a landing page is something you must have.

1. The landing page represents you speaking

In offline marketing, we can hire SPGs to attract potential buyers and explain the benefits of the product. But in internet marketing this cannot be done, therefore we need a sales page or landing page to replace the role of SPG.

Landing pages can be a medium for explaining various product offerings. We can put various important components such as headlines, videos, images, testimonials, video demos, rarity, etc. on the landing page.

2. Landing pages increase sales conversions

Let’s say there are two sellers who offer private tutoring services. One uses only the words orally and one delivers brochures with a very professional design. The question is, which one is more attractive to you? I am sure you will choose a seller who provides brochures.

Because besides being easy to read, you can read over and over again for further consideration. That’s the analogy if you sell with a landing page and no landing page.

Actually you can explain the benefits of your product via WhatsApp chat or direct telephone, but of course you will lose to sellers who use landing pages with a design that is “Wow”.

3. Retargeting Prospective Buyers

Using a landing page, you can also embed your Facebook pixels. So you can do retargeting to prospective buyers who haven’t made a purchase.

Types of Website Landing Pages

There are at least 2 types of sales pages including:

1. Lead Generation Landing Page

This type of sales page allows users to convert directly without having to move to another page. The CTA button used on this landing page is specifically designed to gather direct leads.

With a view like this, Lead Generation is better suited for a risk-free offering. As a result, users no longer need to hesitate to convert the way you want. Lead generation views also tend to be clearer, shorter, and more engaging.

2. Landing page CTR

This type of sales page has only one page in the form of a brief description of the offer. This type of Landing Page is best suited for traffic from PPV and Pop-Up or Pop-Under as usually people coming from here quickly close the browser screen.

So we also have to be able to attract attention quickly. Use this type for offers that are easy to complete such as registration, entering email, downloads and installations.

The Anatomy of a Great Landing Page Website

Next is how the anatomy of a landing page or a good sales page arrangement. To make a good landing page in the sense of generating high conversions, it must have the following anatomy.

1. Title

The title is the first component of the landing page visitors see. This means that if our headlines are less attractive, then the entire landing page can be ignored.

2. Video or picture

Quoted from the whiskey blog, video on the landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. Of course 86% is not a number that can be ignored. 86% is a very high number.

3. Product benefits

Under the video you can start explaining the benefits of the product. What needs to be underlined is not to explain the benefits of the product in too long paragraphs, it’s better to use only points.

4. Call To Action

Don’t forget to add a CTA in the form of clicking whatsapp or calling. Generally a call to action takes the form of a button in a color like red or yellow.

5. Testimonials

To lure purchases, you can add testimonials to your landing page. And generally the testimonial is at the end of the landing page.

That is the discussion about what a landing page and salespage website is that we can convey. Always success.

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