What is BACKLINK and PBN

Search Engine Optіmіzatіon (SEO) has various aspects that must be considered and become an important part that cannot be forgotten. Starting from keywords to backlinks. Especially for backlics, this is actually one of the very important parts of SEO, but it’s hard to get. How did that happen? Because the criteria for getting quality backliknk cannot be picked up quickly. It takes a long time and slowly to build a good and trusted web site to get a quality backlick.


Backlinks are a traditional practice in SEO. The backlink itself is when a website links a hyperlink to another website. SEO Backlink itself has an HTML language format on the website. Basically a backlink is a method where a website owner / author refers a link that is directed to someone else’s website.

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Are Backlinks Important?

A backlink to your site can be a signal to search engines that your website is a relevant and good source and can help readers. If there are multiple sites linking to the same page, search engines will conclude that the content qualifies to appear on the first page of search engines on related keywords. However, Backlinks are often misused. Many SEO professionals offer backlinking services in a form that is more like spam and more like black hat SEO techniques. This might give your site a penalty.

Backlink Category

Backlinks themselves are divided into 2 categories, namely:

  1. One Way Backlink

One-way backlinks are one-way backlinks, where only you embed a link to a website that can be embedded in your website url without having to include a backlink back to that website. Some examples of one-way backlink techniques are:

Blog Comments . You can enter your website url in every comment you put on the blog. But now, placing backlinks in comments on blogs is not an effective way. Because some CMS will immediately categorize the link as not followed link.

Signature Forum. In some forums there is a feature, which is a signature, which will be posted every time you post, this can be used to get one-way backlinks to your website.

  1. Reciprocal Backlinks

Examples of reciprocal links or 2-way backlinks that you can get are:

Submit directory . A submit directory is a website, which will classify various websites in a specific category and place the url of the website entered into that category. However, most of the website directories require you to post banners, links and so on on your website.

Link Exchange. Now this is usually done by bloggers in various blogger communities. Most communities do offer link exchanges, with the main objective being to get backlinks.

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What is Do-Follow and No-Follow

Previously we mentioned the no-follow link. Apart from the do not follow links, there are also do not follow links. But what to do and what not to follow? Basically, every hyperlink by default has a do-follow attribute, but some sites find this attribute not easy to get. So some sites make this hyperlink as prohibition. Do-follow is a hyperlink that can provide a boost of authority for your site. Whereas no-follow prevents your site from gaining authority from the website. Take advantage of backlinks to increase the ranking of your website. Backlinks can be a mainstay strategy if done right. What do you think about this? And do you have a different opinion? Please share it in the comments column and don’t forget to share it.

Effective Tips to Get Quality Backlinks

Search Engine Optіmіzatіon (SEO) has various aspects that must be considered and become an important part that cannot be forgotten. Starting from keywords to backlinks. Especially for backlics, this is actually one of the very important parts of SEO, but it’s hard to get. How did that happen? Because the criteria for getting quality backliknk cannot be picked up quickly. It takes a long time and slowly to build a good and trusted web site to get a quality backlick.

Apart from that, you also shouldn’t be careless in getting backlinks. If in your opinion the important thing is to only get as much backlight as possible, if you only look at it from a small quantity, then you are wrong. One of the most important values ​​is getting better quality backlics than getting as many backlics as possible. Actually there are several criteria to get quality backlіnk. If you really want to maximize backlash performance, here are six criteria that you should know.

Lots of traffic

The first criterion to look at in getting backlinks is traffic. The web site that you want to use as a background should be selected and then go high. If the past is not big enough or even below your website, you should avoid it. To be able to view traffic per month from a web site, you can use Ahrefs. Don’t forget this because in SEO, traffic is one of the points that must be fulfilled.

Have Influence (Authority)

Apart from having a lot of traffic, of course you need to have influence or authority. The effect referred to here is the information credibility contained on the web site. How do you view web site credentials? You can use Ahrefs. This software provides a scale of 1 to 100 which they refer to as the Domestic Device (DR). The higher the DR value, the more influence and credibility of the web site.


Every type of business must have a hat that can be discussed. Іngіn topіk that is already focused or on a large scale. From there, the relevance of the web site can be retrieved from the background what is most suitable to be obtained. Іthat’s why proper relevance must be included in this list of criteria. For example, if you have a web site that discusses technology, then look for a backlink from a web site that discusses the most suitable technology for you. So don’t forget to get backlinks from web sites that have very high traffic but don’t focus on discussing technology, for example the portal tells. From there, you can also take advantage of this aspect of traffic. Remember, the more relevant, the better.

Have a good editorial

What is meant here is a good, sustainable, and fun way to read. ІThat’s why you should search for web sites with this one feature. It cannot be denied that there are many web sites out there, but not all of them have good editions. Examples of good edited web sites are web portals and professional bloggers and credentials.

Pay attention to the outbound link

The web site that you want to create as a backlink source must also place a link from another web site, also called outbound link. Of the other outbound they use, don’t forget to check. Do not let them even post links from web sites that are not clear and cannot be trusted. If it’s not clear, you should stay away from web sites.

Google Indexed

Google is always trying to collect all the pages from the web site for them to index. You need to see whether the web site has been indexed by Google or not. How do you do it? You will live when “site: namawebsіte.com” on Google. If a page appears on a web site, that means it’s indexed. But if it doesn’t exist, just forget about the website because your efforts to get backlinks from there are definitely nothing.

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PBN (private blog network)

Many bloggers also ask about how to make PBNs? This makes sense, considering that PBNs or Personal Blog Networks are one way of doing off-page SEO optimization. Creating a true PBN blog is not much different from the blogs we usually use so far. But before I go into more detail about how to create and optimize PBNs, you should first know how to mediate the PBN definition itself.

What is PBN?

PBN or Private Blog Network is one of the few powerful backlinking techniques that take advantage of expired or expired domains that have quality metrics. The benefits of PBN Backlink are claimed to be able to increase the ranking of sites in search engines, even it only takes 5-7 days for low to moderate level competition. But you also have to be careful if you want to use this one technique. Even if you are already using a PBN service, make sure you also know the steps a PBN service provider must take to produce a quality PBN site. The following are some of the tips you can follow when you want to create a quality PBN website.

What steps can be taken to create this quality PBN website? The following is a review.

Make careful planning

One of the things you need to do to create a quality PBN website is to start with careful planning. This is because the planning step is very important to determine the final outcome and success of the PBN site that you will create. Basically the ultimate goal of creating a PBN site is to generate quality backlinks for your main website. Therefore you also need to know how to generate quality backlinks from your PBN website without Google knowing it. The good planning you do when you want to create a PBN site can be used to avoid suspicion by Google search sites about your PBN site. For those of you who want to know the planning steps required in building a PBN website, then you can listen to them in our previous article.

Buy a domain that has expired or is about to expire

Backlinks that can be used on your website are divided into 2 types, namely quality backlinks and unqualified backlinks. Quality backlinks are backlinks that come from sites that are trusted and have been known by Google for a long time. Therefore, compared to creating a PBN site from a new site, it would be preferable for you to use an outdated site or domain to create your PBN site. Creating a PBN site using an expired domain will make Google trust the PBN site more and judge the backlinks provided by the site as quality backlinks. However, when you are going to use an expired domain, you also need to pay attention to a few things. This includes:

  • Avoid using spammy domains
  • Pay attention to the quality of the backlinks provided by the domain

Make sure the PBN domain you are going to buy has the same value as the main site you will be using. If the PBN service you are using buys a domain that is not in the same niche as your main site, this will cause Google to become suspicious of you. This is due to the sudden change in website theme and backlink buying which is easily recognized by Google as a PBN site strategy.

Use a variety of unique C class IP Addresses for your hosting

Using a different IP address for your main website domain and PBN is one of the important things to do. This is used to avoid being tracked by Google. When a website with a strong backlink signal has the same IP address, it will be easier for Google to define it as a PBN website. If this happens then your PBN website will be penalized and will generate poor backlink value for your main website. Therefore, make sure you ask your PBN service to use a different IP Address for your main web page as well as your PBN website if you are using the same service.

Why is that?

Because PBN is not a technique categorized as white hat, but belongs to gray hat SEO. It’s safe to say that’s not true, but is it dangerous? The answer is uncertain. It all depends on how the master does the optimization. Therefore, novice bloggers are not advised to do it first. Just wait until the blog is old enough. When it comes time for your site to get old enough, optimizing for PBN backlinks is something that is highly recommended. PBN has very strong domain criteria so that the links that are obtained are very influential and can increase the position of the web until the first page of search engines is penetrated. Not only that, you can also control each outgoing link to our main site or blog. And fix the position if one day PBN has a problem.

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Things that need to be prepared to make PBN

What do we need to prepare to make PBNs? The main thing is actually capital and a strong determination to complete the PBN. Yes, you can’t create a free PBN, but you will need to prepare around $ 10 for a domain and $ 5 for hosting. Make sure you have an expired domain with the following characteristics:

  • Domain is still indexed by Google.
  • The domain has a minimum of 50 referral domain backlinks, with a minimum of 50% of the referral domains having an ahrefs domain (DR) rank above 50.
  • Better 1 niche with moneysite. But if the domain is good, even one niche won’t be a problem.
  • The comparison of the number of backlinks and also the reffering domain is not too different.
  • High PA, DA, TF, CF, DR domains above 20.
  • Domain registers are different.
  • Spam score is not very high.

How to create a PBN

Creating a PBN is actually complicated and difficult. The key is choosing the right domain and blogging as well as possible. Make sure you follow all the procedures so that you get maximum results. So, here’s how to make the right PBN that you can do.

  1. Choosing a Domain

The first step you have to do is choose a domain first. Whether it’s an expired domain or an old domain. Regarding the domain criteria, you can consider the criteria that I have mentioned in the explanation above. Choosing the right domain will greatly affect the results of the PBN backlinks that you have created. Domains can be obtained in various ways ranging from scrapt own, buy, auction, or others. Once the domain for the PBN has been acquired, you can follow further instructions.

  1. Buy Hosting

You don’t have to use blogger yourself for a PBN blog, but it doesn’t hurt if you also use a standalone wordpress blog hosting platform. Regarding hosting, you don’t have to buy too expensive. As long as you buy them in trusted places. Buy hosting with different data or customize previously purchased PBN domain data. It is advisable not to buy reseller hosting as it is very dangerous if you are not very good at it. However, if you are accustomed to using reseller hosting in PBN optimization, then just do it.

  1. Theme and Plugin Settings

The process of how to make PBNs for WordPress next is to make settings in the Themes and plugins. Just like domain and hosting, for themes + plugins use as many different ones as possible. Custom plugins, you can install and activate the spyder spanker plugin to block bots. As for templates, you don’t need to think too much about the design as long as the theme is SEO friendly, so that’s very good.

  1. PBN Settings

Domain and hosting are ready, so the next process in creating a PBN is simply setup. Before installing WordPress, first check the PBN backlink whether using www or not, adjust it first. Also check https or http, also adjust. Web PBN is filled with at least 4-5 articles at once, try the theme of my article with moneysite or the main blog that will be given a backlink. And to be sure, the content must be the writing itself not the result of translating, rotating, or copying and pasting.

Apart from that, you can also fill PBN content with general Niche. As an example of a moneysite containing health content, PBN can be filled with articles on the theme of beauty. It aims to be used also for other mononeysites that are still 1 niche. Don’t forget to install Google Analytics to monitor visitor progress. Alternatively, you can use clicky, histats, or jetpack. I recommend google analitycs only because it has proven to be very accurate. In essence, PBN web is made as natural as possible with the main blog.

And last but not least, PBNs must be treated as well as we treat other blogs. Take good care of visitors and also the quality of the PBN itself. The bigger the visitor, the more quality PBN you create. Meanwhile, to link to the site, you can use the following criteria:

  • Unique links, ready to use,
  • Just enter 1 link to moneysite
  • Use variations of keywords
  • Don’t link to your other PBN, but just point the PBN to the main web.
  • Do not link to websites containing pornographic content, pharma, gambling and other spammy keywords.
  • Apart from the link to the homepage is also allowed, but only optimizing the content.

In essence, PBN optimization should be carried out as naturally as possible and the content creation process is also recommended to continue with doing keyword research. If you do, it can give optimal results to the main website (moneysite). And PBN is one of the off page SEO techniques that you can do by forgetting various other off page SEO alternatives and on page SEO as the main thing.

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