What is Backlink and Types of Backlinks

What comes to our mind when we hear the word backlink? Yes, that is absolutely true if backlinks are one of the offpage SEO techniques. Its presence is not only a complement to optimization but also contributes to increasing traffic, popularizing company brands and consistently passive support.

This article will discuss about backlinks starting from their definition, benefits and types. Come on!

What is Backlink Types and Functions of Backlinks

In order to compete in search engines (google, bing, yahoo), site or blog owners are constantly competing to find quality backlinks to get first place in the SERP. In fact, some go the extra mile almost every day just to embed hundreds of backlinks to personal sites.

Even so, you could say that this step is less effective without knowing the ins and outs of the backlink itself. Now, before going to a more detailed study, let’s first learn about the meaning, benefits and types of backlinks.

What is a Website Backlink!

In terminology, backlinks consist of 2 syllables, namely Back which means back and Link means URL or site address. So it is clear that a backlink is a backlink that leads to a certain site with the aim of increasing the page rank or site ranking in front of search engines.

So it is clear that the influence is so great that it can even be said to be a complement to optimizing website SEO. Even though it is classified as an offpage seo technique, its existence should not be underestimated because no matter how good an onpage site is without a complete combination with offpage, the results will never be optimal.

Many cases often occur like this, the site has met the requirements for onpage and offpage SEO to provide hundreds to thousands of backlinks but ultimately unable to compete in the SERP position. If progress is so, it is likely that there is some fatal errors such as over-load when linking backlinks, could be due to wrong targeting  the keywords  (keywords), high competition and other factors.

Therefore, relying on as much backlink search as possible does not always guarantee that a site gets the highest ranking from search engines considering that there must be a balance with the quality of backlinks and other factors.

Benefits of Website Backlinks!

After getting to know what a website backlink is , the next discussion is the benefits of website backlinks. High-quality backlinks are a major part of the Google algorithm and backlinks will also continue to be one of the priority assessments, as backlinks can be the determining factor that drives a website to the top of search results.

Not many people think about the benefits of link building for website SEO enhancement. Here are the benefits of Backlinks for website SEO.

1. Provide a strong foundation

Creating a blog or website, of course, requires a foundation called the same as when you want to build a house. Building a house needs a foundation such as cast stones, sand, cement, iron and scratches so the application in a blog is the basic onpage and offpage SEO techniques. Whereas backlinks include offpage SEO techniques which will play an important role in strengthening the foundation of the blog so that it is indexed by search engines while optimizing rankings or rankings.

2. Increase SERP position

Apart from the quality of content, backlinks also have a positive impact on the blog, especially for optimization to increase SERP position. That is, if previously a blog or site was in position 3 or 4 in search engines, then after using quality backlinks it is believed to be able to increase the second position even to be the first.

3. Reduce alexa rank

Alexa rank is a website traffic provider for web traffic data around the world. So every site must have the data recorded by Alexa rank in the form of traffic, incoming links, outgoing links and so on. His arrival was also greeted positively by all types of search engines so that it becomes a benchmark for the popularity of a site.

Generally, a professional superior site has a slim Alexa rank and that is a sign that offpage SEO techniques are really being applied, one of which is through backlinks or quality backlinks. On the other hand, by decreasing Alexa rank, the search engines will have more confidence so that the site becomes the first choice in the first position of the SERP.

4. Maintaining rankings

It is not new that the existence of quality backlinks to the site can certainly maintain the highest rankings on various search engine sources. The effect is, of course, brand authority is increasingly recognized by the public, increased traffic, generous revenue and other benefits.

5. Build website authority website

Quality backlinks help build brand authority and brand awareness. In the same way Google will look at these links as a good indication that your website provides useful information, consumers see them as a good indication that your brand is one to be reckoned with. Indirectly, website backlinks will help attract consumers to your brand only by association. It also helps to present your company as a source of information, and can even result in sites linking to your content, giving you natural backlinks, which Google loves.

what is backlink and types of backlinks

Types of Website Backlinks!

After knowing what backlinks are and their benefits, continuing to the last discussion, the types of backlinks are very diverse ranging from nofollow, dofollow, high PR, EDU domains, Gov domains and many more. In order to better understand it, here will be 2 special divisions related to this, namely,

1. One way backlink

Is a backlink that has only one direction. This means that the links point to certain sites without any reciprocity. As an analogy, site A implements a link to site B but site B does not link the link to site A. In its application, one way backlink is often used to link links to other people’s sites. Some examples of one way backlinks include.

1. Through blog comments.

This technique is very easy because it is enough to comment on neighboring sites and then include certain links. But don’t just comment, remembering that one of the requirements for quality backlinks is linking links to relevant sites or blogs.

2. Through the Signature forum.

Between local and international forums, usually after we become members, we will get a free signature text box. Of course this is a gap so that it can be used as well as possible in order to hunt for full power one way backlinks.

3. Social Bookmark.

In almost every sosbook there is always a main submite URL / blog facility and thus makes it easier for site owners to build one-way link building. There are many types of social bookmarking , so choose one that suits the niche or content of our site, it’s much better than carelessly submitting URLs to all social bookmarking.

2. Two way backlinks

Is a backlink technique with a reciprocal effect between sites where link A is on site B and vice versa link B is also on site A. The application is as follows

1. Website directory.

Most directory websites always offer reciprocal backlinks. This includes the best chance for a site to acquire quality backlinks. Even international scale web directories usually have the highest rank in search engines so it is very profitable if you link there.

2. Link Exchange.

Not much different from the same web directory – there is reciprocal link between links. The method is more towards link exchange based on the agreement of the site or blog owner. Even though it seems simple, this technique is quite effective in helping especially if the site is in the discussion of one (relevant) topic.

3. Multy way backlinks

Is a type of backlink in all directions. This means that several sites or blogs will be connected to each other whether it is on the same or different paths where these links will lead and lead to the main site. Regarding the application technique, namely a combination of one way backlinks and two way backlinks then added mixed backlinks such as profile links, contextual backlinks, backlink footers, sidebar backlinks, guespost backlinks, document sharing, image herring and many more.

So in principle, linking backlinks includes art and strategies so that we can build quality backlinks. Even though there are techniques using software or manuals to find backlinks, the end result is certainly not always as expected because of its evolving nature and following the progress of search engine algorithms.