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What is Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a form of advertising from Microsoft where you can manage online business ads. Here we can manage ad placement on the Microsoft network, target market locations, languages, etc.

The adsAds bing platform is your best friend in online marketing. Understanding what the features and advantages of this platform are will increase your business and sales.

Difference between Bing Ads and Google Ads

Despite what AdWords and Bing Ads have in common, there should be a number of small details that make these two platforms different.

It is important to understand the difference between Bing ads and Google AdWords, especially if you want to use both platforms. this is the difference;

1. Search volume

This first difference is the most basic difference, namely the search volume between bing ads and Google Adwords.

This March 2020, around 91.54% of online searches were conducted on Google, 2.44% on Bing, and the rest on various platforms that you are less familiar with. Which means, AdWords delivers more impressions, clicks, conversions and sales than Bing. However, Bing excels in the aspect of focus due to the lack of competitors playing.

Google has more search volume, which means it can do more, which means it’s more complex, which means you have to pay more for each click.

2. Cost per click

Some data suggests that the average click price on Bing saves 33% -42% compared to AdWords. In fact, the price for each click you pay on Bing ads will depend on the business you’re advertising, including your target market and the keywords you’re targeting.

This is different from AdWords. If your consideration is concerned with price, Bing ads is definitely an affordable option.

3. Level of competition

Roughly counted, AdWords controls 90% of the search engine market. With so many advertisers joining AdWords, this makes internal competition even more intense. On the other hand, with Bing ads you will only be competing with half or one third of the number of AdWords competitors.

With a relatively low level of competition, there is a chance that ads will appear more frequently and visitors will not get many ad comparisons. Which means, there is huge potential for getting better results by advertising on Bing Ads.

4. Demographics

In terms of demographics, there are striking differences between Bing and Google users, which in turn affect ad conversion rates. That’s based on digital data, 40% of Bing users are 35-54 years old, 44% are married, and the average household income is higher each month. In other circumstances, Google users tend to be younger.

5. Conversion ratio

Specifically for this aspect, Bing is indeed 6% lower in ad conversion rate than AdWords. But in other cases, Bing’s average cost per lead (CPL) is 6% cheaper than AdWords. That way, you’ll pay less for Bing for the same type of ad.

Before combining it all into Bing, Microsoft had two search engines and a bunch of web properties that looked for different things. They now combined everything into one interface and named it Bing.

If you are tired of the old Google interface and you want to explore other search engine options, why not give Bing from Microsoft a try?

Bing Ads Features

After knowing what the meaning of Bing is and its brief history above, of course Bing itself also has the Main Features that they highlight. The main features of Bing are as follows:

1. Background Image

We can’t ignore its user interface which is attracting a lot of attention. And here’s the reason, Bing has a beautiful background image which changes every day.

Various images are displayed to provide an idea of ​​what the user can see. For example, Bing shows background images of people, adventurous places such as mountains, marine life, or even popular cities.

You can easily use these images by setting what you like the most as your desktop background.

2. Rewards

Bing Rewards was launched back in 2010. It’s impressive how Bing includes this as part of the equation. Looks like Bing is aware and generous to its users.

Simply put, users can get credit every time they search with Bing as an incentive to continue using the search engine. This strategy has greatly increased Bing’s market share, to be precise, in the US.

All you need to do is log into your Microsoft account via a PC or Tablet. From now on, you get access to a number of points that can be redeemed. What’s even more interesting is the Bing app which is available on the Apple store and Google Play. Using this application, you can search for anything and earn points from the comfort of your mobile.

3. Loyalty Level

The search engine has a systematic formula for giving back to its users. It’s pretty clear that the top tier comes with the most prizes. The entry level, which is the “Member” plan, is accessible to all new users residing in the US and over 13 years of age. It should be noted that users are limited to only one member account.

4. Visual Search

Bing Visual Search is one of those features that tends to be very futuristic. So this is the ability. You can literally take photos of math problems, or specific vehicle parts, and look for the most authentic and unique results.

In other words, you can use images to search for anything on Bing. Importantly, the in-depth search engine brings a new experience of privacy control in the hands of users. You can enable private mode to hide all your private searches from your browser history.

5. Bing Timeline

Bing Timeline is a feature that filters the results to show you important information through a detailed timeline. The Bing algorithm generates a Timeline of famous personalities and captures all their accomplishments in a complex way.

For example, to illustrate, if you are looking for a specific icon name, for example, from an athletic background, Bings lists a complete list of all their achievements along their career path.

6. Video Popup Hover

But another awesome feature that reveals a seamless experience or UX (User Experience) is when searching for videos on Bing. Usually, Bing displays high-resolution videos from popular platforms such as YouTube, MTV, Hulu, CBS, and MSN. The navigation system is quite flexible and easy to use when checking the preview.

7.Bing ads (Ads)

It looks like Microsoft is alert and aware of all the current trends. With the prevalence of Google ads on so many web pages, this is a kind of revival call for Microsoft.

To get a stable foundation in this industry, Microsoft Advertising is the center of attention. Paid advertising helps you reach online networks in a smart and knowledgeable manner.

The advantage is that Microsoft advertising allows users to import other campaigns such as Google ads in a simple way.

Source : Apa itu Bing Ads