What is Blogspot

Blog is an abbreviation of “web log” which is a form of web application in the form of various types of writing (published as blog posts or articles) on public web pages (blog templates). These posts are often contained in reverse order (the latest content or posts are placed first or in first and then followed by longer content or posts made), although it doesn’t have to be. Websites like this can usually be accessed by all internet users according to the required topic and purpose of the blog user, which is usually by writing certain words (keywords) on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine pages.

History of the emergence of the Blog

This blogging medium was first popularized by Blogger.com, which is owned by Pyra Labs before being acquired by Google around the end of 2002. Since then, there have been many open source applications devoted to blog author development. (blogger).

Benefits and Uses

This blog has very diverse functions or benefits, ranging from just a diary, media publications in the form of political campaigns, to other media programs and high-class companies. Most blogs are managed by a single author (blogger), while others are managed by multiple authors in a consortium. Many blogs also have facilities for interacting with visitors, such as using guest books and comment fields that allow visitors to leave comments or responses to the content of published articles (blog articles), but there are also blogs that are the opposite (non-interactive), meaning only used for limited circles such as those owned by schools or higher education institutions. Websites that are interlinked between several blogs,or in total is a collection of blogs that are often referred to as the blogosphere. When a large wave of activity, information and opinions repeatedly appear on several subjects or are highly controversial in the blogosphere, it is often referred to as a blog or blog storm.

Application of Blogspot

Blogs are also the same as sites or websites that you often encounter on the internet. Material and content is completely free from the blog creator. of course it is highly recommended to share useful knowledge. By having a blog, we can practice the ability to convey information or things that we want to convey to others without intending to patronize or know about what we know to readers. By having a Blog, we can get a lot of ideas obtained from various sources that provide comments on the posts that we publish on the Blog that we make and will spur our enthusiasm in exploring creative and positive mindsets about what we can do and be useful for ourselves. or for another.There have been many people who have achieved success just by having a blog, because blogs are open to anyone so that they can also be used as a means to develop their online business between the writings they publish and are liked by many people who seek and read them. With Blogs, we can have many friends from various regions and countries who have a similar relationship with the Blog content that we create.

Lately, the function of the blog is not only as a means of sharing information and quotes of a general nature, but more likely as a means of promoting the sale of a product or also a business program. It is unfortunate that the emergence of various blogs that promote less educational content, or adult content that has the potential to exacerbate the mindset of the educational aspect. The sophistication of technology today must be able to bridge the limitations of useful knowledge among others, so use wisely what you can do through the media of Blogs.

Blogspot advantages

  • The advantage of Blogpsot over wordpress is that Blogspot is one of Google’s products. So that it can be integrated with other services from Google.
  • In addition, Blogspot is very friendly with SEO (search engine optimization). So blog owners can easily optimize their own blog.
  • Blogspot is also quite easy to use and very practical.
  • If we create a blog on Blogspot, we can easily customize our own blog.
  • The advantage of Blogspot compared to other free WordPress is that blogs created using Blogspot can be registered with Google Adsense.

                Apart from being on the internet, some of the advantages of other blogs are that they stand alone as a medium, besides that blogs also tend to be informal in the language they use. Blogs allow interaction between recipients of information. The information submitted will be immediately responded to, added, corrected and enriched by others. Therefore, the topic may become more interesting with discussions between the blogger and the weblog visitors. Weblogs are media that are used privately, both individually and institutions. There are no personal requirements given from any party to own and manage their own weblog. The format is easy to apply and the management is not complicated, so that this media can be operated by anyone.No technical skills or basic journalistic skills are required to publish information in a weblog.

Lack of Blogspot

  • The weakness or weakness of the first Blogspot is the simple admin dashboard display.
  • Writing articles on Blogspot is arguably less flexible, because the tools provided are not as complete as WordPress.
  • For beginner bloggers who don’t understand HTML and CSS, it can be difficult to customize the appearance of the blog.
  • Blogspot is one of Google’s products, so users must comply and comply with Google regulations.

Some of the disadvantages of blogs are that they are vulnerable to viruses, hackers or spyware. In addition, blogs also lack human touch, are easily misused, and the articles on the blog are less accountable. For this reason, there have been several attempts to minimize this deficiency. Among them is to use a safe programming language, use an attractive design, and have correct article writing controls.

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