What is Facebook Ads

Talking about how to market a product or service for a brand, it can not only be done in conventional ways such as distributing brochures on the street, placing advertisements in newspapers, or by sticking posters on walls.

More effective marketing methods are needed to reach a wider market, not only national markets but also international markets. Therefore, marketing your product or service online is one of the most effective methods for your business.

What is Facebook Ads

Promoting online is of course a very important role for the growth and development of a brand. By doing promotions, your customers or potential customers can find out what products or services you sell and what are the uses or benefits of the products you sell.

The purpose of promotion is to attract potential customers to buy them. There are various types of promotional strategy options that you can consider, whether it is done without capital or by spending capital first.

What is clear, if you want the fastest way to bring in lots of subscribers, you can choose paid media. For paid media, there are currently two, namely Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Facebook ads with Google Adwords both have a good impact on increasing online business sales and can get big profits later.

Facebook as a social media, with the highest number of visitors, can be an online business opportunity to place ads on it. Meanwhile, Google as a search engine uses search engines as a medium for displaying advertisements.

Try to imagine in plain view between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords there is almost no difference, including the same in terms of financing. Maybe if you were the cloud, in that case, you would think that the two platforms wouldn’t make a difference.

FB Ads is an advertising service offered by Facebook to promote various products with various target markets. Advertisers can also define the desired market, for example the reach of the ad is only intended for people who are in a certain region, a certain age, a certain gender, and so on.

Adjusting market reach will make ads more targeted and reach the desired users. Ads displayed using the FB ads service will only appear on Facebook and Instagram.

Why FB Ads?

Facebook is one of the largest social media in the world which has about 1 billion users in 2015. The number will certainly continue to grow as time goes by.

Facebook is used in almost all countries including Indonesia. From a business perspective, Facebook users in Indonesia are very large, of course, this is a potential market for several companies as well as the right choice as an advertising medium to market products or services.

How do FB ads work?

The main requirement for placing ads on Facebook is that the user must first have a Fanpage page. This fan page can easily be created via Facebook. You can also customize the vision of the Fanpage for what purpose. After creating a fanpage page, you can start advertising using FB ads.

What are the FB ads advertising methods?

FB ads have 2 types of advertising methods, namely:

  • CPM (Cost per 1000 Mille): the advertiser will pay if the ad has been shown 1,000 times to the target audience.
  • CPC (Cost per Click): users will pay each time the ad is clicked by the audience at a predetermined price.

All businesses will be helped to sell with Facebook ads. Especially for SMEs or small and medium enterprises that have just been established. They are certainly not strong enough to compete with advertisers on super expensive television.

Now with advertising on Facebook, advertising seems to be the solution to the cost problem of advertising. Because only Rp. 10,000, we can advertise. The potential of digital marketing like this is expected to continue to grow in the future.

This is because sitting from home just tinkering with your phone, your product has been seen by thousands to millions of people. So advertising here has no distance and time limit. This is very effective instead of having to walk around and introduce stuff door to door.

Similarities between FB ads and Google Adwords

If you look at these two promotional media, they both have great power because of their ability to display advertisements or promotions targeted according to your business audience in a more specific and targeted way.

For example, suppose you have an online shop that markets or offers cosmetic products. Of course, in this case you need a more suitable market share, who is interested and likes the products you sell, right?

With Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, you can get market share that actually has the potential to buy the product you are selling. Because these two promotional media can indeed target audiences according to their interests on the internet.

When you use these two promotional media, your ad will focus more on customers who have the same interests, so the tendency to buy products is very large.

Difference between FB ads and Google Adwords

The differences between the two platforms above are as follows.

1. Different Targeting Systems

Generally, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords have the same analysis before promoting your product or service. But it is different in finding its audience.

If on Facebook Ads in terms of targeting according to audience interests, this method serves to increase audience awareness in remembering the products we sell, while Google Adwords is more for users who are specifically looking for something.

On the Facebook Ads platform, you have the option to define the audience you want to target using filters covering audience interests, audience behavior, demographics, geography, connections, and so on. So that by doing so you are expected to reach the right audience and most importantly your ad can only be seen by the audience that you have targeted previously.

Usually your ad if it is running will appear on the Facebook user homepage. In contrast to Google Adwords, where this promotional media displays ads based on keywords that you targeted previously. So when users type in the same keywords as you previously set, the advertising product that you sell will appear in the search results.

2. Different in Brand Building

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords each offer different things in brand building. For example, in Adwords, users will be directed to click on the title of a story on the main Google page that you have planned in advance.

Meanwhile, if you use Facebook Ads, your ad will continue to appear on the Facebook user’s homepage every day, so that the audience when they open Facebook will immediately see your ad.

If your ad can grab the attention of your audience, your audience will not hesitate to click on your Facebook Ads and even then they will buy it immediately.

Source : Apa itu Facebook Ads