What is Google Adword

As a business person, one of the effective ways to promote the products offered is to advertise the product. Both with online advertising and advertisements in print media.

Advertising is very important for your business needs. For those of you who are in business, advertising can provide great opportunities for the development of your business.

In this digital era, there are many advertising opportunities to be shown on any social media. Social media provides opportunities for business people to spread their wings, because it is no secret that everyone from all walks of life has a smartphone and installs social media applications on it.

What is Google Adword

If Google AdSense is useful for displaying ads and each publisher will earn revenue, AdWords is the opposite. Although it is still related to advertising, we create our own advertisements. This means that we are advertisers on Google and will pay for it.

Who doesn’t know Google. This search engine giant has made many achievements in the technology field. One source of income is AdWords.

They sell space to advertise on every word or keyword typed in a search engine. If you are a businessman. Using the AdWords service is one sure step to selling a product.

Like advertisements in newspapers or television, everything requires sacrifice, especially funds. But don’t worry, because AdWords will only be paid when the ad is clicked on by the user.

AdWords offers a variety of ways for you to target. By targeting advertising goals, your ad will be automatically targeted to people who are interested in your products and services.

In addition, by determining your target audience, you can display relevant ads. AdWords can give you control over how your money is spent. Because you will only be charged if someone clicks on the ad created.

Apart from that, you can also choose the amount of costs you spend per day, per month and advertise without a minimum limit. AdWords provides a facility you can use to easily manage your account.

what is google adword

Reasons for Using Google Adwords

An attractive place to show your business ad is one of Google’s features. Google as the largest search engine in the world provides a platform called Google Adwords for you to advertise the products you offer freely. Google Adwords can be your best friend in online business.

Google Adwords is an advertising platform provided by Google so that you can advertise for free and are only charged after the ad is clicked on. Here you are free to adjust the ad placement that you will display according to the location of the target market, language and so on.

Google Adwords makes your online business a lot easier because it has the potential to get lots of website visitors and with the right keywords.

Here are some reasons why you need to advertise your business with Google Adwords:

1. Minimize the budget

Now many people are starting to switch to using Google Adwords because you don’t have to pay big fees. You only need to prepare a budget starting from Rp.450,000 so you can show ads with the best keywords for your business.

In addition, you only need to use a Google account to be able to advertise on Google Adwords. Google Adwords implements a system if people click on your ad then your balance will decrease and if no one clicks on your ad then you will advertise for free on Google.

That’s if you invest a little but will reap big profits, it’s very tempting isn’t it. Don’t forget to provide interesting keywords for your business to search for.

2. The quality of the visit

One of the features of using Google Adwords is that you will get quality visitors. Quality visitors here means they really want to find, buy, and use products from you.

Ads using Google Adwords only show screens of people who are looking for or need this product. Google Adwords will display your ad according to the keywords that people type when searching on the Google search engine.

This means that the ads that will appear are related to the keywords you are typing. This will increase visitor clicks to your website and increase the number of sales you will receive.

3. Increase brand awareness

By advertising using Google Adwprds, it will certainly be a special attraction for website visitors. Ads that will appear on the first page of search will definitely be glimpsed by many people.

This will increase the level of brand awareness of your business. If your business brand is already popular then it will make people not hesitate to choose the products you offer.

If you use Google Adwords, your product will be known and will be remembered more by consumers. Building memories in the minds of consumers will be more difficult if you don’t apply unique and creative ideas to make a good first impression when consumers see your product.

4. Beat competitors

Competitors in the modern online business mode can no longer be counted on the fingers. The magnitude of online business trends makes business people tempted to online the right business.

By advertising your product through Google Adwords, you must always be optimal in promoting your product. Actually, there are still many business people who don’t really understand Google Adwords. This is your chance to beat your competitors because you have used Google Adwords first.

How to Optimize Google Adwords

Some of the optimizations that can be done to make ads work effectively are

1. Tracking

An advertising campaign would be better off if there was tracking that monitored how the ad campaign worked, without which we could not optimize it because there was no data that could be analyzed including Google AdWords.

With tracking, we will easily find out what keywords provide sales or leads, when using the content network we can find out which website visitors brought sales or leads from.

Knowing this information we can stop advertising keywords, or target websites that do not provide sales or leads and run traffic that is only beneficial so that the investment will be smaller but yield maximum results.

2. Landing Page

Using Google AdWords does not mean directly entering www.websitekita.com (homepage) as the destination page because by doing that we will see a very large percentage of visitors like the following example (visitors see an ad that is clicked on a website – go) and with a very large percentage. big then the ad can not provide the expected results.

Before we get started with an AdWords campaign, it’s a good idea to create a custom landing page that matches your targeted keywords to maximize conversion rates. By doing this, in addition to making our campaign more optimal, we will also get a higher ad quality score from AdWords.

Source : Apa itu Google Adword