What is Home Property Agent Website

The Property Agent Website is none other than a web that sells various property products such as houses, apartments and land.

In an era of increasingly fierce business competition, marketers are increasingly looking for ways to sell their products to clients so that targets are achieved. In the midst of this massive digital development, the property business marketers also don’t want to lose.

So, one way to take is online marketers. This is quite basic because the use of the internet and digital media is also loved by all levels of society. Plus, many online marketer tools are available free and affordable. But of course, online marketing is still done with a strategy so that all planning does not go without results.

Property Agent Website and Marketing Strategy

We summarize at least five of the easiest ways online marketers in the property sector to keep up with the digital revolution including:

1. Have a Professional Website or Blog

The website is like your main face. On a business website, you can display all information about your business products. Instead of using paid advertising on Google Ads, you can also maximize website content, hereinafter referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO struggles in the world of content and keywords used, therefore, content that is attractive and follows SEO standards has the opportunity to be read by many people. After that, you just have to wait for potential buyers to contact you through the information provided in the content.

2. Master the Short Message Service and Chat

In addition, digital marketers also focus on response speed. With the times, it is possible for consumers and sellers to communicate through the chat features you have such as Whatsapp, Line Official, or customer service chat services from your business website.

3. Have Professional Social Media

When it comes to social media, Indonesia is one of the largest users. Indonesian citizens are very active in cyberspace and social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Eventually the property market began to target the three social media as an efficient property marketer technique.

Social media is an online marketplace gallery for property seekers. Having a professional team is a must. Starting from branding, professional photographers and professional copywriters. Image is the most important element that opens the gate for buyers to choose your property. Before price and other aspects, the first thing a prospective buyer will see is the picture.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram is considered a very effective property marketer. The potential for Instagram is huge. There are real estate agents with thousands to hundreds of thousands of followers. A good Instagram is one that has a specific theme. There is also a focus on interior design and furniture.

Also, Instagram professionals always choose their photos carefully. Only images with high quality and quality content will be selected. Therefore, don’t forget the copywriting aspect in the title of your Instagram photo.

4. Active on Property Search Sites

The easiest way for the next online marketer is to be active on property sites. There are times when you have to think about a ‘partnership’ perspective as opposed to yourself. This is because there are many portals and home search sites scattered in cyberspace.

These portals are great platforms which of course if you want to compete with them with your own site it will certainly incur more effort and expense. Hence consider becoming one of their members or becoming an advertiser on the platform.

In the property platforms on the internet, most of them are real estate portals. Real estate agents give a number of returns to generate more attractive views. As a result, more bids will go to real estate agents.

For online sales, it is important for agents to spread information about the products they are selling to the public. There is also a property feature that tells the public what the property is going to offer. On this property portal, potential customers must register with an announced contact to reach you.

5. Create an Online Open House

Visiting marketplace gallery locations directly is still a popular trend for property seekers. This is an interesting way to make property choices. Consumers can visit in person and customize to their personal taste. Besides that, you can also see directly the size of the room, how the condition of the furniture and so on.

With an open house, relationships with buyers are better and become a means of increasing consumer confidence in the preferred property agents. But the problem is if your property product doesn’t have a building. Hence, this is where virtual reality technology excels.

Virtual Reality is the development of multimedia-based information so that users can connect with an environment that does not exist in the real world visualized by a computer.

With Virtual Reality technology, finding and buying property is very easy. Property seekers do not have to come to the location where the project is built. VR has advantages over other technologies, namely the impression as if you are in the real world.

VR has three visual dimensions which are expected to meet the needs of potential buyers for information about property. SmartEye has a service to display your Virtual Reality properties on your company website and mobile app.

Creating an online Open House is certainly not a difficult problem with this technology, because clients can access your products anytime, anywhere and get facilities such as an open house directly.

what is home property agent website

Avoid This In Creating A Property Agent Website

1. No Content

Google Panda is a kind of reminder for online businesses. This program can sort and rank websites from worst to best. Websites that don’t produce user-friendly content will rank lower than websites that regularly generate new content.

Then, what is good content according to Google Panda? Content in the form of infographics will make the web score higher. In addition, content that uses too many keywords to track will actually make your page low because it looks unnatural.

2. Posting Duplicate Content

If you keep posting duplicate content, of course Google will know that because Google’s newest algorithm can identify and penalize duplicate sites. Hence, it is better to hire a reliable SEO content team who will update articles regularly to keep the website ranking high and visible to the masses of people.

3. Incorrect or Broken Links

Google also knows if your website links too often to bad, spam-laden pages. Even this action will be fatal, namely the website can be permanently banned from appearing in search engines and its index is lost.

The way to avoid this is to write and post content suitable for your business and also place appropriate links to the articles in it. For example if you write about technology in the real estate business, then the link you enter could go to the Forbes Tech or TechCrunch article pages.

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