What is Instagram Ads

Instagram has become a familiar social media platform for people around the world. Now it has reached more than 1 billion users. This data for online businesses is a profitable opportunity to market their products and to be able to reach more potential customers.

Realizing the commercial opportunities that could be obtained, IG then launched a new feature, Instagram Ads in October 2013. Without taking long, this feature was immediately utilized by business people as part of their social media marketing strategy.

4 years after Instagram ads was released to the market, precisely in March 2017, IG now has more than 1 million active advertisers.

What are the advantages of Instagram Ads

There are many reasons why Instagram ads are so loved by online businesses. We only discuss 4 advantages.

  • The first advantage is that the ads displayed on Instagram ads do not appear as aggressive as those displayed by other social media platforms. You will see these advertisements just like posting photos or videos that you usually see on your friends account.
  • The second advantage is being able to adopt a targeting system similar to that implemented by Facebook’s social media, which allows users to be able to obtain information about specific target markets including location, age, gender, hobbies, and so on. etc
  • The next advantage is that Instagram ads provides several types of ad formats ranging from photos, videos, and also carousels.
  • The last advantage of Instagram ads that has a significant effect on promotion is the availability of features to increase engagement consisting of buttons such as following, visiting websites, or downloading applications. Interesting right?

You must have heard the viral news in 2012 where Facebook managed to acquire IG. This acquisition results in all ad settings available on IG to be integrated with existing ad settings on Facebook’s social media.

From then on, you must use the Power Editor feature on Facebook which functions to manage budgeting, scheduling, and other settings related to advertising on Instagram.

Understanding Terms in Instagram Ads

For those of you who may be new to Instagram ads, it’s a good idea to first understand terms such as Ads Manager, Power Editor, and Business Manager so that you have no trouble promoting your products or services on IG:

1. Ads Manager

Ads Manager is an advertising application from Facebook whose function is to create and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads simultaneously.

This application has features that can create advertisements, run ads, perform targeting, determine ad budget or capital, display ad performance and display a summary history, as well as information about ad payment methods.

2. Power Editor

Power Editor is an advertising app from Facebook designed so that large-scale advertisers can instantly create, edit and publish multiple ads with one click.

This application also allows advertisers to control the campaigns they create. Then there are also features including managing, creating, duplicating, and editing multiple ads at once from one account.

Power Editor can also import ads using Excel. You simply download the template provided and then fill in the required information for the ad that you create. You can also easily find campaigns and ads here by taking advantage of the search and filter features provided.

3. Business Manager

Business Manager is a Facebook application commonly used for advertising. Between Business Manager and Facebook account stand alone, so that one Facebook account can have several Business Managers.

This feature has a nice feature where one Business Manager can load more than 10 advertisements. The feature available from Business Manager is that you can create and manage more than 1 Ad Manager.

This allows you to delegate authority to Ads Accounts, Pixel Person, Page Person and others, be superior in terms of ad feature release time, as well as use different payment options than Facebook in an attempt to avoid mistakes.

what is instagram ads

Type of Format for Instagram ads

Next we will understand the types of ad formats provided by this platform, so you can adjust the types of IG Ads later according to your business promotion needs.

There are 4 types of formats that you can use in social media marketing, namely Image Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and Story Ads. Let’s cover all of them below:

1. Image Ads

Image ads are a type of Instagram ads that contain image content. This type of advertising is the easiest and most widely used by online businesses around the world.

There are several requirements that must be adhered to when choosing an ad in the form of an image, namely the file format must be jpg or png. Square image size is 1080 x 1080 pixels, the minimum resolution for uploaded images is 600 x 600 pixels with a 1: 1 ratio.

For a 1200 x 628 pixel IG landscape ad size, the minimum resolution for the uploaded image is 600 x 600 pixels with a 1: 1 ratio. And the amount of IG image text is less than 20% of the total image size. The recommended text length is 125 characters out of a maximum of 2200 characters.

2. Video Ads

Video Ads are a type of IG ad that contains video content. Just like Image Ads, ads in the form of video content also have several requirements that must be followed, namely the video format must be .mp4.

The allowed video aspect ratio is 1.91: 1 landscape, 1: 1 square, or 4: 5 vertical. The minimum video resolution is 600 x 315 pixels for landscape, 600 x 600 pixels for square, and 600 x 750 pixels for vertical.

The maximum video duration is 60 seconds with a maximum video file size of 4GB. The maximum frame rate of the video is 30 fps.

3. Carousel Ads

Carousel ad is a type of IG ad that contains 3-5 images which can be displayed simultaneously in 1 ad in the form of a slideshow. IG users can easily swipe the ad image when they are interested in seeing more.

There are two types of advertisements, Image Carousel and Video Carousel. For South Korean Images, the conditions that must be met are the recommended image size of 1080 x 1080 pixels, 1: 1 image ratio, a maximum length of 40 characters for the title text, and a maximum length of 90 characters for description text, and a maximum length of 20 characters for the description link.

As for South Korea Video, the requirements that must be met are a maximum video resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels, a minimum video resolution of 600 x 600 pixels, a minimum video duration of 3 seconds, a maximum of 60 seconds, and a maximum video file size of 4GB, and a maximum frame rate of 30 fps.

4. IG Story ads

IG Story ads are a type of Instagram ads that allow companies to choose to advertise with a choice of image content formats (single image stories) and video content (single video stories).

The conditions for image content that must be met are the recommended image size of 1080 x 1920 pixels and the recommended image ratio of 9:16. Provisions for video content that must be met are video file formats. Gigabytes.

That is the discussion we can convey about what material is Instagram ads and their explanations.